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Chimney liners usually come in two flavours. 316 or 904 grade. Because of the price difference, we generally recommend using a 316 unless you plan to burn solid fuel. Chimney flue lining for an open fire. Regulations state that open fires need a minimum flue diameter of 200 mm (eight inches). This chimney project is for an open fire How much does a chimney liner cost? The average cost to supply and fit a chimney liner is between £175 - £250 per metre. Your chimney may need other remedial works e.g. new pots, flaunching, repointing, repairs etc. This will be an additional cost to the above LINING OLD CHIMNEYS A. INTRODUCTION The most appealing focal point in any room must be the fireplace. Be it an open fire, closed stove or roomheater, the leaping flames and glowing coals are the real heart of the home. However, for any fire to work successfully, it must be connected to a sound chimney and correctly sized flue. The functions of

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The type of fireplace will determine the size of flue liner for example an open fire fireplace will require a flue liner that ranges in diameter from 8 to 10 inches. However, a gas fireplace will require a much smaller flue liner - you are able to use a flue liner that is only 5 to 6 inches in diameter Chimney Flue Installation Costs. The size of the chimney will determine how much it will cost to replace a chimney flue or lining. It usually costs anywhere between £800 and £1200 for replacing a chimney flue or lining. There are a few factors to take into account when calculating the cost of this job Open wood burning and coal fires require a class 1 flue liner with a minimum diameter of 200mm. Open fires with larger fireplace openings (usually freestanding grates) will need larger flue sizes calculated alongside the height of the chimney and required ventilation As a rough guide, a new flue liner measuring six meters costs between £150-£250 depending on the quality and supplier. Usually on one or two are required. Knocking out a fireplace will usually take around half to a full day, whilst sweeping and installing the lining could take another My parents paid circa £800 for a 175mm stainless flexi liner for their open fire, last year. There was three men there for a full day, maybe 8 bricks taken out and put back in on the gable end to..

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It is common to find that old chimneys are in a poor condition and can leak fumes, particularly if the flue is not lined. Over time hot smoke, tars and acids eat into the chimney walls and erode mortar joints causing staining to the exterior stone or brickwork, and leakage of dangerous fumes into the property An average 6 metres of flexible stainless steel flue liner will cost on average £500 including a sweep and closure plate. Chimney flue liner cost will, therefore, depend on how many flues require lining. Location within the UK is always a factor which can affect the cost of work to a property Chimney sweep costs are typically charged at a fixed rate for the job. On average, our estimators have found the average cost of a chimney sweep in the UK to sit between £50 and £80, although prices will be slightly higher in London Chimney lining enters the fireplace opening. From this point the Chimney Lining can be either connected to a wood-burning stove using the correct stove pipes and connectors, or if the liner is to be used to line a chimney where a fire basket/open fire is installed, then a Gather hood can be built into the chimney breast above the fireplace opening As the flue gases cool there is a tendency for tar to form on the walls of the flue and this can restrict the flue and, more dangerously, form the fuel for a chimney fire. Even with open fires the flue size needs to be correct. As indicated above, for an open fire to burn well and not spill smoke and fumes the flue must be of sufficient size

Thermocrete are the UK's leading supplier & installer of concrete flue and chimney lining systems in the UK. Our revolutionary system is guaranteed for life. Chimney Lining for Open Fires and Wood Burners. Residential Chimney Lining, Commercial and Chimney Lining for Pubs & Hotels. Free Chimney Lining Surve All chimneys need to be swept prior to fitting a liner for reasons including:-. To keep the mess to a minimum on the day of lining the chimney. To check the flue way is clear of blockages and birds' nests. It makes no sense to install a chimney liner against a dirty chimney and run the risk of a chimney fire

The average cost of installing a pumice, clay or concrete chimney liner is between £500-£900, depending on the size, scale and complexity of your chimney. The expected lifespan of these liners is estimated to be around 30-50 years. Gas Flue Block Systems These specially designed systems have been designed for use with gas fireplace suites A chimney liner is obligatory if you are installing a woodburning stove, gas fire or open fire in a new build property to comply with Document J of current Building Regulations. A chimney liner may be necessary in an older property if the flue inside your chimney is no longer safe to use Welcome to Flexifluedirect.com. Flexi Flue Direct is the UK's Leading supplier of HETAS approved chimney flue liner, Twin wall flue systems & related products, to both the trade and general public.. With next day delivery (free on orders over £100) & lifetime warranty on our flexible flue liners coupled with the most competitive prices online, you can be confident in purchasing from Flexi. The cost to sweep a typical open fire chimney starts from £80, while a lined stove chimney ranges from £80 to £150. One of the most difficult types of chimney to sweep is an unlined chimney which costs around £80 or more, depending on its condition and often its degree of maintenance

This image shows that where the flexible liner terminates approximately 3m from the top of the chimney there is a flat shelf. If left unattended, soot and debris can accumulate and greatly increase the risk of a chimney fire occurring. These three images highlight that there is a significant build-up of tar on the inside of the flexible liner In an older (e.g. Victorian) property, it can cost a similar amount to reinstate an open fire as it would to install a wood burning stove - approximately £1500 for a two-storey house. This involves lining the chimney with flue liner - which will be similar to that installed for a wood burning stove but with a wider diameter Chimneys are lined for a number of safety reasons. New chimneys may require relining to suit the fuel type being used (a gas flue liner may not be suitable for other fuels). Chimney systems that predate 1965 will often require a modern lining solution for the following reasons: The flue may have lost integrity and can leak smoke into rooms or. Chimney liner installation costs $1,500 to $4,000 on average. A stainless steel chimney liner costs $900 to $3,800 to reline, and a cast-in-place or clay flue liner costs $2,000 to $7,000 to replace. DIY chimney liner kits cost $300 to $800 for the materials without installation

A chimney liner is not supposed to be in place of a suitable chimney or used if a chimney has fallen into a poor state of repair (if the chimney has faults they should be repaired professionally before lining). Building regulations do not insist that you fit a chimney liner, even in 2019. If a chimney can be proven sound (using a set smoke test. Or if you do not have a chimney stack you will need twin wall chimney flue pipe. The sizing of twin wall flue relates to the inner / internal diameter of the twin wall flue pipe as the outer diameter will obviously be larger in size. Flue pipe and liner available in all diameters, including the most popular 5 inch 125mm / 130mm and 6 inch 150mm The flue may need to be relined, even if the stack is re-pointed, it is an eighty year old chimney after all (and you can't re-point the mid feathers). An open fire requires a flue of 200mm (8) minimum diameter (150mm 6 for most stoves). An 8 liner for an open fire will set you back £600+ A gas fire is cost-effective and doesn't always require a chimney or flue - as long as you choose the correct type. Flueless : With a Flueless Gas Fire you will likely have no chimney; flueless gas fires are also 100% Efficient so they're extremely cost-effective to run The highest proportion (35%) of stove owners we spoke to spent between £1,001 and £2,000 on their stove and installation. But RICS's calculations show that it could cost as much as £4,930 to get a wood-burning stove, and £5,208 for a multi-fuel stove. If upwards of £5,000 is much higher than your budget will allow, don't despair.

For open fires the general rule is 1:8 ratios. For a square chimney where the internal flue dimensions are 10 inches by 10 inches then the cross flow is (10x10 = 100) 100 square inches. By applying the 1:8 ratio (100x8 = 800) indicates the fireplace aperture should be 800 square inches If you have an existing chimney breast and are thinking of opening it up and placing either a freestanding stove or a fire basket into it, then you will most likely need to line your opening with either a pre-made chamber set or chamber lining panels

A point of concern with a liner is overheating. No chimney likes chimney fires, and all are damaged to a greater or lesser extent. Mild damage shows up as rainbow patterns on the surface of the liner, but a serious chimney fire will push the liner out of its comfort zone and over the edge The common average cost for chimney cap fitting that I would charge with easy access, would be roughly £150 to supply and fit, or £100 or just under if the customer supplies the cap. The labour charge is the same for multiple caps on the same stack. You can sometimes save a little money by buying a chimney cap for a roofer, builder or chimney.

CANOPY & FIRE GRATE OPEN FIRE - Function hall & library in a large extended weekend farm house - Cotswolds Situation: This Inglenook open fireplace had what the new owners felt was an ugly stove in situ. Due to the 200mm flue the interior designer had been told they could not have an open fire but this was seen as key to her fireplace design for this vaulted ceiling room How to install a flexible chimney liner. Lining a chimney is often done as a DIY job but it must be remembered that since April 2002, work done to an existing chimney now comes under building control (see our building regulations section).It also involves working at height - so please remember that you only have one life MyBuilder makes it easy to find local Chimney & Fireplace Specialists. Get free quotes from MyBuilder's Chimney & Fireplace Specialists near you now across the UK. MyBuilder has 920 vetted, reviewed and trusted Chimney & Fireplace Specialist The average cost of a stainless steel chimney liner is around $1,980 when installed by a local chimney professional. For do-it-yourself homeowners, expect to pay around $625 for a ready to install, 6″ x 25′ foot flue liner kit and DIY installation. When a pro installs your liner, it should include a thorough inspection first, cleaning as.

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No flue lining: Chimneys built before 1965 often have no flue lining and are in poor condition. Mortar joints are often corroded, 'eaten' away by acidic condensates and soot deposits. Because of this, and the risk of smoke leakage, many installers insist on lining the chimney before installing a new appliance A. It is always a good idea to insulate your flexible chimney liner. The insulation will enable the flue to heat up more quickly and this increases your draft, reduces creosote, making it easier to clean and makes your system more efficient & safer. Having 1/2 thick insulation will maintain your liner to the UL1777 standard

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  1. It is very important to burn dry wood and have a chimney liner swept every 6 to 12 months depending on use. If the liner blocks, it will need to be removed and replaced, which is costly. Chimney fires are a hazard in unlined flues, but with a flue liner they are very rare and contained within the tube
  2. Why may it cost from £50 to sweep a chimney or flue. • A registered chimney sweep may have paid around £300 to be a member of an organisation that trains and reviews them (including insurance) • A chimney sweep may have £2000- £3000 pounds worth of equipment that has to be maintained often. • Work clothes to keep fresh and laundered
  3. The lining is one of the most important parts of your chimney, and it can be costly to replace. When you are dealing with paying the cost of a new flue, it can help to know why a liner needs to be replaced and what types of chimney liners are available. The following information provides the basics on chimney relining
  4. Welcome to McCreadie Chimney Services. We are a fully Qualified, Certified and Registered HETAS service provider. We take pride in the cleanliness, efficiency and professionalism of our services and offer that personal touch. Our full range of services are as follows; Stove and Open fire installations. Install and remove solid fuel/gas liners
  5. Brewer Cowls Ultimate Flue Outlet 150mm to 240mm Round Hook Bolt Fix Multifuel Chimney Cowl More Options. £54.89 ex VAT. £65.87 incl VAT. View options. Colt Cowls Connect Adaptor More Options. £31.48 ex VAT. £37.78 incl VAT. View options. Colt Cowls High Top 316 Stainless Steel Birdguard - 170mm to 250mm

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Chimney Gathers. Chimney gather hoods are used at the base of the chimney stack. They allow for the gather of flue gasses, with minimum resistance to flow. They are generally used in open fire installations. We offer both standard gathers, and made to order bespoke gathers. Both types are availabe to order online. £114.00 (Including VAT at 20% The second reason for lining your chimney also has a safety element, but relates to the aesthetics of your home, too. Creosote build-up. Wood burns at a lower temperature than the coal for which your chimney was probably intended. The gases released when you burn wood are more likely to cool and condense in an open chimney. This can cause build.

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Cost. Average. 2396. Typical Range. £1800 - £3000. Cheapest - Most Expensive. £1375 - £3300. These are the average installation costs without a stove. Wood and log burning stoves start from £500, so to get a total price, add your stove cost onto the total installation cost The chimney liner serves three main functions. The liner must contain the smoke so that it doesn't leak into the chimney structure. The exhaust gas produced contains water vapor that can condense as it cools. An open fire has a very high flue gas temperature, while a stove, which is more efficient has a low flue gas temperature. This low.

The traditional method of lining chimney flues was to apply a mix of lime putty and fresh cow dung, known as 'parge' as the chimney was built. Parging continued to be common until the 1965 Building Regulations introduced a requirement for all new flues to be built with a liner during construction. During the 1960s th The real wood burner installation costs incorporate installing a chimney liner (£1000) or separate flue (up to £2000), installing a hearth (£250), backplate (£50), carbon monoxide detector (£20), and chimney cowl (£70). And, having a HETAS registered engineer safely install a log burner system and issue a certificate, will cost about £. ANKI Chimney is the simplest and most cost effective way of building a chimney. Made from Icelandic volcanic rock ANKI is a product that boasts exceptional insulation and longevity and one that is suitable for all fuel types. It can be used for open fires, stoves and boilers for new build or existing properties. ANKI Chimney guarantees: Minimum. Solid fuel flue regulations will let you know what sort of flexible metal liner to use with each fuel. Size: The size of the flue that is being installed must not be smaller than the size recommended by the manufacturer of the fireplace. Height: A flue needs to be 4.5 metres tall and must be taller than the roof it is projected above

Customers are continually shocked at the cost of relining a chimney. Chimney liner cost can be surprising. There are a variety of factors that play into how much a chimney reline with installation costs, including your area of the country, but on average the cost to have your chimney professionally relined runs anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 Fit a taller pot to the working flue. Line the chimney if the leakage is inside the stack. In the room where the fire is, improve the ventilation. This problem can also occur when 2 rooms have been knocked into one, with, a cooker or gas fire in one chimney and an open fire in the other

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manufacturers and sole UK distributors of factory made chimney and flue products. It was established to promote Care must be taken when selecting a flexible liner. For open fires with a standard fire opening up to 500mm wide by 550mm high the minimum requiredflue diamete Fire Your policy covers fires in all cases unless you live in California and other wildfire zones, or the fire was intentionally set. When a fire damages your chimney flue, or hot bricks cause the chimney frame to catch on fire, you are covered. Fires that cause broken tiles are covered. Chimney fires, house fires, and smoke damage are covered. Chimney Flue Liner. Finding the right chimney parts can seem confusing, so here at Trade Price Flues we have made it simple by bringing you the best flue liners available at brilliant prices. When looking for a chimney liner, there are a few things to take into consideration, such as what diameter, length and material grade is needed

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Sweeps Chimney Services are trained in chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning all different types of chimney, chimney liner, chimney flue and maintaining appliances including stoves, log burners and open fires. We use the latest in sweeping technology to ensure a top quality service HeatShield® is a chimney liner repair system that eliminates the hazards and draft problems caused by gaps, cracks and spalling in otherwise sound masonry chimneys. A thorough inspection of your chimney liner may reveal hidden dangers. To choose an effective, economical solution you should know how your chimney works, and understand the fire. An open fireplace should be big enough to fit a gas fire. However, if you have chosen a hole in the wall gas fire, a new hole will need knocking in and the previous one covered up. Read our hole in the wall gas fire buying guide for more. 6. Your hearth, back panel and surround will be fit

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Chimney design rules. The minimum chimney height recommended for minimum performance of wood burning and multi fuel appliances is 4.5 m from the top of the appliance to the top of the chimney. The distance between the cowl of the flue and the adjacent roof/wall/structure should be higher than 2.3 mtr. A maximum of 4 bends (up to 45º angle) is. Suitable for lining brick chimneys for use with gas or 28 Sec Oil fires. Stainless Steel: We stock all types of 1mm 316 grade Stainless Steel Flue / Chimney liner in sizes 5 (125mm) to 8 (200mm). Our liner is 1mm thick, rather than the 0.6mm grade offered by others, as we believe this offers better heat protection and long life span Contact Chimney Solutions. Call on the trained, certified chimney experts at Chimney Solutions for help with your retired chimney. We can help you avoid expensive repair costs associated with an appliance you don't even use anymore. Call us today at (770) 691-6707 Get your chimney swept regularly (up to twice a year) During use soot and tar build up in the chimney reducing the efficiency and increasing the risk of chimney fires. It is better to use a qualified chimney sweep who will be able to advise you on good burning practices for your open fire or stove. For example: avoid slumbering your stove.

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If you're anywhere near Basildon, I could give you the number of the bloke who did mine - he gets you to buy the supplies yourself, so you control how much it all costs, and then he charged me £450 to open out our fireplace, set in the new hearth, build the stove, fit the register plate, drop the liner in, insulate the chimney around it and. A low cost example of this would be the Mad Cowl or similar, and if you're looking for the best chimney cowl to stop birds and rain it's a good low cost solution. There are a number of unobtrusive solutions on the market for this same purpose, and some of them are also 'multi fuel' meaning should you wish to change your fire to burn a.

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When relining a chimney above an open fire, fitters need to attach the flexible flue liner to a fireplace gather installed over the fireplace. At Topstak, we offer stock chimney gathers and fireplace register plates, as well as a bespoke fireplace gather service A fireplace canopy creates an open vent up the chimney if its not part of a Thermovent open fire which includes a flue baffle. To reduce heat loss from your other heating systems (radiators or underfloor heating) we can include a flue baffle control to close off the chimney when the fire is not in use 1) Leave the chimney as is and put in an open fire. 2) Put in a stove with a pipe that leads to an unlined chimney. 3) Put in a stove with a pipe that leads to a minimally lined chimney 4) Put in a stove that leads to a fully lined, backfilled, chimney. I appreciate what building regs say For open fireplaces the flue or chimney size should be a minimum of 185mm square or 200mm in diameter. If bituminous coal is to be burnt as the main fuel it is recommended the flue size should be no less then 225mm in diameter. It is important for the fireplace opening to match the chimney size. As a rule of thumb the chimney, fireplace opening.

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Install a suitable flue liner Defects in chimney stacks, such as open joints, cracks and missing bricks, which allow hot gases and sparks to escape into the thatch are another proven cause of fire. It is advisable for a CCTV inspection of the flue be carried out to identify defects. The threat can be eliminated by lining the flue Chimney & Fireplace Cost Guides. A fireplace and chimney install costs $2,500 to $11,000, or $6,750 on average. Replacing the cap, liner and other repairs range from $350 to $2,150. Expect to pay up to $1,000 per year for inspection and cleaning services depending on the condition of your chimney and its total number of flues For a flueless gas fire installation, there is a minimum requirement when it comes to room size, which you should bear in mind. Balanced gas flue. Another chimney free solution is the balanced flue gas fire option. A working gas connection is again required along with an external wall Burning coal, coke or wood in an open fireplace requires a chimney or flue with a minimum internal diameter of 200mm (8 inches) and constructed of a material specifically suitable for solid fuel. For burning coal, coke or wood in a stove, the size of the chimney or flue required will be dependant on the stove choice The large chimney flue void, originally constructed to move large amounts of smoke from a large open fire, needs a different approach from a standard chimney reline for a wood burner. There are many variations in sizes of inglenook chimneys and in some cases we can climb a ladder inside the flue