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It has nothing to do with Corvettes but a burned out car salesman who just sucks. Nothing wrong with a Corvette, each to their own. Corvette or any sports car is a small crowd that can afford them. They usually pay cash and don't waste time talking to a salesman 1. 1975 Corvette Base In 1974 it was still possible to get a Corvette with a big block, 270-hp, LS4 454-cubic-inch V8. And even the base 350-cubic-inch (5.7-liter) small-block V8 was still gross. The new 2020 Corvette has all the limelight but the outgoing Corvette C7 is still a great car. Here are 5 reasons to buy a Corvette C7 now and 5 reasons not to. The C8 isn't bad.. it's. A Corvette isn't some finicky Italian supercar that will easily drain your retirement fund if it is ran too hard and needs major service, it's quite the opposite. America's sports car is pretty.. Even Corvettes are compromised for certain areas like smooth driving, good gas mileage, and a fixed amount of options. Some owners auto cross theirs, others enjoy an occasional trip to the drag races, while others may choose to personalize theirs with custom wheels and tires. These actions do not make them less valuable or more valuable either

Corvettes tend to be lower mileage garage queens, and the powertrains are rarely stressed. In the used car market, there is almost always a lot of them out there. Not because they aren't worthy of ownership. It's just that the demographics and long-term reliability of Corvettes have changed dramatically since the days of that 1984 Corvette There are people who buy a Corvette to show off and give current good owners a bad name. They aren't really car guys, who won't get their cars up over 60 mph, and mostly just own the car to make up.. The 1975 Corvette. The 1975 Corvette was almost destined to fail before it was ever introduced.. There were a number of contributing factors for this - the most significant of which was the retirement of Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Father of the Corvette on January 1, 1975. Zora had been instrumental in transforming the Corvette - almost from its inception - into a track-worthy sport car I drove every Corvette ever made, all in a row, and this is what I learned. A quick note on nomenclature: Corvette generations are all based on the letter C, so C1 is the first Corvette, C2 is the.

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The most common issues you are going to run across when it comes to C5 Corvette electrical problems are bad grounds. Your C5 Corvette comes with 13 different chassis ground points around the car, all of which are subject to corrosion or coming loose causing a bad connection Why I Sold My Chevy Corvette To get around the issue of having to move heavy wood boards in and out with a bad back, a friend of mine allowed me to use his warehouse for free, a level of.

The biggest reason why no model-year 1983 Corvettes were sold has to do with the state of California, which changed its emissions requirements before C4 production began. We are told that Corvette.. With all the new people coming to Corvette for the C8 (and previous models), this is a pretty good primer on why we love our cars so much. The video covers all eight generations of Corvettes and there are some great vintage photos and videos included as well, so give it a watch and let us know what you think about it in the comments below The best Corvettes of this vintage to avoid are the 1984 cars, primarily because they retained throttle-body style Cross-Fire Injection from the 1982 Corvette. This isn't a bad thing necessarily, but less desirable than the Tuned Port Injection-equipped cars. The 4+3 manual transmission also has a bad rap, but a super-low-mileage, pristine. Conclusion: Corvette Bad Thermostat Symptoms. Replacing a thermostat is a relatively affordable repair. If you have reason to believe it's gone bad, ignoring it will only end up costing a lot more money in the long run. Good luck diagnosing your Chevy Corvette. If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below

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  1. How bad did things get for the Corvette? In 1980 there was no manual transmission in California; just a slushbox and a 305-cubic-inch motor with 180 horsepower. In 1981 the 350-cubic-inch motor only made 190 horsepower, fueled by a computer-augmented Quadrajet carburetor. The hot, new C4 was already in the works, and with its sleeker hood-line.
  2. There are many reasons why a fuel injector may go bad, as well as different symptoms relative to how they went bad. For more, check out Chevy Corvette bad fuel injector symptoms. Conclusion. Diagnosing why your Chevy Corvette is shaking when idling can be challenging, particularly if you don't have any engine trouble codes to go off of
  3. The new 2020 Corvette isn't simply ugly, it represents an incredible missed opportunity. Let's look beyond the rear-end that looks like a generic automobile chimera from your local carwash's business card and dig into why Chevrolet missed the mark on their plan for the Corvette

The 2020 Corvette is a tremendous value with a starting price under $60,000 but that value would quickly be eliminated if a greedy dealership wanted to charge $100,000 for the car. Demand is high. The Corvette is the quickest car we've tested. Powered by a strong 345-hp, 5.7-liter V8 engine, it accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 5.6 seconds, almost a second and a half faster than the. 2001 Chevrolet Corvette problems. (16) View all. 2002 Chevrolet Corvette problems. (19) View all. 2004 Chevrolet Corvette problems. (18) View all C4 Corvettes are V-8 sports-car fun on the cheap. The 1984-96 C4-generation Corvette is often passed over. It doesn't have the swoopy curves of the previous C3 generation. It doesn't have the sheer horsepower or cornering grit of the current models. But it did take the Corvette straight out of the '60s, setting America's sports car on.

The C8 Corvette falls short of the C7 in one key area. Since the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was revealed to considerable fanfare, the new Corvette Convertible and C8.R race car have also. It's a tribute to the Corvette that 3 of John Pearley Huffman's 10 Worst are on my personal wish list - the B2K (not fragile after the running fixes and updates that they all have had for 20 years now), the 98 Pace Car (purple and yellow = ultimate LSU tailgating Corvette), the 88 Anniversary (love the period white on white on white, and the blacked out roof gives the jet fighter canopy look Some dealers have even used the forum to notify shoppers that they will be selling the 2020 Corvette sans markups and would be happy to have more business. The list also includes dealerships that are not selling the C8 at MSRP as a warning. Posters were citing markups anywhere from $5,000 to over $30,000. If you happen to be in the market for.

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There are many reasons why a fuel injector may go bad, as well as different symptoms relative to how they went bad. For more, check out Chevy Corvette bad fuel injector symptoms. Conclusion. There are many reasons that your Chevy Corvette may be idling rough. We tried to lay out the most common ones above The 2022 Corvettes were introduced in 2021, but no 2022 Corvettes are being manufactured either. Buuuuuut come the fall of 2021, the new Corvette Z06 will debut as a 2023 model. Based on Corvettes production performance, it may be 2023 before the first customer actually takes delivery of one Now, about the condition of the Corvette. At first sight, it looks very good and clean, and that's apparently because it was completely repainted a couple of years ago. And the job was done.

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1980 corvette. new starter. car starts but wont re start after if has been running awhile. After it cools down it starts. 1 Answer. new starter. car starts but wont restart after it has been running for awhile. When it cools down (about an hour later) it starts again Not bad, Tommy. Not bad. via Facebook. He had built that exact same C8 about five or six times on GM's Corvette configurator, and while he really wanted the Z51 package,. Corvette #1 --- A 1996 Dark Purple Metallic Coupe. Corvette #2 --- A 2002 Electron Blue Six Speed Manual Coupe purchased from Roger's in 2005. Mark and Tina haven't owned a Corvette since 2012 --- and were more than ready for one more!

We have good news and bad news for eager Chevrolet Corvette fans with cash and a desire to put a new 2020 C8 in the garage. A new analysis from Cars Direct says there are a few models still. Problematically, removing the dash on 1975-1977 corvettes can be tricky, so most people do not bother to replace the circuit board when it goes bad. Starting in 1978, the tachometer comes out through the front, so it's very easy to replace the circuit board 1982 yes i am sure it is a 1982, the car sat for a time and the oil was black when i got it the reason for the two oil changes in the short period of time was to help the car clean out, sticky valves etc, probably not necessary, the car is not burning any oil but the car sure did run a lot smoother after the fresh change the second was just to let any crud in the engine help to clean out, what. The context of the story was the following. The split-window design was one of GM chief of design, Bill Mitchell's pet design elements. Mitchell's sense of design was legendary and in fact, many of his designs, including the Sting Ray, the Mako Shark II, and the early Buick Riviera, are today considered classic automotive art

A forum community dedicated to Corvette C Series owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Full Forum Listing. Explore Our Forums. C6 Corvette C3 Corvette C4 Corvette C5 Corvette - General Discussion General Corvette Topics Corvette Action Center last week published a letter from the automaker, meant for all Chevy dealerships in the US, saying, General Motors has had to make an adjustment in the number of Corvette. When the 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette made its debut, it was the first new Corvette in over a decade. The fifth-generation Corvette featured a new LS1 V8 engine, a rear-mounted transaxle and underbody structure. Gone was the previous generation's boxy styling, replaced with a design that featured a rounder shape and a swooping rear-end design The banning of R-12 and outdating of the R-12 systems, is why the majority of our C3 Corvettes for sale at Hobby Car Corvettes do not have working air conditioning. If the Corvette we acquired came to us with an R-12 unit, the air conditioning will not work because it is no longer chargeable

The 2008 Chevrolet Corvette has 7 problems reported for strong fuel odor. Average repair cost is $2,250 at 50,850 miles 1974 Chevrolet Corvette 5.7L V8 GAS Manual 4 Speed Added Mar 2017 • 28 Fuel-ups. Property of Rross . 11.2 Avg MPG. My Corvette. 1974 Chevrolet Corvette 7.4L V8 GAS Standard 4 Speed Added Mar 2018 • 39 Fuel-ups. Property of BoeingBeau . 12.5 Avg MPG. My Corvette 90 vett car runs very bad when warned up runs like exh stop up will idle but wont take fuel. readed other customers problem on web site sounds alot like mine tested resistance on injectors got readings from a low of 8 ohms to a high of 17.8 ohms i think your tech reccommended to replace injectors on other vett iam not sure but think resistance should be about 1-2 ohms car just had major tune. The museum's white car is, however, a genuine 1983 Corvette, the only one in the world. How did that happen? Built on June 28, 1982, it was the fourth of 43 pilot assembly cars made to. Why the 2014 Corvette Stingray Isn't Good Enough Reviewers praise its sharp handling and much-improved interior. But this Fool analyst argues that GM didn't do enough to make its halo car.

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At its most basic, the C5 and C6 Corvette suspension uses upper and lower A-arms suspended by transverse leaf springs made of fiberglass. At first, many people are surprised to find out that a car as technologically advanced, and well known for its handling capabilities as the Corvette actually still uses a suspension design that was first developed for horse-drawn buggies The other bad sign was that I kept finding peeling paint on my garage floor where the brake fluid was leaking onto the nicely enameled finish. The first thing I did was buy two wrenches for $70.00. 1. The rear brakes are doing nothing. 2. The booster is bad. 3. Bad Master Cylinder. One thing I do know is that the booster is not leaking. I would think if it was the engine would idle fast or idle roughly of which neither is the case. I checked the hose with the engine idling If you ever need a corvette there is no better place to turn, and I would highly suggest asking for Amoni as he will not leave you hanging and will give you all your best purchasing options. Useful 1. Funny. Cool. Rachel T. Lawrenceville, GA. 61. 5. 3/26/2018

C5/C6/C7/C8 Corvette Stingray Parts & Accessories, 2010-2015 Camaro, 2016-2019 6th Generation Camaro and 2015-2019 Ford Mustang. Painted Parts are painted to order and take additional time, right now we are about a 4-6 week lead time Celebrating the noise: why we'll miss Corvette at Le Mans. It's official and there's no going back now: we're facing the first Le Mans of this millennium without a Corvette thundering around La Sarthe. The team had announced in May that it had taken the difficult decision to withdraw, citing the date change to September and the global. Usually, bad Corvettes only appear in hindsight. As is often the case, even the best Corvette of every generation is eclipsed when its successor is announced. Gimme Five. By 1996, the fourth-generation Corvette—known as the C4 in Vette speak—had been around for a dozen long years. While the last of the breed was a vastly better car. We've heard of several wrecked C8 Corvettes, which is too bad considering how rare the 2020 models are, but Samcrac found two of them at the same insurance auction yard. That alone should indicate people are buying these who should probably be sticking to a Malibu or something equivalent. image credit: YouTub

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Our list of 18 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 1991 Chevrolet Corvette. Close. Problems / Chevrolet / Corvette / 1991; 1991 Chevrolet Corvette Problems. Find the most common issues based on car owner complaints. Get Your Car Fixed. Find a high quality auto repair shop or dealer near you. General Motors has been served a new lawsuit that could soon become a national class-action lawsuit over bad C7 Corvette Grand Sport and Z06 wheels. CarComplaints.com published the lawsuit. I had a GTO with the 5.7 then another with the 6.0 LSX motor and they are ok and have no propensity to go bad as the Corvettes do, it makes you wonder why? Another thing is the GTO's which are.

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C4 Corvettes are cool again. And it's time to buy. After 20-plus years of getting very little respect, the fourth generation is beginning to gain popularity and value, especially the DOHC ZR-1 First saw a 40th Anniversary Ruby Red at a Corvette show. Love at first sight. Bought ours a month later w/ < 14 K miles. The car has all the options including ride control and performance axel

New Corvettes Are Fast in Reverse. While they aren't the fastest cars in reverse - that title belongs to the Nissan Leaf - they do clock in at fairly high speeds in this gear. In fact, a 2014 Corvette Stingray clocked in at 53 miles per hour. That's a lot higher than the average reverse speed you might use The new C8 Corvette is the first generation of the Corvette that will be automatic-only.; Chevy said the car didn't need a manual transmission because the C8's automatic is dramatically improved. Troubleshooting Corvette gauges If the gauge continually wants to read high, then the bad contact is on the battery side of the gauge. If the gauge continually wants the read low, then the bad contact is on the sender side of the gauge. Recall that the meter is responding to the difference in voltage across the meter The Corvette may not have a second row, but the interior materials are higher quality than the Camaro. The long, low profile brings to mind Ferrari more than Chevy. The Corvette looks less like a classic muscle car now, but that may not be a bad thing. In a surprise twist, the 'Vette's two trunks (front and rear) will hold more cargo than. The Rollout Of The 2020 Chevy Corvette Has Not Exactly Gone As Planned. Erik Shilling. 8/12/20 6:00PM. 201. Save. Photo: Chevy. First, there was the GM strike last year, which delayed the 2020.

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2021 Corvette Stingray price could pack a nasty surprise. Chevrolet surprised us with the launch price for its 2020 Corvette Stingray C8, but there are hints that its Porsche-worrying sticker will. I was looking at options and pricing of 1973 Corvettes from the factory. The LS4 454 added $250 to the price, while the L82 350 added $299. Why was less horsepower more expensive? Why did more people chose the L82 over the LS4 1 Answer. Re: 1989 Corvette starting and idle problems. My 89 corvette is hard to start when it is cold, and runs very rough for about a minute. replaced the IAC and Maf sensors had the throttle body cleaned, now it idles very high and emits the same problems. i also had the injectors cleaned. Posted on Sep 19, 2009 It doesn't have a bad manner in its whole repertoire. On the other hand, if you are a longtime Corvette maven, chances are that you'll feel just a trace of frustration with the latest example Why you'd want a Chevrolet Corvette C4. General Motors took to heart the flak about American cars not handling properly, and launched the 1983 Corvette C4 into Europe with the confident claim that it could out-corner any European sports car, generating 0.95g in corners where the likes of the Porsche 928 couldn't hit 0.9g.. Uni-directional tyres and wheels specially developed with Goodyear.

The C8 Corvette has been really stirring up the hype on the internet for the same reason all new Corvette generations do. Hype. Dealership markup is the final reason why buying now is a good idea There are three Corvette VIN decoder sequences for 2009 Corvette ZR1. The First Numbering Sequence is: 95700001 these are the pilot cars. They were built in early June 2008 and most have since been sold to Corvette dealers. Chevrolet still has this sequence #1. Second sequence is: 95800001 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray drivetrain specifications. Type: LT2 6.2L V8 VVT with direct injection and Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) Bore & stroke (in / mm): 4.06 x 3.62.

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  1. C3 Corvette - The Complete Reference, Facts, and History. The C3 Corvette, built between 1968 and 1982, was the third generation of Chevrolet's venerable Corvette sports car. Occasionally seen as polarizing, the C3 garnered both praise and criticism for its radical design, purpose and driving dynamics. Expectations were huge when the model.
  2. The Corvette had only 29,900 miles on it, was not a daily driver, and had only seen recreational weekend use. The Corvette was never in an accident, always garaged, and well taken care of. As an aerospace engineer, I strongly believe there was a manufacturing defect in the seat frame that led to this failure. The seat had only seen 29,900 miles.
  3. A corvette is a small warship.It is traditionally the smallest class of vessel considered to be a proper (or rated) warship.The warship class above the corvette is that of the frigate, while the class below was historically that of the sloop-of-war.The modern types of ship below a corvette are coastal patrol craft, missile boat and fast attack craft
  4. Why Do C6 Corvette Batteries Go Dead? Your Corvette most likely sits for more extended periods than other cars. Most of us Corvette owners are particular when we drive, so weeks can go by without starting or charging the battery by driving the vehicle. The onboard computers draw energy from the battery 24/7
  5. Apparently, the C8 Corvette Stingray T-boned an older generation Hyundai Accent, with the Corvette driver commenting that We not 2 bad busted head n ruby got sum broken fingers Guy was drunk.
  6. g to a close, the #3 Corvette found itself in an odd situation. They came into the final race leading the championship by 6 points without having won a single race all season. Consistency is the key! The #3 qualified P2, just missing pole by 0.024 seconds. The #4 qualified 8th

When making the decision between buying a new or used Chevrolet Corvette, the following table can be used to compare the 1998 Chevrolet Corvette with the Chevrolet Corvette from other model years. Note that the number of problems reported for the 1998 Corvette is 409 while the average number of problems reported for the 25 model years of the. The C4 Corvette uses several computers---more in the later models than the early years--- and each has it's own set of trouble codes. The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) , Automatic Slip Regulation (ASR), Selective Ride System (SRS) as well as the Air Conditioner Controller, the Air Bag's computer system (called the DERM module) plus the Central Control Module (CCM) on 1990 and later C4s, all. 5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren't. The introduction of the eighth-generation 2020 Chevrolet Corvette marks that vehicle's switch from a front- to a mid-engine layout. Enthusiasts have long. In fact, he wanted to take the Corvette to the track so bad that he built multiple race-ready Corvettes under the nose of GM's boffins effectively ignoring the corporation's ban on all things.

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  1. SOURCE: The fuse for the horn keeps blowing. Any reason. Most common problem is the ground that the horn connects to wit the bolt is rusted and causes it to pull to much amperage so clean the contact first then if it still blows the fuse then the horn relay or the horn may be going bad.over time the horn gets junk in it and causes the coil to overheat and causes it to burn out
  2. Back when performance and modifying your car was just starting, everyone was doing whatever they could for weight loss, performance and sometimes a just a bit of noise and show. There's many ways to achieve these goals, but some are more widely adopted due to the fact hat they're inexpensive and easy to do. One of the easiest and most popular mods that help your car get a lighter is the.
  3. ar that we sponsored during Corvettes at Carlisle in 2007. The workshop was hosted by Chris Petris from.
  4. The Chevrolet Corvette (C3) is a sports car that was produced from 1967 to 1982 by Chevrolet for the 1968 to 1982 model years.Engines and chassis components were mostly carried over from the previous generation, but the body and interior were new.It set new sales records with 53,807 produced for the 1979 model year. The C3 is the third generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, and marks the second.
  5. Corvette Central is a proud sponsor of The National Corvette Museum, NCRS (National Corvette Restorer's Society), NCCC (National Council of Corvette Clubs), Corvette Forum, Digital Corvettes, Corvette Action Center, Z06vette.com and many more. We also support Corvette events, swap meets and local Corvette club shows all over the world
  6. 2009 Corvette ZR-1. Called the Blue Devil by those inside GM, the 2009 ZR-1 was the first supercharged Corvette in history, and the fastest at the time! (General Motors) After a 14-year absence.
  7. The changes for the 1979 Corvette were of an evolutionary nature. The base L48 gained 10 horsepower -- 20 in the California and high-altitude versions -- by adopting the L82's more efficient twin-snorkel air cleaner; the optional engine itself tacked on five horses. Shock rates were standardized instead of varied with transmission

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Chevrolet Corvette Engine hesitates during acceleration Inspection costs $91 on average. Car Service Estimate Shop/Dealer Price; If the mechanic believes that the mass airflow sensor has gone bad or is failing, he or she will first examine the sensor for any superficial damage. The mechanic will also ensure that the sensor is wired. 2. there is no clearance to back O2s up, bad idea. 3. Of course yanking CATs are also illegal and big fines if caught. If no headers then put CATs back on as there is zero performance loss with them on. That is proven with new ZR1s or highly modded Corvettes with CATs still on. 4 Corvette guru Zora Arkus Duntov would have liked to give the second-generation Corvette a mid-engine design. But, that had to wait until 2020. Underpinning the C2 was a full-frame with steel rails. The rails connected by ladder-style cross members. It was much stiffer. And now the Corvette had independent rear suspension Why The 2023 Corvette Z06 Sounds Like A Ferrari By Alex Sommers - Jul 20, 2021. but it may not be as bad as many believe. Remember that most people's experience with FPC V8 engines is from much smaller displacements. The Voodoo makes 429 lb-ft peak, while the C8 makes 470. If GM can avoid the low RPM torque dip of the Voodoo, and make. Chevrolet claims to have a fix for future and past C7 Z06 Corvettes. If you throw your Chevrolet Corvette Z06 around on a racetrack, you might be one of the drivers who has experienced a little.

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Here's Why This Guy Traded In His C8 Corvette for a Mitsubishi Outlander By Rob Stumpf, The Drive 12/10/2020 Stocks making the biggest moves midday: U.S. Steel, CVS Health, SolarEdge and mor Two Photos Show You Why It's A Bad Idea To Park Under An Overpass. July 11, 2021 admin. When bad weather is afoot, it may seem like a genius idea to park under a highway overpass. Previous Post There are more than Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum Next Post Preview: 2022 Jeep Compass arrives with more tech and refinement. Just. Corvettes had developed bad baggage in the 1970s. People thought of gold chains and divorced men and it was very uncool to be in a Corvette back then, he explained. Today, the car is very. A Corvette has 4 of them and they should be checked and greased regularly. We had a slight squeak in the right rear of our 73 Corvette and discovered it was a bad u-joint. We called the good people at Zip Corvette Parts , 8067 Fast Lane, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, (800) 962-9632, and they supplied us with the half shaft u-joints 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Price: $78,995. To really understand the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, you need a racetrack. With 650 horsepower and an available aero package that generates actual.

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For almost 70 years, the Chevrolet Corvette was a front-engined sports car. It was a great performer, but was missing that one last element that'd make it competitive in the global sports-car market Last week, General Motors Design on Instagram shared these three photos showing a 1963 Corvette that never was and while many other outlets have run the photos, none yet have detailed why the four-seater Corvette was killed. Thanks to an old interview with designer Larry Shinoda, we have the answer Make: CHEVROLET, Model: CORVETTE STINGRAY W/2LT, Year: 2021, VIN: 1G1YB2D41M5116802. Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic Coupe 6.2L V8 16V GDI OHV Gasoline. Auction records, sale price, photos. See all previous sales and condition of the car. Check full VIN report on BADVIN