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  1. The force of the explosion tore the boiler from the frame and cylinder connections and it was thrown upward and forward. The boiler struck on its front end on the rails of the eastbound track approximately 440 feet ahead of the point of the explosion, then rebounded
  2. A boiler explosion is a catastrophic failure of a boiler. There are two types of boiler explosions. One type is a failure of the pressure parts of the steam and water sides. There can be many different causes, such as failure of the safety valve, corrosion of critical parts of the boiler, or low water level
  3. A n awful example of the destructive force of an exploding steam boiler was recently had in the explosion of a Missouri, Kansas & Texas locomotive boiler in the little town of Smithville on the Colorado River in Texas. On February 8, a switch engine was brought from the shop after being thoroughly overhauled
  4. Despite rumors of sabotage due to labor troubles, The type of explosion that occurred was typical of what occurs when a boiler is heated with low or no water and then water is suddenly introduced..
  5. Required notice of a boiler explosion to be sent to the Board of Trade within 24 hours of occurrence and established inquiry authorizations 1884: ASME Boiler Testing Code: Safety Standard United States: The Code for the Conduct of Trials of Steam Boilers, the first U.S. code for conducting boiler tests, is issued 1890: Boiler Explosions Act, 189
  6. The tragic event occurred when a boiler on one of the huge switch engines exploded from massive steam pressure at the large MK&T Railroad roundhouse facility on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1911 at about 2:10 p.m. I am unaware of any greater tragedy that has befallen this city, said Bruce Blalock, railroad historian and a member of the James
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The excursion train was delayed 45 minutes until a diesel could be connected to complete the train's trip. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that the explosion occurred because the crew had allowed the water level in the boiler to drop too low, causing the boiler's crown sheet to fail Ben Motantes shared and Steve Gorham shared a Steampunk Tendencies post of 23 photos with the comment: Bizarre Vintage Photos Of Steam Engines After A Boiler Explosion From The Late 19th And Early 20th Centuries. A Picture is Worth 1000 Words posted a collection of 23 photos. I did not analyze if it is the same set of photos but in a different order Date: 02/10/11 23:15. Re: Cab Forward boiler explosion in 1941. Author: TonyJ. Photo #7 - The boiler is now on a flatcar; probably at Watsonville Junction. Looking into the rear of the firebox you can see twisted staybolts and the rear flue sheet. Photo #8 - Another view of the running gear Explosion Occurs As Train Reaches McDunn Victims Employes of Koppers Operation On Armstrong Creek By Hamilton Faron Associated Press Staff Writer. POWELLTON, Dec. 27 - (AP) - Mauled and torn beneath a locomotive boiler that hurtled high into the air after an explosion, 16 men are dead and 43 others in a hospital tonight - eight likely to die In May of 1894 many people living in the town of West Bay City were terrified by the explosion of a boiler in the local planing mill. Buildings in the area were badly shaken up and the sidewalks of buildings nearby were littered with the glass from broken windows. The mill itself was wrecked and the boiler blown into 4 pieces

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recommendations to the Federal Railroad Administration, the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and the Tourist Railway Association, Inc. The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent Federal agency dedicated to promoting aviation, railroad, highway, marine, pipeline, and hazardous materials safety CP 1278 crown sheet fails during a return trip on the Gettysburg railroad. I own nothing The Best Friend of Charleston was a steam-powered railroad locomotive widely considered the first locomotive to be built entirely within the United States for revenue service. It produced the first locomotive boiler explosion in the United States

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On June 16, 1995 Gettysburg Railroad 4-6-2 #1278 had a minor boiler explosion severely injuring the crew. An investigation from the national transportation s.. Tucker suggests the explosion was the cause of double-boiling. The type of explosion that occurred was typical of what occurs when a boiler is heated with low or no water and then water is.. I claim no ownership of the information, photos, or music in this video. Most of the information came from a Chillicothe Gazette newspaper article. This is a..

Jun 28, 2017 - Explore Kevin Rackham's board Boiler explosions on Pinterest. See more ideas about boiler, train wreck, steam boiler On Friday, June 16, 1995, at Pond Road at milepost 18 and a mile later at 7 p.m. at Garners while moving at 15 miles per hour, 1278 suffered a backdraft explosion in the firebox. Scalding steam and flames burned three members badly with the engineer suffering the worst, as he had burns over 60% of his body It was a boiler explosion on the paddle wheeler The Sultana in 1865 that killed around 1,200 returning Union P.O.Ws. that led to standards of boiler construction and the adoption of the ASME code. The company called The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company where I used to work was instrumental in getting strict safety. What is a boiler explosion? There are actually two types of ways a steam locomotives' boiler can explode - the first is when is parts of the train connected with steam and water fail under pressure (this is a boiler explosion) The second type is when the explosion is to do with the fuel and air parts of the locomotive - this is more.

Escambia Railway engine number 4 boiler explosion (1911) Image Number: N038697. The boiler exploded because of low water and a defective safety valve. It exploded near the commissary of Alger-Sullivan lumber camp number 8. The crew was off the engine, so there were no injuries. The train's bell was found over a mile away Correspondence of the Baltimore Patroit. RAILROAD BOILER BURST. Sykesville, March 20, 1845. Thursday morning, 10 1/2 o'clk. We met with a sad accident on the arrival of the Western train of cars at this place from Baltimore, an hour since, although fortunately, and as it seemed by an over-ruling Providence, no lives were lost, and no one dangerously wounded THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE EXPLOSION: A SOCIO-HISTORICAL EXAMINATION OF A TRAGEDY . BY. FARRELL L. TUCKER. INTRODUCTION. The following is an examination of the circumstances surrounding the great locomotive boiler explosion that occurred at the Southern Pacific Roundhouse in San Antonio, Texas It's the stuff of legend. A labor strike, a train, a catastrophic blast that left carnage in its wake. Aftermath of the March 18, 1912 train explosion in San Antonio. What is now the Eastside of. Boiler explosion! An old photo of a boiler explosion on a steam locomotive is found on the following site via Google: florida photographic collection; then type in NO38697; and NO38698 for a second view of the accident. for two views of the exploded boiler, attributed to low water pressure and a defective safety valve. ACLfan

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OR the infamous California train wreck that was caused when a non high seniority passenger engineer missed a railroad track signal when texting on his cell phone while working. -----A steam locomotive boiler explosion like the one in Belgium gives rise to the question about the overall condition of that steam boiler as well as the crew May 11: One of the most pitiful and appalling chapters of horror, explosion and railroad wrecks in the world's history was that of the paralyzing calamity at Harrisburg this morning at 1:38 o'clock, when the second section of Cleveland and Cincinnati Express, west-bound, on the Pennsylvania line, plunged into a wrecked freight train. Note today is the 25th Anniversary of Nevada Northern Railway 93's head on collision with a loose train car. 1995 was obviously a rough year for historic railroad accidents. Its fortunate that 93 is still in steam with us (I saw it running last weekend, 25 years later going strong!) Tails. Post subject: Re: Gettysburg Railroad Steam Engine.

The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum in Sugarcreek, Ohio, owns and proudly displays former Canadian Pacific 4-6-2 #1278, the steam locomotive that 25 years ago was involved in a boiler incident on the former Gettysburg tourist railroad. None of that firebox and crown sheet damage has ever been repaired, and probably will never be THE BOILER LET GO. Frightful and Fatal Explosion of a Locomotive Boiler on the Reading Railroad Near Schuylkillhaven, Pa. --- Five Men Killed and Others Injured, One Fatally. READING, PA., Nov. 15. --- A frightful boiler explosion occurred on the Reading road a short distance about Schuylkillhaven about midnight

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  1. Sep 24, 2012 - 1911 Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Railroad Disaster in Smithville Texas. Sep 24, 2012 - 1911 Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Railroad Disaster in Smithville Texas. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with.
  2. Gettysburg Railroad. September 01, 2005. The Accident: Steam locomotive 1278 with six passenger cars had completed two excursions and was preparing for a third and final excursion for the day. During a slow climb up moderate grade, the boiler exploded, seriously burning the engineer and two firemen. Presentation
  3. Regrettably, this incident also gave the Best Friend of Charleston another place in history, as the first locomotive in the U.S. to suffer a boiler explosion. After the incident the railroad salvaged parts from the Best Friend to construct the Phoenix, which remained in use until the start of the Civil War in 1861
  4. Gettysburg RR, 10-16-1994. Author: bigsavage. The Gettysburg RR in Adams County, PA. is much maligned by rail historians today because of its spotty safety and operating practices that led to the #1278 boiler explosion in 1995. However, during its 20 year history it was a great subject for a railfan photographer
  5. A most terrific locomotive explosion occurred here at 8 o'clock this morning. No. 229, belonging to the Central Railroad was blown to atoms while standing on the track near the bridge

Since there was little left of the train after the explosion, investigators had next to nothing to inspect. Tucker suggests the explosion was the cause of double-boiling. The type of explosion that occurred was typical of what occurs when a boiler is heated with low or no water and then water is suddenly introduced into the boiler, he writes Denver, Feb. 4. -- Twenty-five persons were injured today when the locomotive boiler of an empty Denver & Rio Grande Western passenger train was blown from its under-carriage in an explosion in the southwest industrial section of Denver The dangers of steam motive power was present no matter what the railroad application was, large or small, or even a construction company, as we see here. This tragic boiler explosion sealed the fate of Columbia Construction Co 3-truck Shay #1204 in the early 1940's. She was worki

When the train hit a level stretch, the water in the front of the boiler shifted to the back, hitting the hot crown sheet, causing the explosion. The explosion instantly killed the engineer, Clarence Sam Sampson of Macon, and the fireman, James Hollis Cannon, from Dry Branch suffer a boiler explosion. This event occurred on October 20, 1948, near Upland, Kansas and was apparently caused by an inadequate amount of water in its boiler. No. 9000 was donated to The Railway and Locomotive Histor-ical Society, Southern Califor-nia Chapter by Union Pacific Railroad in May, 1956. It ar-rived at East Los Angeles un

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  2. AWFUL EXPLOSION KILLS TWO AND INJURES MANY. PRETTY LITTLE RAILROAD STATION IN BRUNSWICK WRECKED BY BOILER EXPLOSION. The handsome little station of the Maine Central railroad at Brunswick, was badly demolished at midnight Saturday by an explosion, caused by the blowing up of one portion of the steam heating plant
  3. The explosion of the steamboat Sultana's boiler in 1865 was the cause of the largest loss of life in US maritime history. 2 Railroad passengers were rarely harmed by boiler explosions. It was the train crew that was almost always killed. 3 The impending disaster at the Southern Pacific Roundhouse, was to be the greatest locomotive boiler.
  4. A frightful locomotive boiler explosion oc curred on the Delaware Division of the Erie Railway last night, eight miles west of Port Jervis, resulting in the instant death of three men and the.

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There are many causes for boiler explosions such as poor water treatment causing scaling and over heating of the plates, low water level, a stuck safety valve, or even a furnace explosion that in turn, if severe enough, can cause a boiler explosion. Poor operator training resulting in neglect or oth It really is amazing that these locomotives were rebuilt. Al Staufer's Thoroughbreds has two photos of NY Central J-3 5450, one of the Dreyfus streamlined Hudsons, following a boiler explosion near Canastota, NY in 1943 on the 20th Century Limited Messages. 6,107. Bevan Price said: Sometimes, explosions occurred because train crews deliberately mis-set the safety valves to try and improve loco performance by getting more steam (at higher pressure) -- but the new setting permitted higher steam pressures than the safe pressure limit of the boiler Smithville was the scene of the 1911 boiler explosion - perhaps the largest railroad disaster outside of collisions or derailments. one of the men killed in the 1911 roundhouse accident. Eight out of nine railroad workers prefered the clean-shaven look around 1910. The third man from left (bottom row) appears to be considering sending a chisel.

According to information from George Elwood's Streamline Hudson Discussion, No. 5450 experienced a boiler explosion at Canastota, New York in September 1943. She was out of service for more than a year due to the World War II steel shortage, and when returned to service had lost her disc drivers and her newly assigned centipede-type tender SPANGLER was at the controls of the locomotive, the fireman was shoveling coal into the firebox and KELLY and BIEMILLER were riding in the cab. Suddenly something went wrong with the injector, a device governing the control of cold water into the boiler, the survivors said. A blinding spurt of steam hissed forth followed by a terrific explosion Boiler explosions are of a particular danger in (locomotive-type) fire tube boilers because the top of the firebox (crown sheet) must be covered with some amount of water at all times; or the heat of the fire can weaken the crown sheet or crown stays to the point of failure, even at normal working pressure The accident that brought the house down was with Gettysburg Railroad 1278. The boiler explosion occurred because of a wrong reading of how high the water was in the boiler. (a similar problem occurred at Three Mile Island a few miles away, and a week prior to that, in movieland in the movie The China Syndrome) The explosion was felt up to three miles away, according to a newspaper account. The blast catapulted the engine high into the air, and the 40-ton boiler landed 200 feet from the explosion site

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On June 17, 1831, it was the first American train to suffer a boiler explosion, which seriously injured its crew. Reportedly, a fireman accidentally caused the explosion when he closed the steam pressure release valve. US #2363 - Fleetwood First Day Proof Car The accident is the third within about thirteen months to occur on the Pennsylvania Railroad main line within a comparatively short distance. The first of the three was on the 22d of February, last year, when four men lost their lives near the Ehrenfeld station by the explosion of a locomotive boiler there on the track The railroad moved quickly to pay off all personal injury and wrongful death claims as a result of the crash, and memories quickly faded. Unfortunately, the fatalities and severe injuries resulting from this train crash did not stop the railroads from later staging more of these crashes - although there were no more boiler explosions. Between. FRENCHTOWN - This is a story of railroad passions. It starts in 1910 with a fatal train wreck west of Alberton, and again in 1973, when Bill O'Neill spotted the locomotive's boiler plate in. That action put Best Friend of Charleston in the history books again, this time for experiencing the first recorded boiler explosion on an American railroad. The explosion threw the engine 25 feet and killed the fireman. Best Friend was subsequently rebuilt and served as the Phoenix. But explosions became a recurring problem on the Charleston.

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The Bee LineThe Bee Line is our quarterly magazine of articles about Reading Railroad history and modeling information.Back issues are available for purchase as long as the supply lasts. A complete list of major articles in all issues since the beginning in 1979 is provided below Smithville was the scene of the 1911 boiler explosion - perhaps the largest railroad disaster outside of collisions or derailments. The railroading history of the town is preserved today in Smithville's Railroad Museum (which shares space with the Smithville Chamber) in James Long Park at the southern end of Main Street a flagman on fast freight No 59 Fast Freight No 59 was being pushed up the Mooresburg grade by P and R engine No 1091, a catawissa pusher when the engine blew up on Oct 26, 1921 Alvin died on Oct 28, 1921 from injuries sustained in the explosion killed in a Railroad accident (explosion) in 1921. Anna. Andrew SCHIRILK Railroad Boiler Explosion Group of 3 Trains. Card Mount Measures 8.5 x 5.5 Photo Measures 7.5 x 4.5 wiki: Please feel free to ask any questions before the bidding is over. The winning bidder must pay for their items within three days of the close of the auction or send email me if there is a problem with paying on time

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The train carried more than 300 men enroute to their work in a mine of the Elkhorn-Piney Coal Mining Company. The train had made its last stop of the trip and was preparing to again get underway when the explosion occurred. With a deafening roar the boiler reared into the air and crashed back upon the first car Ulster & Delaware Railroad The Only All Rail Route Through the Catskills Glenford Boiler Explosion MP 14 near Ashokan - August 23, 1930 . From The Ulster and Delaware . . . Railroad Through the Catskills by Gerald M. Best, pp 163-164 On August 23, 1930. A fearful boiler explosion occurred on the Tyrone and Clearfield Railroad on the afternoon of the 4th inst., by which three men were instantly killed, Engline No. 91 was pushing the train up the. A few years ago, while researching a boiler explosion that occurred on the Reading Railroad in 1930, I obtained a copy by mail of the 20-page Bureau of Locomotive Inspection accident report from the government documents collections at the Duke University library. A good university reference librarian may be able to find other places holding. The boiler explosion ripped No. 745 apart.The mangled engine cab flew 200 yards from the tracks, while the 80 metric ton boiler landed upside-down about 30 feet from the wheel chassis, which remained perfectly in place where the train stopped

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Here is a pic I found on the net involving a train boiler explosion in Florida. No other details were included. Looked to be a pretty nasty explosion. polaraman . Attachments. L7.jpg. 49.6 KB · Views: 2,313 J. Jim Jake Templin Guest. Feb 1, 2007 #15 Polaraman said The train is climbing the hogback combination grade and curves that contributed to a disastrous B&LE steam-engine boiler explosion in 1919. Randy Faris. Out-of-print . No. 215 Fall-Winter 2016 NJ Honors Fallen Servicemen with Diesel Dedications, Recalling a moving tribute. Joel Rosenbaum and Tom Gall Going to guess boiler explosion, those tubey things hold the hot gasses from the furnace as it passes through the water. Train got suplexed, pretty common occurrence. Spaghetti. They caught it during mealtime. A summoning gone awry. Cthulhu got into the steam engine game. This looks like a goddamn nightmare Post subject: Re: Gettysburg Railroad Partial Crownsheet failure 1995. Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:00 pm. Joined: Fri Aug 27, 2004 7:15 pm. Posts: 160. Location: Lawrenceville, NJ. Every summer I visited the Gettysburg RR and was ready to go again in June 1995 when the news came out that this happened

The explosion was blamed on low water in the boiler and deaths of three men.. Surprisingly, #1510 was rebuilt and placed back in service by the end of 1941. Photo Date: 12/31/1982 Upload Date: 7/4/2012 8:51:20 PM. Location: Hudson, PA. Author Browse 526 boiler explosion stock photos and images available, or search for fraud to find more great stock photos and pictures. wreck of a steam train - boiler explosion stock illustrations. Belarussian rescuers work at the site of a blast after a steam boiler inside a bath-house exploded in Minsk on April 28, 2011

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April 15 - Omaha NE - Two employees of a contract company ,Nebraska Railcar Cleaning Services, hired by GE Capital Rail Services were killed in an explosion while cleaning out a tanker car near First and Hickory Streets about 1:10 p.m. The force of the blast blew one man off a tanker car and to the ground, while the ladder shot out of the car. April 1968. Jim Thorpe, PA. On a bitterly cold early spring day Strasburg 90 (newly acquired from the Great Western) and High Iron Company 127 (ex-CPR 1278, later of Gettysburg Railroad boiler explosion infamy...thanks for confirming that Mitch) doublehead a High Iron Company excursion north out of Jim Thorpe on the CNJ

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Railroad Accident Reports. This summary describes selected records of the Interstate Commerce Commission (Record Group 134), the Federal Railroad Administration (Record Group 399), and selected records of the U.S. Railroad Administration (Record Group 14) in the custody of the Civilian Records Staff, National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740, telephone 301. The explosion of the steamboat Pennsylvania on June 13, 1858 is very representative of the dangers river travelers faced during the period. Steam boat history is filled with stories like it. During this era steam boilers the size required to run a steamboat were a relatively new creation At 2 pm on March 2, 1854, the power of steam incorrectly managed and harnessed wreaked havoc at the railroad-car factory Fales & Gray Car Works in Hartford. The explosion destroyed the blacksmith shop and engine room and badly damaged the main building. On March 3, 1854, The New York Times reported that Fales & Gray employed 300 people; a third of them were working in the part of the factory. Boiler Explosion The catastrophic failure of any industrial fired burner unit, whether boiler, heater or furnace, is absolutely preventable by the company. To prevent such catastrophe, usually resulting in death or serious injury, begins with careful planning and prevention

The Train now rounded a curve and reached a relatively level piece of track, about 1/2 mile above the Willey Station, Oscar reached up and opened the petcock to put some water in the boiler, a few seconds later, the locomotive exploded Two boiler explosions in more recent times in the USA come to mind with this thread. One was at Gettysburg, PA, and was a low-water explosion on a locomotive boiler. The root causes were a lack of consistent maintenance, lack of water treatment, and gauge cocks (supplying water to the level glass in the cab) were clogged shut with mud from.

Boiler explosions are catastrophic failures of boilers.As seen today, boiler explosions are of two kinds. One kind is over-pressure in the pressure parts of the steam and water sides.The second kind is explosion in the furnace.Boiler explosions of pressure parts are particularly associated with steam locomotives.Locomotive boilers are of a construction with a very small hand-fed furnace, a. The track rails at point of explosion were indented by the trailing truck wheels and the two rear pairs of driving wheels and the westbound track was moved approximately 5-1/4. feet to the left. At the point where the front end of the boiler struck the track rails were broken and badly bent and a large hole was torn in the road bed

An industrial explosion from a gas piping project kills four workers in North Carolina. A boiler-related explosion at a nursing home in Michigan kills five. An explosion from a power plant gas piping project in Connecticut also kills five. These tragic stories may have made national headlines, but every year hundreds more go overlooked I have seen ICC reports on boiler explosions. There was a big modern articulated on a long D&RGW freight (trying to remember the railroad) that passed a tower at track speed with the low water alarm sounding (heard in the tower) and then shortly afterwards.... BLAMO. Boiler landed 1/4 mile away, crew RIP. WWII era if I remember correctly I am the Director of the Certified Boiler Engineers for The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and have conducted an inspection of a boiler explosion of an antique boiler at Medina, Ohio. This inspection and evaluation was conducted at the request of the Medina County Sheriff, Mr. Neil F. Hassinger, and Lt. John Detchon Marysville Railroad Scenes. Date: 1870 - 1973. Level of Description: Coll./Record Group. Marysville, Kansas, July 10, 1947; 133) Photo of boiler explosion on the Union Pacific #9018, near Upland, Kansas, October 20, 1948; 134) Photo of the wreck of the Number 1 (St. Joe & Grand Island #30), Summit siding near Beattie, Kansas, 1925; 135-136. That explosion was the worst railroad boiler explosion in U.S. history. It occurred when the boiler of an engine in the Southern Pacific roundhouse blew up with the force of a bomb. The roundhouse was destroyed, and twenty-six people (not twenty-one as reported by the Record ) were killed

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Site of railroad boiler explosion on March 18, 1912, resulting in the deaths of over 26 people. Website for info - colfa.utsa.edu/users/jreynolds/Tucker/THE%20EVENT.htm The only good thing about it being #1278 was that the CP welded crown sheet design kept it from being a true boiler explosion. If it had been either of Gettysburg's other steam engines, it likely would have killed the crew and possibly passengers and that could have very quickly put the brakes on any operational steam engines SP/SSW - 4402 boiler explosion. [IMG] On Christmas Day, December 25, 1931, Southern Pacific 4402 had a boiler explosion at Richvale, California. It was a GS-1 class, 4-8-4, built by.. Toggle Full Record Boiler explosion, 2-6-2 1097 https://csrm.andornot.com/en/permalink/photocat1276