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Cirrus SR22T vs Cirrus SR22 - Aircraft comparison. The SR22, a single engine aircraft from American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus, was certified in late 2000 and was first introduced onto the market in 2001. In 2010, nearly a decade after the SR22, came the SR22T aircraft. This variation of the SR22 boasted a turbocharged engine that was absent. It is rated at 10 or 15hp more than the NA engine with the turbonormalizer. In the tradition of Conti turbo engines, it has a lower compression than the NA engine and uses a boost pressure in the 36in range to provide the rated power. The difference between the two is one of performance and religious beliefs. The T climbs a bit faster and burns. In the SR22 case, that's 25,000 ft. So a Turbo SR22 could climb between 15,000 and 20,000 ft the same way it would climb from 0 to 5,000 (that's the idea anyway). However, the extra weight and modifications to the engine to allow for the Turbo cause the sea-level performance of the Turbo to be significantly less than the non-Turbo The Cirrus SR22T is often contrasted with the bigger, faster, stronger turbines because it is a downright classy, super functional, and progressive airplane. The SR22 offers great looks, a smooth ride, an impressive safety record and all the gadgets. The avionics suite in the latest version of the SR22T, the G6 model, is the best of the best This is for pilots who know how to fly an SR22 and was prompted by our flight school's acquisition of a beautiful SR22T-G5. Cheat Sheet Cirrus makes it easy to download the latest POH applicable to any serial number from the company web site. Unfortnately, the differences between the SR22 and SR22T are scattered across multiple pages

These aircraft led GA in a new direction the minute they were introduced. Since 1994, when a nascent company named Cirrus Design unveiled a revolutionary airplane called the SR20, that list has grown to include the SR22 and SR22T. These aircraft have turned GA on its side Access to the back seats in a DA62 is certainly better than the SR22 because the DA62 has separate doors for the back seats. Once inside, the differences are starker. The SR22 has a side-mounted yoke and a seat that moves fore and aft. The seatback will recline, but the seat will not move up and down Although to be honest some people train in an SR22 (see the above linked thread discussion, that guy trained in an SR22). The Malibu is a bit of a different beast and would take more time to get into. You can realistically fly 500 hours in 2 years if you fly ALOT, at a regular pace expect it to take 4 to 5 years to get to that point With Diamond's DA50-RG fresh on the scene with EASA certification, we take a look at the aircraft along with its nearest competitors: the Beech G36 Bonanza and Cirrus SR22T. Ian Seager says in the latest edition of FLYER, New certified piston aircraft are rare beasts, and for good reason. They cost a fortune to develop, more to certify and.

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If you're in the market for the most advanced GA Piston aircraft, you're going to stop your search at the Cirrus SR22T and the Diamond DA62. Today we put the.. With the introduction of its best-selling SR22 G6 high-performance piston single, Cirrus has raised the bar in the category once again. And the way the company did it is surprising, though at this point maybe it shouldn't be. Photo by Scott Slocum. The new model, which Cirrus has dubbed the SR22 G6, isn't a new airframe In the past, Cirrus used a turbo-normalizing system (SR22TN), but later switched to the Continental factory twin-turbocharger option similar to what Columbia/Cessna had been using. In general, the TTx is approximately 5 to 15 knots faster than the SR22T. This varies based on operating parameters and installed equipment CIRRUS SR20/SR22 VS. CESSNA SKYLANE AIRCRAFT COMPARISON SR20 Skylane SR22 ENGINE Manufacturer Continental Lycoming Continental Horsepower/rpm 200/2,700 230/2,400 310/2,700 SEATS 5 4 5 WEIGHT & LOADING Max Takeoff (lbs) 3,050 3,100 3,600 Max Landing (lbs) 3,050 2,950 3,60

I am looking at a couple of methods of aircraft owership. An SR22 fractional via AirShares vs. say purchasing a Malibu/Mirage with 1-2 partners. SR22 Costs: $175/hr + $975 monthly management (75 hrs/yr). This yields $24,825 per year, or $331/hr for all expenses, except depreciation of the $77k investment. Coincidentally, the 100 yr/hr program works out to $331/hr + depreciation as well Cirrus SR22T vs Cessna TTx. August 25, 2016 by Ben Sclair. The last time I flew a TT X it was called Columbia. It also had EXPERIMENTAL placarded to the door. I'd flown to central Oregon in my Cessna 205. In the Columbia, climbing at well over 1,200 FPM toward 17,500 feet, I noticed our airspeed was faster - a lot faster - than my 205 in.

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Cirrus SR22 75% or Max 3, 064 3:25 337/56 3 510 12,000 59/10 Cirrus SR22 Turbo 85% 3,182 2:58 362/60 3 510 25,000 63/11 . ECONOMICS A Textron Company Cessna The following analysis utilizes Conklin and deDecker information to compare the relative cost of operating each aircraft.. The unique side yoke configuration allows for easy command of the aircraft while also maximizing cabin space and pilot comfort. Colorful, bright displays connect the pilot visually and aurally with the information needed to monitor the aircraft in real-time. Available in 10-inch or 12-inch display screens Cirrus SR20 vs Cirrus SR22 At its core, the SR20 is a composite light business jet with a single piston-engine. It was first introduced onto the market by the American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus in 1999 and since then the SR20 has seen over 1000 models delivered The oldest SR22 models date back nearly 18 years, where they sold for just south of $400,000. Today you can buy a cherry, first-gen SR22 for less than half. And while there s little comparison between a G1 and the current SR22T G6, which flirts with $1 million fully loaded, an old Cirrus with updated avionics and a young engine isn t a bad way to get around

Hey guys welcome to a brand new video. Today we will be taking a look at 2 very stylish airplanes. This will be our first time featuring both aircraft in thi.. Photography by Mike Fizer. We put the biggest what's new about the new Generation 5 Cirrus SR22T to work right from the start in our ultimate cross-country trek—the 200-pound increase in maximum takeoff weight. With the increase in MTOW to 3,600 pounds, a normally aspirated SR22 can now actually carry four adults and full fuel Is the Cirrus SR22T a turbo-prop? Or does in just have a turbocharger like in a car? general-aviation turboprop engine-design. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Jun 19 '17 at 7:32. TayE. asked May 9 '17 at 22:51. TayE TayE. 6,025 6 6 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 63 63 bronze badge 169.0 KTS @ 14.4 GPH. Cruise above 10,000'. 168.0 KTS @ 12.5 GPH. There is a 0.6% decrease in TAS and a 13% increase in fuel flow. Flying at high altitudes is extremely advantageous for range and saving money on avgas. Lower fuel flow is related to lower stress on the engine. Table 5

The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine four- or five-seat composite aircraft built from 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota.. It is a development of the Cirrus SR20, with a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a more powerful, 310-horsepower (231 kW) engine.. The SR22 series has been the world's best-selling general aviation (GA) airplane every year since 2003 The CIRRUS SR22T G6, manufactured from 2013-Present, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 3 passengers. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 25,000', a normal cruise speed of 170 KTS/196 MPH, and a 492 NM/566 SM seats-full range. The CIRRUS SR22T G6 has a 2,250' balanced field length and 3,341' landing distance either a Cirrus SR-22 or a Piper Saratoga. I am favoring the Turbo for climb performance. I have 130 hours in a Piper Saratoga and 11 hours in a Cirrus SR 20/22. I find the Saratoga very easy to fly and land. The Cirrus is easy to fly but I find it very difficult to land. Some of my landing issues may be self inflicted The CIRRUS SR22 G3 GTS Turbo, manufactured from 2008 - 2011, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 3 passengers. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 25,000', a normal cruise speed of 193 KTS/222 MPH, and a 720 NM/828 SM seats-full range. The CIRRUS SR22 G3 GTS Turbo has a 1,535' balanced field length and 3,058' landing.

Sr22t Vs Sr22. 6/22/2019 0 Comments The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine four- or five-seat composite aircraft built from 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota. It is a development of the Cirrus SR20, with a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a more powerful, 310-horsepower (231 kW) engine.. Top alternative to Cirrus SR22T. I know Cirrus owns the market (at least the new market), but curious what the true competitors are for the SR22T (in this example considering the G3 with perspective). -1000nm+ cruiser -200+kts -FIKI (so no experimentals) -Pressurized would be nice, but not a necessity (I know the cirrus isn't pressurized. I was a student pilot when I began looking at Cirrus. Comparing the Cirrus to a Cessna is alot like comparing a new BMW M3 to a 1947 Desoto. I ordered an SR22, its simply the best plane on the planet (and a relative bagain compared to everything else in its peformance catagory.) Sure you'll find alot of old timers pushing old timer airplanes Previous Takeoff and landing Cirrus SR22 - Tail Cam (MyPilotPro mount) Next Cirrus SR22T Power off landing simulation engine failure. SR22 How to land a Cirrus (or Cessna, or Piper, or any plane) July 1, 2018. 56 views. 1 min read. 57 comments Watch Later Remove Cinema Mode Owner's actual costs of owning a Cirrus SR22 By Tomas Vykruta. January 28, 2015 I've logged 186.6 on the hobbs since picking up my 2004 G2 SR22 in August, 6 months ago. I am supremely impressed with the plane. Far from perfect, but looking at big picture there instead of focusing on details. The plane cost me $122/hr, read details below

Jeffrey has more than 2,000 hours of flight time in modern chariots, including Cirrus Perspective SR22 Turbos, Bonanzas, Cessnas and Piper Aircraft. He is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association and American Bonanza Society ABS. The author's current home base is Houston, Texas My NA Cirrus SR 22 outperformed my K model at lower altitudes by at least 10-15 kts. My K doesn't start to get better numbers than the NA 22 until above 12000 ft so I'm guessing the 22T was at a lower power setting. My cruise true airspeed LOP in the NA Cirrus at altitudes up to 12000ft was between 167 and 173 kts @ between 13 & 14 GPH Cirrus branded it the Smart Turbo from the two industry leaders. - Over 900 happy Cirrus pilots are flying the proven, fast, efficient, cool running TN SR22. - Without question, this is the most successful turbo aircraft ever introduced to general aviation. - The TN SR 22 is still the Smart Turbo Preflight Inspection Preflight External Accessories 1. Chocks.....Remov

Cirrus Design Approved Oxygen Systems Section 9 SR22 Precise Flight, Inc. Supplements SR22T Fixed Oxygen System FAA Approval Date: _____ Document No.: 102NMAN0001 Rev.: F Page 6 of 48 Service Bulletin Configuration List The following is a list of service bulletins applicable to th The original integrated propeller & throttle linkage in the Cirrus SR22 - was and remains an elegant idea that combines exceptional functionality and simple ease of operation. As best that TAT can determine, Cirrus eliminated this wonderful feature in the TCM SR22T in a misguided attempt to save a couple of pounds If you're considering buying a new Cirrus SR22 G6, or a used Cirrus aircraft, we can help! There's a lot to consider when purchasing a Cirrus SR20 or SR22, especially if you're trying to decide whether to buy a new 2019 Cirrus SR22 G6, or a used aircraft that's a few years old

Cirrus SR22 - Best contender? , so if anyone has any DA42-VI vs Cirrus SR22 thoughts, please share! I am thinking better to avoid avgas dependence, and easier to start engines on the diesels. DA42-VI, I get an aircraft right at the 1999kg limit, FADEC engines, Jet fuel, 1200nm range, 190 knt high speed cruise. Is the bubble canopy great 2019 Cirrus SR22T GTS, Tail to Spinner Warranty 11/2024, Platinum Cirrus Service Center Maintained, Always Hangared, Professionally Flown Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing 2019 CIRRUS SR22-G6 TURB

And introduced for the first time in the 2020 G6 SR Series, the all-new Cirrus Aircraft app, powered by Cirrus IQ™ provides ultimate connectivity, enabling real-time remote communication between aircraft and pilot virtually anywhere in the world. Watch Video. UV Protected Windows Specs. The Cirrus SR22 is a non-pressurized cabin with a 4-5 seat capacity. The base model technical specifications are: Engine: Single 310 horsepower 231kW piston engine Aircraft Base Weight: 1,028kg's (2,272lbs) Load Capacity: 605kgs (1,328lbs) Load capacity with 3 hour trip fuel and 45 min reserve: 439kg's (963lbs) Cruise speed: 183 kn (211 mph, 339 km/h Variant models of the Cirrus SR22 include the SR22, SR22 G2, SR22, G3, SR21 tdi, SR22T, and SR22TN. The SR22 is a modified more powerful version of the Cirrus SR20. The SR22 has a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a 310 hp engine. The SR22 is also known for being equipped with a Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS)

Cirrus SR22 G3: New set of wings Continued innovation at Cirrus January 5, 2008. My first introduction to the Cirrus wing came in 1999. High over Lake Superior near Duluth, Minnesota, I flew with Gary Black in production number two of the company's SR20 Cirrus SR22T vs. Diamond DA50-RG vs. Pipistrel Panthera. Discussion. Looking to buy in the next couple of years or less. Frankly, all of them seem to be good options but the only real world, usable and test one is the SR22. For that reason I would have to go that direction and have. I would consider the DA50RG tho but I would need more info

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• SR22: - Power Lever : Fuel metering cam + RPM (governor interconnect) - Manual leaning required in climb and for cruise (mixture remains stable if power lever changed thereafter) - No leaning limitations • SR22TN: - Similar to SR22 (aneroid only influences if loss of upper deck pressure) - No leaning limitations • SR22T Cirrus - SR22T (G5): Emergency/Abnormal Memory Ite 23 terms. swagener PLUS. Cirrus Sr22T G5. 67 terms. chrisayanney PLUS. Cirrus SR20 Maneuvers. 34 terms. Aidan_Mulready. Cirrus SR22 Memory Items. 15 terms. Smith5152. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... Gulfstream G550 Limitiations. 78 terms. BSP112478. Multiples of Ten. 40 terms. Ms_Kennedi. Multiply by. As is obvious by now, Diamond's idea of the next generation goes in perhaps the only direction it can go: bigger, faster, more luxurious and yes, more expensive. And let's be honest girls, at $900,000-plus, the core of the market represented by the Cirrus SR22 is a million-dollar airplane. I could suck in my editorial breath about this, but. PIQUA, Ohio, July 27, 2020- Cirrus SR22 and SR22T pilots can now add Hartzell Propeller's four-blade structural composite carbon fiber propeller, called the Odyssey, to their airplanes for $35,000 Cirrus: comfort, okay speed (211), bad range (840-950) Mooney: speed (236), best range of all of them (1615), small. Columbia: speed (235), okay range (1300) P.S. i think oshkosh was a killer for Columbia with the Acclaim AND the Cirrus Turbo. Expect their sales to drop

Cirrus SR22 vs Saratoga vs A36. Discussion in 'AviatorChat.com' started by Pinarello, Feb 22, 2015. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Pinarello Karting. Sep 20, 2013 187 Visalia Full Name: Roberto Gugig #1 Pinarello, Feb 22, 2015. Comments suggestion, advice V-Speeds for the Cirrus SR-22 Normally Aspirated engine. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free The Cirrus corporate focus on safety, I believe, is industry leading and is well supported by the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association's training initiatives. I've just completed the Cirrus Embark training in a 2008 Cirrus SR-22 G3. The Cirrus CSIP instructor plus the Embark syllabus transitioned me into becoming competent in the airplane CIRRUS AIRPLANE MAINTENANCE MANUAL MODEL SR22 24-30 Page 3 All EFFECTIVITY: A. Alternator 1 (See Figure 24-302) The front alternator (alternator 1) is mounted directly to the front of the engine on the co-pilots' side. Serials 0002 thru 1820, 1822 thru 1839, 1841 thru 1862, 1863 & subs w/o Fan, 1863 & subs w/o Ai I like the idea of a new plane with modern avionics and lots of speed. Piston Single Aircraft 9. There are usually plenty of them available in the marketplace. The neat part of owning a PA46 is the airframe is mature, meaning that all of the bugs have been worked out of the airplane and excellent support exists. ©2017 BY ALDEBARAN AVIATION. So, in 1989 the Malibu Mirage entered the.

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Cirrus SR22 featuring dual G500 TXi. GFC 500 autopilot for the SR22/SR22T and Avidyne DFC 90 autopilot compatibility. The Garmin GFC 500 is expected to be available for Cirrus SR22/SR22T aircraft models in Q4 2020, which will include features such as Garmin's Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP), descent vertical navigation (VNAV) 1 and. Contact Us. No damage history, all logs since new, Authorized Service only, EASA registration, 1st owner upgrading to Gen6 Asking price: 729 000$ (+VAT where applicable) Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing. 2015 CIRRUS SR22-G5 TURBO. Piston Single Aircraft. Featured Listing. 3. USD $729,000 The aircraft tested here, VH-SLS, is a SR22 Turbo GTS Generation 3. The SR22 is marketed in two models, the GS and GTS. The difference only being the level of fitted standard equipment. However, numerous options are still available. All Cirrus come with the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, (CAPS), an emergency parachute for the whole. Cirrus SR22T GTS for Sale. There are 4 (new or used) Cirrus SR22T GTS aircraft for sale listed in the current Market Place. The average asking price for a Cirrus SR22T GTS is $866,975. Purchase price and associated cost to operate a Cirrus SR22T GTS will be dependent on the year manufactured, total time of the airframe for the Cirrus SR22T GTS. The Cirrus SR22 and SR20 is an extremely capable and popular general aviation aircraft that is also seeing increased use as a training platform for several airlines around the world. The Perspective avionics system is reasonably complex to master, and that's where a realistic home simulator can provide a lot of benefit

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  1. Max Take Off Weight: 7,496 Kg 16,526 lbs Max Landing Weight: Max Payload: 533 Kg 1,175 lbs Fuel Tank Capacity: Baggage Volume: 0.8 m3 / 28 ft
  2. Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS Specifications and Performance . General Info. Category Single Engine Piston Seating 1 + 3 / 3 Top Speed 185 kts Max Range 1100 NM URL www.cirrusaircraft.com. Weights & Dimensions Weights: Basic Operating Weight 2,350 lbs Max Payload 850 lbs Passenger Payload 540 lbs Useful Load 1,050 lbs Avail. Payload/Max Fuel 346 lb
  3. After 4-years, the Cirrus SR22T G6 has outsold its G5 predecessor. More than 738 customers have taken delivery of the G6 Turbo which was introduced in 2017. That's 155 or 27% more buyers than the Cirrus SR22T G5 achieved in its 4-year production run from 2013 - 2016. Both are favored turbo models but th
  4. Below we've laid out some comparison data to help you begin to narrow down what aircraft will work best for you (both published data, and data collected from our own personal experience). We'd be happy to discuss your options with you - give us a call at 765.289.7141 or email us at sales@muncieaviation.com
  5. The E-flite Cirrus SR22T offers pilots with more than a passing interest in the category an attractive and versatile general aviation model that, thanks to the embedded SAFE and AS3X technologies, can be flown and enjoyed by pilots of almost any skill level
  6. Cirrus Releases SR22T: Generation 6. Just as we thought Cirrus couldn't get any better, they've outdone themselves again with the release of the SR22 Turbo - Generation 6 (G6) Aircraft. Per Cirrus, this is, the smartest, safest, and most advanced models ever of the best-selling SR22T, SR22, and SR20 piston airplanes, and we see this.

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E-flite Cirrus SR22T 1.5M Overview. Ladies Friday and that means we have new product to talk to you about today is to be week and now the with the flite uh cirrus sr 22 t now some of you guys might be from either that we have a big hangar 91 30 to see so now we decided to come up make it make it smaller park-size um some of you guys know enjoy the Park soccer fields It trumps the parachute, Capua added, in reference to the ballistic recovery chute in the competing Cirrus. The M350 can maintain sea level cabin pressure to 12,000 feet. The cockpit environment in cruise left little to be desired. Owing to the pressurization, air conditioning is standard equipment. Heating and ventilation seemed quite. Created Date: 9/2/2014 4:33:40 P

It really depends on your flying experience. Skyhawk is definitely more forgiving, easier to handle and land, needs shorter runway. If you are a low time pilot you'd be safer in Skyhawk no matter how much of expensive avionics they stuff into SR22.. Cirrus' SR22/SR22T has been the best selling general aviation aircraft for more than a decade, and the 2013 models — the fifth generation of Cirrus aircraft—are being called, The Most Cirrus Ever.. They're also calling the new CAPS system the most groundbreaking safety technology ever.. Improvements and upgrades include an. Sr22t Vs Sr22. 8/23/2019 The SR22, a single engine aircraft from American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus, was certified in late 2000 and was first introduced onto the market in 2001. In 2010, nearly a decade after the SR22, came the SR22T aircraft. This variation of the SR22 boasted a turbocharged engine that was absent in The Cirrus (SR22) Turbo is certified for FL250 - it is the same plane structurally and technically as the NA SR22, with the addition of Tornado Alley's twin turbo/IC setup. Turbos are not there to gain speed, but to give engines enough air to breathe (turbonormalisation) - they experience sea-level airpressure from 4 to 25000ft The Cirrus has always been a sales person's dream. These latest improvements will surely secure the SR22's position as the world's best-selling single for many more years to come. Note however, that the SR20 is now repositioned as a much strong player

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Re: Electric boost pump, SR22T in particular. #1663682. If it's anything like any other fuel injected aeroplane, it'll be fuel pump on for a few seconds to prime then off again. So it's off before engine start. But I've only flown an SR22 once, so I can't recall if it's any different to the above Good question and no simple answer. Cirrus, perhaps more than any other manufacturer has continued to improve its offering. The latest SR22T is a very different aircraft to the early G1s, and that was (and still is in many ways) very different to many of its contemporaries. The G3 adds better fuel and of course the possibility of FIKI Available for SR22 models with serial number 821 and after. Not available yet for SR22 models serial number 820 and before that do not have the rear access panel on the fuselage. The STC to add the access panel is in the works so contact us today if you are interested in air conditioning for your early model Cirrus SR22 One of the G58's IO-550-Bs using lean-of-peak procedures will get close to 9 gph, but you still have to feed the other -550. Oh, and Jet-A - which is what you'll fill the DA62 with - is cheaper most everywhere you'll fly. Aircraft. Beechcraft Baron G58. Diamond DA62. Length This is the old Avidyne panel. The G1000 panel in the newer Cirrus computes LOP and provides a cyan box to hit with a white carat when pulling the mixture back giving a clear visual queue. The CHT (and TIT) temps will differ between the SR22 and the SR22T

June 1, 2020. Alex John. X-Plane. OTHER. MSFS. For more than a year, Ben Willim and Till Vennefrohne of HoldMyBeer have worked on an SR22 Turbo G6, and today finally sees the aircraft's release for X-Plane 11 - for free. The Cirrus SR22 is a popular GA aircraft manufactured using composite materials, that has been in service for nearly two decades The Cirrus SR20/SR22/SR22T Enterprise G1000 Simulator is a turn-key professional training system designed for flight schools and universities. It features the industry's most accurate Perspective simulation, aircraft-specific hardware, a precise flight model, and a highly realistic visual simulation. It's available in either G5 or G6 models When I began researching the SR22, I was extremely surprised that in the short lifespan of the Cirrus planes, they have already been involved in 26 fatal accidents (with 52 deaths). That number still runs chills through my body. To put things in perspective, there are only about 3,400 Cirrus planes ever made Cirrus SR22. This time, we'll use the 2010 Cirrus SR22T with the Garmin Perspective and GFC 700 Autopilot. One thing I really like about how Cirrus configured their system is where the Go Around button is. It's actually on the throttle itself, making it much more intuitive. This way, you can press the Go Around button while adding full. 2016 Cirrus SR22T G5 GTS (N11PN) - Acquired. 1999 Cessna Turbo 206H Stationair (N2364Q) SOLD. 1963 Piper Cherokee 180 (N7328W) SOLD. 2007 Columbia 400 (N10111) SOLD. 2010 Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS Xi (N554CB) - Acquired. 2004 Columbia 400 (N144LC) SOLD. 2008 Cessna 400 Corvalis TT (N888NK) SOL

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  1. The Cirrus SR22 produced by Cirrus Aircraft. Specs, range, speed, operating weights and performance for the Cirrus SR22 her
  2. Since purchasing the K on October 27th 2016 I have flown it for over 100 hours and have enjoyed it very much. I like the flight characteristics better than the Cirrus. I like the room in the Cirrus better than the K. The Cirrus was a very easy airplane to fly. People stall and spin Cirrus airplanes for the same reason they do any other airplane
  3. Hi. Is anybody able to give some advice as to real world operating costs on a Cirrus SR20 or SR22? I'm thinking specifically insurance, maintenance, etc. Doing a bit of searching turned up some older threads suggesting a figure of c£15k per year as a reasonable guess, although this struck me as quite low given the capital cost of the a/c
  4. Cirrus markets several versions of its three certificated single-engine light aircraft models: the SR20 (certified in 1998), SR22 (certified in 2000), and SR22T (certified in 2010). As of January 2021, the company had delivered 8,000 SR-aircraft in over 20 years of production, and has been the world's largest producer of piston-powered aircraft.
  5. Mike Dempsey wrote:Obviously, a Beechcraft Bonanza is a superior airplane to the Cirrus, both in quality and utility.If I would compare an A36 to the SR22, wouldn't you rather have the huge double doors, club seating with a fold out table? I think if Beechcraft would have a demo flight back to back, most pilots would prefer the solid feel of the Bonanza

Cirrus SR22-G2 Panel Evolution. By Alexis von Croy on 6. October 2020 Cirrus Flying. When I first bought my 2006 SR22-G2 GTS in 2013 it still had the standard equipment typical for that vintage: Avidyne Entegra PFD and MFD, 2 x Garmin GNS430 non-WAAS navigators, GTX330 Mode S-Transponder, Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel, S-TEC55X rate based Autopilot. I am a private pilot, instrument rated with over 250 hours, 60 hours high performance, and 29 hours in SR22 / SR22T with a mountain checkout. I own a 2012 G3 Cirrus SR22 Turbo GTS. I completed the advanced Cirrus Transition Training at a Platinum Cirrus training facility that was not my flying club My Cirrus has a lot of the same dings and gaps that others have mentioned here. Nothing that is a deal breaker for me, but I expected a little better from E-Flite. It flies okay, it is predictable in the air and it lands easy. And, it is a model of a very nice looking GA plane, something I don't think we can get too much of The E-flite Cirrus SR22T 1.5m BNF sports a 60 wingspan and EPO foam construction. It's officially licensed by Cirrus, so you know the details and lines are exact! The SR22T comes in either BNF or PNP versions, the latter requiring a compatible receiver

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RealSimGear Products for Cirrus Aircraft If you fly a Cirrus SR20 or SR22 aircraft it's important to stay proficient with the operation of the Perspective avionics. With modern flight simulation software, and RealSimGear hardware, it's possible to have an ultra-realistic, effective and affordable to have a home fli Cirrus SR22 insurance is highly competitive and is going to depend largely on a few main factors. #1 Pilot experience, #2 Hull value #3 Turbo or non-turbo and #4 Pleasure vs Commercial use. Most of the major aviation insurance markets will offer to quote Insurance on Cirrus SR22's [Avionics Magazine 01-04-2017] Cirrus Aircraft has launched the G6, which the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) calls the smartest, safest and most advanced models ever of the best-selling. Cirrus featuring dual G500 TXi flight displays. GFC 500 autopilot for the SR22/SR22T and Avidyne DFC90 autopilot compatibility. The GFC 500 is expected to be available for Cirrus SR22/SR22T aircraft models later in Q4, which will include features such as our Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP™), descent vertical navigation (VNAV 1) and. Cirrus Aircraft is the recognised global leader in personal aviation and the maker of the best selling SR Series piston aircraft, the worlds best selling Single piston aircraft over the last 20 years, and the Vision Jet, the Worlds first single-engine Personal Jet, as well as the recipient of the Robert J Collier Trophy for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America.

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2018 CIRRUS SR22 627GG. 2018 CIRRUS SR22T 223CW. 2019 CIRRUS SR22 GTS 711FF. ELITE PI-135 PROFESSIONAL SIMULATOR. What are you waiting for? Take the next step today! Get A Discovery Flight Contact Us. Contact. Inflight Pilot Training 13801 Pioneer Trail Eden Prairie, MN 5534 Cirrus SR22 For Sale. The Cirrus SR22 is a single piston engine four composite aircraft built from 2001 by Cirrus Aircraft. It is a development of the Cirrus SR20, with a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a more powerful, 310-horsepower (231 kW) engine. The SR22 series has been the world's best-selling general aviation (GA) airplane. The TKS ® flight into known icing (FIKI) system extends the capabilities of your Cirrus by merging safety and convenience, and enabling you to realize the full utility of your Cirrus - freeing up more altitudes, more routes, and affording you a more reliable schedule. With this added utility also comes an obligation to have a thorough understanding of the atmospheric and aerodynamic. Re: DA40 vs. Cirrus SR20 Post by CFIDave » Tue Jan 28, 2020 4:40 pm Bottom line: SR20 is a better PASSENGER's airplane (i.e., more spacious and comfortable) whereas the DA40 is a much better PILOT's airplane (i.e., better/safer flying characteristics and more fun to fly) CIRRUS SR-22 • $199,000 • AVAILABLE • 2002 Cirrus SR-22 - Fresh Annual 2/1/2021 with chute stringers - Upgraded dual g5, WAAS, Garmin stec55x, flightstream ADSB - Excellent Compression #'s all in the 70+ - Only SR22 with 1,155 lb useful load - For sale by owner (not a broker) - Corporate owned last 10 years - Complete log books - Clean plane needing a new owner • Contact Brian Peddie.

Performance U.S. STANDARD METRIC Takeoff 1028 ft 313 m Takeoff Over 50 ft Obstacle 1594 ft 486 m Climb Rate 1400 ft/min 7.1 m/sec Max operating Altitude 17,500 ft 5,334 m Stall Speed with Flaps 60 KCAS 60 KCAS Max Cruise Speed 185 KTAS 185 KTAS Landing Groundroll 1141 ft 348 m Engine Manufacturer Continental GILL® G-243 BATTERY The Gill Electric Company was founded by Mr. Lawrence Gill in 1920, in Redlands, California, where the factory remains today. At that time, Gill Electric manufactured lead-acid batteries for the automotive industry

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Youth Aviator Beanie NV 0-3M. $34.00. add to cart. Youth Aviator Beanie TP 12-24M. $34.00. add to cart. Youth Aviator Jacket Brwn 18/2. $99.00. add to cart Instrument Flying Workflow - Cirrus SR22T GTS - IFR status VLOG #7 June 28, 2019 ATC scolding, $150 landing fee, 777 wake warning = Average SoCal Flying day - Cirrus SR22 (+Photos For every four aircraft Cirrus sold in 2015, FTS sold a TouchTrainer. Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) has standardized their annual training program on our platform. Our track record with the FAA, vendors, and clients is second to none. We have a money back guarantee. We are always available if anything goes wrong Cirrus SR-22 Weight and Balance Calculator. Form default data is for N99KE . Check accuracy of data! Weight. (lbs) Arm. (inches) Moment. (in-lb

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