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Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today Godspeed are more well-known for the suspension parts for drift cars but they also have a large range of turbos including an M3 turbo kit for the E36 & E46 M3. One of the cheaper M3 turbo kits available. will fit the following vehicle:-bmw 3 series 92-98 325 328 330 (2.5 , 2.8 , 3.0) M3 E3

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Patrick Elias rocked the track sideways onboard the Famous red BMW E46 powered by an M50 turbo engine and made it to the top 8 at the Redbull CPD 2021 Lebane.. The BMW E46 M3 Engine Swap is back! Today we are at Bernard Fabrication and Performance to take a look at the custom exhaust and turbo piping that Kris Berna.. The Buildjournal E46 M3 Brembo E31 996 big brake kit retrofit improves braking performance over the stock (including ZCP) brake system with a larger 4-pot Brembo front calipers from a BMW E31 840Ci and a 4-pot Brembo rear calipers from a Porsche 996. Yes, an E31 840ci front calipers

E30 Conversions E39 LS Swaps E46 LS Swaps E9x / E8x LS Swaps Projects Archive F30 328i N20 Engine Build BMW 130i S65 V8 Swap - May 2019 E30 S54 Engine Swap M3 V8 1 Series Build - DCT S85 V10 Engine Swap into E46 M3 S65 M3 V8 1 Series BMW ///M Car Work E46 M3 Mods and Services Tuning & Fab Drivetrain & Exhaust BMW Engine Building Store All. A BMW E46 M3 featuring an S85 5.0-litre V10 M5 engine conversion. And it's manual. And it's up for sale. The car is based on a Phoenix Yellow 2001 M3, which originally came with a 3.2-litre. Check out the end result of a V10 engine swap done at Brintech Customs. https://www.brintechcustoms.com.auCheck out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ezhchqon..

M3 E46. M3 E9X. M3 F80. M3 G80. M4. M5 E39. M5 E60. M5 F90. M6. Featured Parts. BMW M2 Differential. BMW M3 E46 Manual Conversion. BMW M5 E60 Servicing. BMW M6 Bespoke Builds. Services. Car Sales. Projects. About. Contact. We own M3s, we know M3s and everything we do we test ourselves first. You and your car are in safe hands We now offer brackets for non-M3 E36 and E46 cars so you can install the popular Porsche Brembo 996/Boxster-S caliper upgrade. CNC Machined Brackets are designed to fit a Porsche 996 Brembo front caliper to the E36 AND E46 non-M front spindle. Two rotors options are available for this brake kit 1045HP BMW M3 E46 with M50 Turbo Engine! PUTTING AN M50 ENGINE IN MY BMW E36BMW E46 M50 B30 TURBO E46 M50 manifold swap How to turbo BMW m50/m52 engine, S03E01 New season, new partsBMW E46 330ci Oil Pressure Gauge Install E46 \Ebay\ Turbo Install + Oil and Coolant Routing | #TheE46DriftBuild Ep49 BMW E46 M50 Turbo 800Hp+ - Wrt-Parts.ro This Plu E46 M50 Intake Manifold Conversion DIY! Jockes Bmw e46 m50 turbo Driftbygge ¦ Garagebesök ep:11 M50 Motor BMW M54 to M50 Manifold Discussion 1045HP BMW M3 E46 with M50 Turbo Engine! PUTTING AN M50 ENGINE IN MY BMW E36BMW E46 M50 B30 TURBO E46 M50 manifold swap How to turbo BMW m50/m52 engine, S03E01 New season, new partsBMW E46 330ci Oil.

Cooling Kits. Our BMW cooling kits offer convenient and cost-effective ways to improve, repair or completely overhaul your BMW cooling system. From a simple fan-delete kit to a full-on, Stage 3 cooling overhaul kit, our BMW cooling kits include all the high-quality parts you need. Use our SEARCH BY MODEL feature to filter these items for your BMW E46 M50 Intake Manifold Conversion DIY! Jockes Bmw e46 m50 turbo Driftbygge | Garagebesk ep:11 M50 Motor BMW M54 to M50 Manifold Discussion 1045HP BMW M3 E46 with M50 Turbo Engine! PUTTING AN M50 ENGINE IN MY BMW E36BMW E46 M50 B30 TURBO E46 M50 manifold swap How to turbo BMW m50/m52 engine, S03E01 New season, new partsBMW E46 330ci Oil. 66 Posts. #10 · Apr 9, 2009. go to VF-Engineering - Forced Induction Systems for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Porsche. they have some 600+ hp stuff with stock bottom end or go to Active Autowerke - BMW Performance, M3 Performance Tuner, BMW Supercharger, BMW Turbo, BMW M3 Turbo, BMW M3 Supercharger Bmw e36 323i turbo conversion.Prefer stage 2 kit for intense purposes. All specifications performance and fuel economy data of BMW 323i Convertible 125 kW 170 PS 168 hp edition of the year 1998 since mid-year 1997 for North America US including acceleration times 0-60 mph 0-100 mph 0-100 kmh 0-200 kmh quarter mile time top speed mileage and fuel economy power-to-weight ratio dimensions drag.

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BMW M3 TURBO BMW M54B30 with S54B32 throttles and intake BMW E30 swap M54 and setup RHD itb kit. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN BAD! BMW Rod Bearing Replacement How To (S52 S50 M52 M50) BERTY 30 TRACK BUILD M50 Manifold Conversion DIY BMW M50 Block Update! The Cost of Machine Work TURBO M54 IS IN! + M50 Intake Manifold | #TheE46DriftBuild Ep 51 e46 Turbo 1045HP BMW M3 E46 with M50 Turbo Engine! PUTTING AN M50 ENGINE IN MY BMW Page 3/35. Access Free E46 M50 Engine E36BMW E46 M50 B30 TURBO E46 M50 manifold swap How to turbo BMW m50/m52 engine, S03E01 New season, new partsBMW E46 330ci Oil Pressure Gauge Install E46 \Ebay\ Turbo Install + Oil and Coolant Routing BMW E30 M3 with E46 M3 Engine Swap BMW E30 Coupe w/ E46 M3 Engine Swap - One Take Engine Swapping our BMW E30 How to Engine Swap BMW S54 M3 Into E30 - START UP BMW 2002- 'M2'- M3 E30 S14 Engine Conversion Project S54 Swapped BMW E30 - It's As Good As You Think Building an e30 m3 conversion part 5: Test fitting the s2000 motor !! Big Turbo !

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Brakes on the E30! [09] Restoring a BMW E30 M3 EVO2 in 9 minutes! 560 WHP and Bagged Turbo BMW E30 - One Take Rebuilding A BMW E30 325i Sport | Part 1 - Making The Chassis Great Again Building a Turbo BMW E30 in 5 minutes! BMW E30 Rear Brake DIY - Brake Pads \u0026 Rotors Replacement (BMW 325i, 318i, \u0026 More Spec´s / Original BMW E36 M3 3.0 Coupe, Avusblau, Bj. 05/1994: - S54B32 Engine Swap aus einem BMW E46 M3 Bj. 2003. - BMW E46 M3 CSL Software. - laut Leistungsprüfstand 255,3 KW / 347,2 Ps / 350,4 Nm. - Motor stock , in 2020 komplett zerlegt und frisch revidiert. - DLC Schlepphebelsatz orig. BMW 320si Access Free Bmw E46 M3 Owners Manual Bmw E46 M3 Owners Manual Getting the books bmw e46 m3 owners manual now is not type of challenging means. You could not abandoned going considering books buildup or library or borrowing from your connections to contact them. This is an completely simple means to specifically get guide by on-line. This onlin BMW E46 M3 S54 Turbocharger conversion kit Stage 3 This is a very high quality turbocharger conversion kit Included: -Turbocharger GT35 motorsport charger - 44mm external boost pressure control valve (wastegate) -Exhaust manifold new variant made of stainless steel Complete connection material for the oil supply over 50 pieces - HKS SSQV 4 pop-off valve adjustable with connection material.

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Two rotors options are available for this brake kit. The first option is the standard E46 M3 325x28mm front rotor. The standard E46 M3 rotor with fit with 17 inch wheels. Utilizing standard E46 M3 rotors requires 12mm to be machined from the mounting boss of the caliper The BMW S54 engine (found in E46 M3 cars from 2001-2006) is an excellent powerplant and great for engine swaps as well as forced induction applications. ACE Performance is an expert in E46 M3 S54 engine controls. The Emtron KV8 plug in kit allows for a install and control a robust engine management solution. NEW for 2019 - With recent pricing. BMW E46 M3 Turbocharger Kit Turbo Conversion Compressor S54 3,2l. Brand New. C $3,568.87. Buy It Now +C $220.44 shipping. from Germany. S 8 p o C Z E 8 W n P X K 7 s o 6 r e d. Electrical Turbo Diesel Dump Blow Off Valve Kit Fit For VW T4 T5 BMW E36 E39 E46. Brand New. C $77.36. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It No At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of BMW 3 Series turbo kits to ensure that you have every turbo kit option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of BMW 3 Series turbo kits, so that whether you are looking for a Greddy turbo kit or a cheap BMW 3 Series turbo kit or anything in between, we've got it for you The E46 M3 is a much better platform to boost than the E90 imho. To be clear this is a 335i which has factory twins. A turbo kit for an E46 M3 costs almost as much as an E46 M3. If you want speed, don't buy an E46 M3. FFTEC (so yes, Vishnu) has a kit

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The transmission has been bolstered throughout and the gearbox itself is actually from an E60 530i, mated to a custom 7kg flywheel, with the addition of an E63 650i clutch and Z4 M shifter. An E46 320d prop shaft sends power to the aforementioned E46 M3 LSD at the back, with an E92 M3 final drive ratio of 3.15 This Manifold was designed for E30 BMW's with a M50/M52/S50/S52 swap. It was designed for optimum flow and wastegate functionality, allowing for maximum turbo response. It features 1.25 schedule 10 pipe construction and is available in both a Cast Polish and Ultra Polished finish Finished my full interior swap to cinnamon on the E46 :) 1 / 7. This follows the progression of after -> Before. Let me know what you think. I'm happy to be done with this project. 1.3k

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*** This DIY is a work in progress *** This DIY will focus on the installation aspect of the Porsche 996 Brembo BBK conversion for the E46 M3. Tyler has another DIY which would have information on rebuilding the calipers and other details of putting together the kit. Much thanks to Tyler for answering my questions when I tackled this project BMW had their fair share of reasons to justify the F80 being a lot better than the E90. However, proper M fanatics had a different opinion. In fact, many believe the E92 was the last proper M3—a fitting replacement to the E46 generation. Related: 2021 Audi Q5 Might Be The Most Premium Of All The Compact Crossovers. BMW M3: A Brie CXRacing LS1 Engine Mounts Swap Kit For 1999 - 2006 BMW 3 Series E46 wit.. Item Code: ESK-LS-E46-KIT $452.0

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  1. - E46 M3 lower FCA - E46 M3 Rear trailing arms - SPC adjustable rear control arms for camber - BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Strut Brace. WHEELS - OEM CSL wheels (square) 19x9.5 EXTERIOR - Fresh repaint 405/3 Imola Rot II - Seibon Carbon Fiber CSL Trunk - M3 Body Conversion - 2M Autowerks M3 front fenders - Status Gruppe CSL diffuser for.
  2. CNC Machined Brackets are designed to fit a Porsche 996 Brembo front caliper to the E46 M3 front spindle. There is only one rotor option for this bracket, the E46 M3 CSL 345mm fronts. This requires 5.5mm to be machined from the mounting boss of the caliper. We offer this service on your calipers for $95 plus return shipping
  3. The BMW E46 M3 CSL is one of the most famous and mythical cars in the world, and part of the success is due it's carbon airbox. The intake generates what is probably one of the best noises of any sports car. The Karbonius CSL Style Airbox weighs in at a scant 1.7kg. It is made with 100% prepreg carbon fiber and baked at 125º in an autoclave at.
  4. BMW M3 e36 e46 SMG to Manual Conversion Transmission Kit Getrag 420g 6 Speed. $186.10. Free shipping. 108 sold. SPONSORED. 2008 BMW M3 TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER E90 E92 E93 2008-2013 OEM. $179.98. $4.04 shipping. or Best Offer. 2002 BMW M3 E46 6-SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION W/CLUTCH & PEDALS TESTED LOT472 OEM (Fits: BMW M3

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  1. Turner BMW E46 M3; Turner BMW E46 330i ZHP; Turner BMW E36 M3; Turner BMW E30 M3; Turner MINI Cooper S; McLaren F1; Turner BMW E92 M3 Lime Rock; Vargas Turbo Wheel Stud Conversion Kit - G2X, A90/A91 Supra T#: 641936 Part#: M14125-STUD. Expected Ship Date: Aug 11, 2021 . Sale - Save.
  2. The K24 BMW E30 Swap Package is Here! Aug 27, 2020 David Calzada. Our long-awaited Honda K series BMW E30 swap package is designed for competitors who demand the BEST with zero compromises: the best design, quality, serviceability, and longevity that's all backed by rigorous testing on race tracks all over the country
  3. BMW E36 LSx Swap. Quick Shop. Vorshlag E36 LS1 - Complete Stage 0 Kit from $ 3,989.00. Vorshlag E36 LS1 - Complete Stage 0 Kit. $ 3,989.00. Please Note: These LS1 swap parts are made in batches, and can sometimes take weeks to fulfill orders. We prefer to take these orders over the phone, so we can..

The E46 M3 CSL is one of those icons, a car that was defined not just by its driving experience, but the irritating SMG semi-automatic transmission that went with it. While individual transmission conversions to a traditional three-pedal manual in CSLs have been completed before, British-based BMW specialists Everything M3s has revealed a new. The BMW E46 is the fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars, which was produced from 1997 to 2006.First introduced in November 1997, the E46 was available in sedan, coupé, convertible, station wagon and hatchback body styles. The latter has been marketed as the 3 Series Compact. The M3 performance model was introduced in June 2000 with a coupé body style. Apr 26, 2020 - Explore R Dunkley's board Bmw m3 convertible on Pinterest. See more ideas about bmw m3, bmw m3 convertible, bmw 2008 Bmw 535i turbo N54 FULL PARTS CAR $900 (South river ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. BMW E46 M3 Complete Rear End LSD Swap for Non-M Diff Axles Brakes Etc $0 BMW E46 M3 Apex Wheels with racing tires E92 E91 $400. BMW E46 M3 S54 Engine complete swap package S54B3 . BMW E46 M3 S54 Engine complete swap package have a video of engine running before i removed it engine is complete engine with coil packs and inlet manifold. fitted to many vehicles g9u engine was refitted to engine after being pressure tested & skimmed, shortly after engine threw a con-rod.

Mark's comparison of the reborn E30's performance to that of an E46 M3 is an apt analogy, too. There's that same eagerness to rotate around tight corners that the E46's chassis displays and the S52 engine- while not quite as berserk of a motor as the E46's S54- has a similar quick-revving responsiveness Bmw e46 m3 turbocharger kit turbo conversion compressor s54 32l. Bmw m54b30 engines specs, their tuning, supercharger, turbocharger, reliability, problems and repair, lifespan, engine oil and others. Car modification laws in the uk and elsewhere are in place to ensure drivers who want to enhance their vehicles adhere to certain safety standards

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Getrag 420G - Strongest 6 speed option from E46 M3. The 420G from the E39 540 and M5 will not work. Great for higher power cars, 900hp is usually the breaking point. ZF 6 Speed - Any non-M 6 speed E46. Great for medium power. 550hp and below. ZF 5 speed - E36 M3 and 328, E46 330 5 speed. Great for medium power. 550hp and below The 2000-2005 BMW M3 (E46) is a bona-fide legend in car culture. The 8,000-rpm, 333-hp, individual-throttle-bodied S54b32 straight-six comes at the end of a 25-year sentence for BMW; it never. E36 M3 engine (S52) with OBD1 conversion and you can always supercharge that later. S/C E46 M3 with SMG... provided you know someone who can service the damned SMG. BMW E46 Fanatics Forum 574K+ members. Nio Car Club NEW! 30+ members. Join now to ask and comment! Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google The S54 is one Hell of a motor, and it is what the E46 was designed to run. Build up the motor a bit, lessen frictional losses with a dry sump and electric water and power steering pumps, lighten the car in the typical way and throw a simple SCer kit (or Max PSI turbo) and you'll have a screamer. So that's likely the way I'll go

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From supercharger kits, headers, and exhausts, to suspension and ECU tuning for your E46, we have it all. Our reputation has been proven on both the street and the track - making Active Autowerke your go-to choice for BMW E46 3-Series tuning! + Quick Shop. Active Autowerke E46 323,325,328,330 Performance Software ( MS 43) (99-02) $ 399.00 BMW E46 M3 S54 (Complete Engine) 01-06 6 Speed Man . Included is the complete engine with all engine turns over freely, has new bearings and oil seals, piston rings and points, gaskets and engine oil filler cap, and new engine oil. this engine came with two lancia delta integrale car and lots of spares i brouhht, so engine unknown engine numbers in photos. the engine block in the tractor is a. Jono717. New member. Oct 15, 2012. #1. Taking the time to write a thread on my journey doing my swap the headaches and the excitement I will try and make it as photo intensive as possible at the moment 2jz engine is mounted and mounted a live axle in the rear with modified shock will load photo up soon Clutch Masters Kevlar clutch. 3.62 gear swap and diff bearing refresh. BMW 210 large case diff. Porsche 911 996 TT. 2001 Porsche 911 TT. · X50 Turbo S engine upgrade and software. · GT2 intercooler and hose upgrade. · Cold air intake. · OEM GT2RS lightweight flywheel and clutch assembly You NEED These Tools If You Own A BMW E36/E461998 BMW M3 // E36 1 Owner Bimmer Walk Around // (SOLD) Call 305-988-3092 1998 BMW E36 M3 4 Door Manual - POV Test Drive by Tedward (Binaural Audio)BMW E36 M3: POV Drive / Street Drift (Loud Headers) Here's Why I'm Scared to Drive My BMW E46 M3 And Why You Should Be Too.


Bmw E46 Ci & M3 Tunning. 9,680 likes · 19 talking about this. E46 Tunnin Our target was to match the performance of the E46 M3, pushing a cool 100hp/liter at 333hp. Starting with a US spec 3.2-liter S52 engine rated at 240hp, there was a 93hp deficit to make up

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  1. Comes with: Precision 68/70 journal bearing turbo. Tial 44mm waste gate. Tial 52mm BOV. Saad Racing tubular stainless steel pyramid merge 6 into 1 exhaust manifold. 4 down pipe. Mates to 4 v-band. Garrett intercooler core with custom end tanks. Stainless steel hot side charge pipe for durability
  2. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BMW E46 M3 Turbocharger Kit Turbo Conversion Compressor S54 3,2l at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products
  3. We take you on a mental ride in a BMW M3 E46 with Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE engine swap / conversion! 700hp + sequential gearbox + semi slick tires + wet weather = hold on for your life! Loads of accelerations, exhaust sounds, turbo noises and a few cheeky drifts. This BMW M3 turbo is an..
  4. CXRacing GT35 Turbo + Intercooler Kit + Manifold + Wastegate + Downpipe Kit For 1998-2006 BMW 3 Series E46 M52 and M54 Engines, Convert from NA to Turbo (NA-T). Does NOT Fit M3. This New Turbo Manifold and Downpipe Kit Is A New Development From CXRacing Bolt On Fit Manifold, No Cut. Supports 400-450 HP Note: 1. No Installation Instruction Is.
  5. A good custom MAP will work just fine. The E46 M3 guys can run 1000hp with some of HPF's turbo kits and they use the stock computer which isn't all that different than the non-M. 4. If referring to the turbo, I'd think you would have plenty of room up top if you remove the wiper fluid reservoir, smog and A/C stuff. 5
  6. The S54 is the 3.2 liter inline six engine found in the E46 M3 and the Z4 M. It's essentially the big brother of BMW's M54 engine, but built off of the S50 and S52 engines from the E36 M3. In North America, all E46 M3's came with the S54B32 configuration. There is S54B32HP variant, too
  7. BMW E46 M3 meets Corvette LS7 650PSFacebook. As good as the E46 M3's straight-six engine is, many owners have taken it upon themselves to swap it out for something better. We've seen a 2JZ motor.

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The stout inline-6 S54 managed an impressive 102.5hp per liter in the 333hp US models. Notably, it is the last naturally aspirated inline-6 M3 engine. BMW tested the V8 S65 engine in the succeeding E9x M3's followed by the twin-turbo S55 in the F8x M3/M4's. A lot of our content on BMW Tuning is related to newer BMW engines E46 BMW. General E46 Forum. N54 Twin Turbo swapped E46 touring wagon build. Jump to Latest Follow So the n54 engine and trans would be direct swap to an E46 chassis without any modifications for any one looking to do the swap. E46 m3 lsd was an affordable and easier compared to other options. Since 335i doesn't come with lsd diff from. VAC Turbo Build Kits. Gifts & Apparel. Alarms, Electronics, and Random Accessories. Car Care (General) Gift Certificates. BMW OE Style Wheel Lug Bolts. Wheel Bolt and Lug Nut Kits. Wheel Spacer Kits. Wheel Spacers for BMW by VAC. E46 M3 Drenth DG500 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox. Engine: Racing Type: Price Subject to Change. S54 engine: Usually around $7,000 - 3.2L S54 Engine Motor Drop Out Assembly Swap BMW M3 E46 2001-2006 | eBay Complete 6-speed manual transmission: $3,500 - BMW OEM E46 M3 6 Speed 6MT Swap Conversion Kit Transmission Pedals Shifter | eBay E46 M3 driveshaft: $175 - 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3 Driveshaft Drive Shaft GUARANTEED GOOD | eBay E46 M3 rear diff: $700 - 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3 Factory 3.62. CXRacing GT35 Turbo + Manifold + Wastegate + Downpipe Kit For 1998-2006 BMW 3 Series E46 M52 and M54 Engines, Convert from NA to Turbo (NA-T). Does NOT Fit M3. Bolt On Fit Manifold, No Cut. Supports 400-450 HP. Note: 1. No Installation Instruction Is Provided. But We Show Many Installed Pictures on This Page and Installation Notes

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BMW E46 M3. BMW's sweet and revvy S54 I6 engine paired with a proper M car chassis made for some delightfully slidey driving dynamics. The design is aging quite nicely and 6-speed coupes in good shape are becoming increasingly hard to come by M3 E46 swap S85 V10. S85 (E60 M5 V10) swap into E46 M3 with Pectel SQ6M ECU and and Cosworth dash. The S85 motor really deserves more love. Projects like this remind us that if BMW wanted to, they could have shoved that V10 in the M3 and abused almost any of their competition. But BMW didn't, so we are thankful for enthusiasts who are willing. E36 M3 (96-99) E46 M3 (01-05) E92 M3 (08-13) F80 M3 (15+) Problem Area: Subframe Shock Towers Cooling System Vanos Trailing Arm Bushings Transmission Mounts: Subframe Rod Bearings Vanos SMG Pump: Bearings Throttle Actuators: Crank Pin: Mileage: 180,000: 140,000: 80,000: 5,00 The BMW S54 engine is the high-power variant of the M54 engine, used in the E46 M3, Z3M and early year Z4M's. While the S54 is the big brother to the M54, it was actually built and improved off of the S50 engine, its predecessor from the E36 M3. Compared to the S50, the S54 was [

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Bmw e46 m3 tool kit $60 (Maple valley south king co ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $41,490. 1987 BMW 325iS E30 Turbo Part out $1 (Bellevue) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $25,486. favorite this post Jul 23 2017 BMW 3 Series 330i SKU:HNU54359 Seda Hi all, So things have changed. Dropping the supercharger in favour of a future turbo mod. At the moment, the following have been acquired and rotating assembly installed: * '99 BMW 318i E46 * M50tuB25 cast iron block * M54b30 crankshaft and rods * 6 x S50B32 pistons * M52B28 cylinder head.. 15% BFCM Sale 3 Series Aesthetics Best Sellers Body Kit Coversions E92 End Of The Year 2020 M Sport Conversions Memorial Day Sale 2021 Newly Added PhaseOne Sale Wholesale. Our PhaseOne E92 M3 style body kits offer a no compromise, cost-effective solution to transform your E92 BMW 3 series (328i or 335i) coupe.. Customer will be advised if longer than average lead times are anticipated. I Understand and agree to lead time. 1x Sikky Stage 3 BMW E36 LS1 Swap Package (w/ Wiring Harness) $3,974.91. Subtotal $3,974.91. Sikky Stage 3 BMW E36 LS1 Swap Package (w/ Wiring Harness) quantity. Add to cart