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How To Use Trundled In A Sentence? One baby was born in a wheelbarrow as the mother was being trundled to the park by her husband. Desperately he flung open the door and trundled his motor-cycle out to the street. As soon as his own was filled he trundled it up another series of planks to the roadway 4- Another show was broadcast from tram as it trundled around Melbourne.. 5- Some of the wounded were trundled out in shopping carts. 6- Suddenly from around a bend a wagon trundled toward him.. 7- For the last few hundred yards they trundled slowly behind a cab.. 8- The taxi trundled down unlit thoroughfares lined with sleeping bodies.. 9- He trundled along and thought to himself for the. Trundle in a sentence | trundle example sentences The barrow had ceased to trundle. They did not have far to trundle their loads. But there was also a single metal cot complete with trundle bed

Sentence Examples When she turned five, she moved from the trundle bed tucked under Muma's bed, to her own little room across the hall from Andromeda. Back in the car, we trundle down the cobbled laneway leading to the township. On the way back they'd spotted a car on a forecourt so we all had to trundle back over there for a closer look It's difficult to see trundling in a sentence. Faulkner hides trundle beds in window seats in some projects. Then they trundled back into the van and took off. Military transport vehicles trundle up and down the steep hillsides Trundled meaning and make two sentence - 25579531 bombalicious4958 bombalicious4958 13.10.2020 English Secondary School Trundled meaning and make two sentence 2 See answer

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  1. Examples of trundle in a Sentence Verb She trundled her suitcase into the room. The children trundled off to bed. Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The elevator doors open and shut and residents trundle by
  2. verb 1 (with reference to a wheeled vehicle or its occupants) move or cause to move slowly and heavily, typically in a noisy or uneven way. no object, with adverbial of direction 'ten vintage cars trundled past
  3. [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] (to cause something) to move slowly on wheels: She trundled the wheelbarrow down the path. Hundreds of trucks full of fruit and vegetables trundle across the border each day
  4. B) Find the meaning of the words from the dictionary and make a sentence of your own for each of them. 3 marks trundled; dialect; alighted
  5. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dawdler | Dawdler Sentence He had been called a dawdler and a trifler and a do-nothing

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1 (with reference to a wheeled vehicle or its occupants) move or cause to move slowly and heavily. no object, with adverbial of direction 'ten vintage cars trundled past'. More example sentences. 'we trundled a wheelbarrow down to the river and collected driftwood'. 'Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to trundle around in. Sentence Examples He would often visit them on the weekends and constantly fretted about their well-being. Her parents and relations fretted over her for days as she lay in bed, burning with fever. Let us also hope for a long silence to descend upon the thuggish bigmouth who has strutted and fretted his hour upon the stage for far too long To carry, convey, or cause to move, especially in a vehicle: His mother had trundled him off to Sunday school... right up to the time he was ten (Tom Wolfe)

The formula is =DIRECTION (Cell Name, Number of characters to display) without the quotation marks. For example: =LEFT (A3, 6) displays the first six characters in cell A3. If the text in A3 says Cats are better, the truncated text will read Cats a in your selected cell. =RIGHT (B2, 5) displays the last 5 characters in cell B2 All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or that is described in the sentence. The verb is the action the person or thing takes or the description of the person or thing How to use trundling in a sentence She settled herself in the wooden rocking-chair, trundling the child to and fro, and murmuring a doleful tune. TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY GRACE MILLER WHITE These companies slept through the dot-boom and the dot-bust, trundling along as though none of it mattered 1. Money often unmakes the men who make it. 2. The house is at the end of a dirt/an unmade track - The slow moving people trundled down the street. At first glance you might think this sentence looks fine and dandy. But look again. Do I mean people moving slowly, or am I referring to people moving things; perhaps from my house to another? The hyphen, dear reader, stops this trifling confusion dead in its tracks

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Droll definition is - having a humorous, whimsical, or odd quality. How to use droll in a sentence Bed: بستر Bistar: a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep. Make up the bed Heavily To A Great Extent: کافی Kafi: to a considerable degree. He relied heavily on others` data Higher: اعلی پائے کا Aala Paay Ka: advanced in complexity or elaboration. Higher finance Low: کم Kam: less than normal in degree or intensity or amount trundle (verb) · trundles (third person present) · trundled (past tense) · trundled (past participle) · trundling (present participle) (with reference to a wheeled vehicle or its occupants) move or cause to move slowly and heavily, typically in a noisy or uneven way. (of a person) move slowly or heavily. Synonyms: push. roll. wheel. push. NOU Ponderous definition, of great weight; heavy; massive. See more

Percussive in a sentence. 1. On the piano such chords have a fine percussive effect. 2. Its special force of percussive tone helps to define musical entries and mark changes of tempo. 3. Yet beneath the percussive noise, you sense the conflict's essential squalor. 4 Breaking up a long sentence into two or putting in an em dash or comma will add that second of pause. For example, read this passage of a scene: Diane ran to the corner out of breath and trying to flag down the bus. But the moment she arrived at the bus stop, the bus trundled off with a loud rumble and left her breathing exhaust Sentence examples similar to. tons of mails. from inspiring English sources. Sixty-eight tons of mail in Washington are being trucked to Ohio for decontamination. We have tons of mail now, magazines and things like that, because they order so much stuff on the Internet 1 (with reference to a wheeled vehicle or its occupants) move or cause to move slowly and heavily, typically in a noisy or uneven way. no object, with adverbial of direction 'ten vintage cars trundled past'. More example sentences. 'we trundled a wheelbarrow down to the river and collected driftwood'. 'Plus, you get the added bonus of. trundle definition: 1. (to cause something) to move slowly on wheels: 2. to develop or operate slowly: 3. (to cause. Learn more

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Stake definition is - a pointed piece of wood or other material driven or to be driven into the ground as a marker or support. How to use stake in a sentence Only Hemingway Can Do Hemingway. An up-and-coming humorist learns a deep truth about A Farewell to Arms and provides ten ways to become a better writer. She took two cigarettes out of a pack and. Here's a Marge Piercy poem written out as a three-sentence paragraph: The rain that came down last night in sheets of shaken foil while thunder trundled over the Bay and crooked spears of lightning splintered trees is rising now up stalks, lengthening leaves that wave their new bright banners tender as petals, seventeen shades of green. Balmy definition is - having the qualities of balm : soothing. How to use balmy in a sentence Mocking definition, showing ridicule, contempt, or derision:Elsewhere along the parade route, small bands of protesters held mocking signs. See more

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It became impossible to make a sentence heard. A battery had trundled into position in the rear and was thoughtfully shelling the distance. The regiment, unmolested as yet, awaited the moment when the gray shadows of the woods before them should be slashed by the lines of flame. There was much growling and swearing What does the word trundled mean as used in the sentence below? Once again Tree-ear trundled the cart, this time along the river road, until he reached the digging area. What is move or cause to move slowly and heavily. 200 lavaliere in a sentence - Use lavaliere in a sentence and its meaning 1. The lavaliere reminded me that youth migrations are upon us, as students flock back to college. 2. Now the actors wear tiny lavaliere microphones, which record dialogue with remarkable fidelity but lose much of everything else. click for more sentences of lavaliere.. Example sentences: ( I ) By the way, Uncle George said before a flying purple monkey stole his head, one must keep looking up. ( II ) The mothball smelling, withered woman trundled after the helpless waif, while hissing, Food must be had on t..

See Exercise 5. Adverbs and adverb phrases and clauses of location are sometimes placed at the beginning of a clause, for emphasis. e.g. Here, the glacier deposited soil and rocks. On the way to school, she saw a robin building its nest. Wherever I look, I see signs of spring. In these examples, the adverb here, the adverb phrase on the way to school and the adverb clause wherever I look are. Find 145 ways to say TRUNDLING, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

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  1. They are used just to make sure the person you're talking to understood what you meant or to emphasize what you said. They're formed by using a positive sentence in the past progressive and adding wasn't or weren't and a pronoun (I, you, we, they, he, she, it) and a question mark
  2. We have two days to make it to Arizona and stop a god we don't know how to stop. And if we can't, we'll never see our dad or Amos again, and the world might end. That's the spirit! Bast said brightly. Now, let's have a picnic.. ― Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid
  3. Then we clambered onto the bus and trundled off home. Part 3. In narratives we could look for an 'action sequence' in the story to model to students how professional writers create a sense of dynamic action. Highlight the action verbs to show the action sequence allowing students to act out the scene

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trundling meaning: 1. present participle of trundle 2. (to cause something) to move slowly on wheels: 3. to develop. Learn more Avenue Sentences: An aroma opens on to an avenue. Palm trees line the broad avenue. We drove east along Brooklyn Avenue. My business address is Fifth Avenue. There was only one avenue open to him. I met her by accident on Third Avenue. The streetcar trundled down the avenue. They walked along the avenue, arm in arm Faced with the prospect of a 15-year prison sentence for murder, the justice system should have bowed to him and trundled off to hold lesser mortals accountable for their actions Sentence. Question. Close. 1. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Sentence. Question. Does this sentence make sense? Sagen sie das können bitte noch einmal? I don't know where to put the das.

Find 30 ways to say UNBURDEN, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus luminous. softly bright or radiant. The twins watched anxiously and Piggy sat expressionless behind the luminous wall of his myopia. p.169. talisman. a trinket thought to be a magical protection against evil. By him stood Piggy still holding out the talisman, the fragile, shining beauty of the shell. p.180. acrid See also: Greengage. 1. Greengage Agritech are agricultural technology experts working to improve animal welfare and productivity while reducing operational costs in precision livestock farming. 2. Greengage is a business travel and corporate events agency with sustainability at the heart. 3 Again, not true. One version of Pope Urban II's speech at Clermont in 1095 urging French warriors to embark on what would become known as the First Crusade does note that they might make spoil of [the enemy's] treasures, but this was no more than an observation on the usual way of financing war in ancient and medieval society Make sure students are using the words correctly in the sentences and in the order given. Also make sure students are creating a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Collect and review students' sentences from the Possible Sentences strategy after reading the story to determine if they used the vocabulary correctly and if their.

THROUGH THE WINDOW of the bus he watched the sun, glowing palely above the leafless branches of the elms and beeches. He was wondering how he would paint the sharp winter light, when the bus rounded a bend. A bright parenthetical shape appeared beside the sun. Something's happened, he thought. He. 28+2 sentence examples: 1. He has already sawn the branches up; now we have plenty of firewood. 2. The tree had to be sawn down. 3. That dead branch ought to be sawn off. 4. All the trees have been sawn up into logs. 5. The tree was cut down and saw Find 66 ways to say NONCHALANT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Ms. Bruenig is an Opinion writer. Dec. 17, 2020. TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — On Thursday evening, I sat in the lobby of a Marriott hotel in Terre Haute, Ind., as Shawn Nolan and Victor Abreu tried to. Find 32 ways to say GLIDE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

tidily. in a sentence. The finger section would be folded in and kept away tidily. If I could wrap this up tidily, I would. Two pairs of in-line skates rested tidily on the floor. I was driving quite tidily but just got caught out. But, of course, meiosis doesn't work so tidily. When their time had elapsed, they tidily trundled out, full of wonder Why rock's bed-hopping beauty wished she'd been born a man: 'Super-groupie' Nico - who had affairs with Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Jim Morrison - ended up in drug-addled squalor after her dazzling. Think of it as putting a period at the end of a sentence. A cheese course is a great partner for sweet white wines, such as late-harvest rieslings, sauternes or even moscatos Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman - Kindle edition by West, Lindy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman Use 'trunk' in a sentence | 'trunk' example sentences. 1- A power trunk opener was still optional. 2- Many large airports are located near railway trunk routes. 3- This trunk also sports four tail lights. 4- That great trunk is still full of life. 5- The trunk is very strong and flexible. 6- trunk wounds create opportunities for.

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'trundled':. Break 'trundled' down into sounds: [TRUN] + [DUHLD] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.; Record yourself saying 'trundled' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily Translation for 'trundle' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations

Hello, Janissary, 1. If a clause begins with a negative adverb, inverted word order must usually be used, with the subject following the Simple Present or Simple Past of the verb to be, or the first auxiliary.In the case of the Simple Present or Simple Past of any verb other than the verb to be, the auxiliary to do must be used. This construction is summarized below, followed by examples Text Completion Practice Test 18 - GRE Verbal Reasoning. The library wing was first conceived merely as (i) _________ to address the problem of book overstock until a more permanent solution could be found. Ironically, it was the flimsy nature of the wing itself that attracted such architectural interest and ultimately led to its canonization. 4 .DIRECTIONS (Qs.4-10) : Look at the underlined part of each sentence. Below each sentence, three possible situations for the underlined part are given. If one of them (a), (b) or (c) is better than the underlined part, indicate your response on the Answer Sheet against the corresponding letter (a), (b) or (c) d. re-reading what they have written to check it makes sense 3. Wednesday: Write long descriptive sentences using correct punctuation . Make sure chn have the pictures they drew yesterday describing where they imagined they might live. Choose one child from the group to write a sentence about this on the f/c, using the same pattern as in the. Quotes tagged as artificial-intelligence Showing 1-30 of 502. What chilled my blood was a felt marker outline of a woman on the wall. Hands above the head, where there was a hook, then below the shape of the head, a neck strap. Then a waist strap, and two ankle clamps. The silhouette gave me no doubt that Gina had been confined here

In any case, Sandeep is never going to make it as the poster boy for lasting Facebook relationships. But as time and that tantalizing experience called life trundled on, a healthy respect (grudgingly, if ever) was admitted for the mind-boggling realms this man's mind and words traversed Damned lies and idiots. By palmd on December 30, 2009. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is reportedly a doctor, although according to her website, she no longer practices medicine in any recognizable way. Repeating ideas, phrases, and words can be very effective in presentations and performances and is often used for emphasis. Repetition can also help the audience make connections. As well, repeating words, phrases, and ideas three times (or using a triad) is an effective technique on its own. clos

Sentence forms (only where they are used to . enhance. language choice) (8 marks) 03. You now need to think about the whole of the source. This text is from chapter 1 of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. How has the writer structured the text to interest you as a reader? You could write about: What the writer focuses your attention on at the beginnin Given popular usage, it undoubtedly is, as is the alternate but prevailing usage, I guessed (that) it was him. Only an obtuse pedant would object to either. How and why it is is still an open question (or can of worms) in the field of syntax on. Welcome to the Community Centre ! Programs Run TUES & WED 1860 Division Rd N, Kingsville, ON N9Y 2Z In May 1887, a band of thieves ambushed Chinese-immigrant gold miners in remote Hells Canyon. They shot to death at least 34 miners, hacked up the bodies with axes and tossed the remains into the.

The History Learning Site, 16 Mar 2015. 11 Jul 2021. Roman baths were part of the day-to-day life in Ancient Rome. Bath in Somerset, contains one of the best examples of a Roman bath complex in Europe. There are two good examples at Pompeii. The baths at Bath. Roman houses had water supplied via lead pipes Don't finish that sentence, Judy interrupted, moving forward while pushing the stroller which she could barely see over. Larry and Gary, trundled out. They waved, with Gary smiling and waggling his fingers at the babies in the stroller, getting a giggle out of both kits. Judy and Nick quickly jumped into the elevator, pressing the button. The ellipsis, a favorite way of leaving sentences meaningfully open during the period when Impressionism became a commercialized mood, suggests an infinitude of thoughts and associations . . . Dashes now, he said, did not bridge phrases, but feign a connection. Language, a deflated Adorno mourned, was being punctuated beyond repair T he story of The Handmaid's Tale is a fairly simple dystopian one: A young woman is re-educated by the new totalitarian (and Christian) government regime to be a childbearing surrogate for the wife of a high-ranking military official. She tells her story after the fact, a narrative recorded on audio tapes found years later in someone's attic. Her name is Offred, literally of Fred, having.

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This tag is for questions about punctuation. This encompasses marks such as the period/full stop, comma, dash, and parentheses, used to separate structural units and perform other roles that clarify the meaning. USE THE 'SYMBOLS' tag for currency symbols, accents and so forth. Learn more 14. Jon Snow's parentage revealed. Season 6, Episode 10 The Winds of Winter. There were a lot of viscerally shocking moments in this episode, from the Great Sept blowing itself to shreds to poor.

In Daily Lives of High School Boys, the Literature Girl hijinks towards Hidenori started by her projecting the image of the boy to him. The boy in her stories was a solitary, introverted otaku— the problem is, Hidenori is not.; At its core, Steins;Gate is about a pair of nerdy virgin tsundere 2channers who fall in love as they argue over theoretical physics, prevent SERN's future. 3330970 You made a profit.CK 1 2293500 I barely make any profit now. CK 1 1093865 Tom had a share in the profits.CK 1 239384 A wise man profits from his mistakes. CK 1 2031370 Tom wants a better percentage of the profits.CK 1 3045735 Let's split the profits. sharptoothed 2784498 They netted a good profit. sharptoothed 2259363 The profits were very high. _undertoad 2543941 Tom works for a non. Lynn's Comments: I do feel that a writer must also be an entertainer. This is why there is structure in a sentence, and cadence in dialogue. I soon discovered that poetry is an essential ingredient in writing- especially as it applies to comic strips wherein the reader has less than 30 seconds to visually ingest an idea

(Short-lived organic materials make for the most reliable samples.) Another volunteer, wearing a billowy dress over sweatpants, trundled by with a loaded wheelbarrow that nearly tipped over The sentence is future tense, not past tense. If it was in past tense it would be: He passed out when he got home. Emery on August 01, 2009 1:03 am. I get the change to present tense and the heroes passing by the village, but what if the heroes are stationary? The carriage trundled past the heroes o 26 December 2014 was one of the more eventful days of Chris's life, certainly since graduating high school.Essentially 28 October 2011 all over again, the date found Chris in trouble with the law once more for assaulting staff at a video game store, this time with pepper spray. On 15 October 2015 he was finally found guilty of a misdemeanor charge, and received a six-month suspended sentence.

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So as you can see, there's some repetitiveness, a lot of half-formed thoughts and sentences, etc. Stay tuned for day three and four as I continue to work this into a chapter which will eventually make sense and hopefully read smoothly and plenty of breaks (***) where I still need to make connections and smooth the transitions and fill in. Stymied - stop or block Sentences using my classmate's definitions 1. Trundled - My dad's car trundled through the driveway near the school. 2. Commandeered - A student in the class commandeered his classmate to find a seat for him in the auditorium. 3. Corruption - People are talking about the corruption in the city government. 4 In a sentence, every feature be sharpened. The math that makes this all work is extremely complex, but like DLSS, the main idea of RIS is simple: Make games running at lower resolutions look as close to, or just as good as, a resolution tier above it. As DLSS has steadily trundled forward in support, AMD has been in the wings, watching. It wouldn't take many changes to make it clearer that this was an earlier structure. As it is now, the 1848 bridge is mentioned in the section on Ellet. Perhaps all that is needed is to divide that section and make a heading for the 1848 bridge. -- ☑ SamuelWantman 20:35, 4 October 2008 (UTC

Passage adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, 1883.. 1 Well, then, said he, this is the berth for me. 2 Here you, matey, he cried to the man who trundled the barrow; bring up alongside and help up my chest. 3 I'll stay here a bit, he continued. 4 I'm a plain man; rum and bacon and eggs is what I want, and that head up there for to watch ships off. 5 What you mought. Lieutenant Duke Detain: Captain, I think I've got an idea of what's happening here. Captain Tom Bennett: Good, Lieutenant.We heard something about a movie promotional stunt going wrong. Let's hear your report. Duke: Yes, sir.So, my childhood, lion cub, imaginary best friend, Cubby, has reappeared as a 200 foot anthropomorphic balloon monster bent on randomly destroying the city while very loud. Irish performer Rory O'Neill, also know as Panti Bliss, has shared the terrifying experience of his HIV diagnosis, explaining AIDs is no longer a death sentence. Rory, 52, remains HIV positive.

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boatswain a ship's warrant officer or petty officer in charge of the deck crew, anchors, boats, etc. (pronounced and often spelled bosun). booms spars extending from the masts to hold the bottoms of the sails outstretched. broom any of a group of flowering shrubs of the pea family. buccaneer a pirate, a sea robber And yet, in 2014, Berk was ordered to take a six-month leave of absence after publishing a memoir in which he disparaged certain members of the group, as well as stars that had trundled through. Game of Fate Chapter 2, a Fate/stay night + A song of Ice and Fire Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. The cart trundled down the Kings Road with a clop of hooves striking stone, Madeline holding the reigns of the ass pulling it who carried on at the same leisurely pace it always did when it had when it had pulled the cart for the rest of her. Kafka began to write The Trial in August 1914, as the guns of Europe were being trundled up to the front line, and only weeks after the engagement-party debacle in Berlin and the subsequent. In a sentence, every feature make a game look even better than it does at native resolution, As DLSS has steadily trundled forward in support, AMD has been in the wings, watching for its.

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Elevation is an antidote to our divisive culture, an elegant whisper of a story ( Kirkus Reviews, starred review), perfect for any fan of small towns, magic, and the joys and challenges of doing the right thing ( Publishers Weekly, starred review). Elevation CHAPTER 1 Losing Weight. Scott Carey knocked on the door of the Ellis condo. Brownish gray shell criss-crossed with scratches. Stumpy, scaly hind feet and forelimbs. Its head disappeared into his shell but then quickly poked out again, bobbing up and down. It charged forward, rammed into my shoe, then turned and trundled across the carport, ramming my bicycle and car tire Get free homework help on William Golding's Lord of the Flies: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. In Lord of the Flies , British schoolboys are stranded on a tropical island. In an attempt to recreate the culture they left behind, they elect Ralph to lead, with the intellectual Piggy as counselor

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Houseparty 1972-1981, ITV - Southern Television. Schools programming was predominantly in the morning - I seem to remember that House Party was an afternoon show, 2 or 3 pm I think. That would make sense. It's hard to believe in todays 24 hour society that TV used to have such restricted hours. Schools programming was predominantly in the. The last-but-one letters of the opening sentence will spell out the name of a city outside Germany which you can reach fairly easily. Prague, perhaps, or Cracow. You will spend the last weekend of the month in that city, and be sure to make your hotel reservation at least a week in advance. Once you are there, someone will contact you

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As he finished the sentence, two F-22s screamed out from the canyon behind us. They flew a few hundred feet over our heads, then flicked down lower, carving into the folds of the land sentence the children trundled the bike to the road. innocuously. definition harmless figure of speech adjective synonym safe antonym dangerous sentence the kids walked through the innocuously town and were offered ice cream. stature. definition Level of achievement figure of speech nou