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  2. Feather picking is one of the most common behavior disorders seen in pet parrots, mainly seen in African Grey Parrots, macaws, cockatoo species, conure species, Eclectus Parrots, and Grey-cheeked parakeets. 1 Although less common, it is possible to see this condition in other parrots, as well
  3. This great revolutionary new product for feather pluckers, feather pickers and birds with behavior problems has been on the market since January 2005. Pluck No More for parrots is revolutionary
  4. Feather-Picking in Parrots How we can help Call 530-752-1393 to schedule an appointment with the Behavior Service or the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Service. Download PDF of this Feather-Picking in Parrots article Visit the Behavior Service website Visit the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Service website Feather-picking is a common and often frustrating problem.

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Feather-plucking behaviour (Figure 1) has a complex aetiology but with compassion and care, expert veterinary advice and sound husbandry knowledge, birds can gradually recover and feathers can grow back. FIGURE (1) Feather-damaging behaviour in parrots is caused by many factors Thanks for watching this video.Hope you like this video Topical bird medicine helps relieve skin conditions and manage skin abrasions and wounds. It's important to use non-toxic treatment for bird first-aid or feather plucking remedies because the topicals may be ingested as your bird preens. Does your bird pick at its feathers or skin

BOOST YOUR PARROT'S HEALTHY PLUMAGE with this Biotin feather plucking supplement, infused with vitamins, mineral traces, amino acids and calcium to support healthy, vibrant feather growth. Enjoy double the quantity of our competitors The most popular herbal remedy for the care of parrots seems to be aloe. One popular use of aloe is a topical spray to sooth the irritated skin of birds that engage in feather plucking. Dramatic results can be obtained with this protocol when used on parrots who are destroying their feathers due to an itchy condition of the skin

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  2. Another common remedy for plucking is the collar. This is a circular disc cut from a rigid material that has a slit cut to the middle with a circle in the middle a bit larger than the diameter of the parrot's neck. It is put around the parrot's neck and fastened, usually by tape, at the slit
  3. Among medical causes, plucking can be the result of changes in hormone levels or a fungal or bacterial infection of the skin or feather follicles, although external parasites (like lice) are extremely rare in captive birds. Non-medical causes depend on psychological factors and/or stress. Plucking is mostly associated with captivity

One of the best of these natural supplements is UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Herbs. Made from 25 nutritional loose herbs, just serve it up and watch your bird stop feather plucking, biting, screaming, and other anxiety-driven behaviors. UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Formul Pluck No More is a safe and natural homeopathic formula designed to stop feather plucking in birds. Water based, contains NO alcohol Lovebird plucking feathers due to hormonal issues He plucked off all this feather from his back to his neck. His previous owner took him to the vet and the vet said it was hormonal issues that caused him to pluck off his feathers as his little girlfriend was on eggs at the time If your African grey parrot is plucking out its feathers, then you're probably concerned about your bird's health. Excessive feather picking is a common ailment in African grey parrots. [1] X Research source The birds often do it in response to feeling stressed, depressed, and unstimulated Feather plucking may be an early sign of parrot malnutrition. Poor skin and feather health may be an early sign that your pet needs a Feather Plucking Diet, but malnutrition affects every organ in the body. And once the damage is done, it becomes progressive

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http://ParrotWizard.comHow to get a feather plucking parrot to stop self mutilating? This video contains my advice on how to help you resolve various types o.. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), is a potent extract that has antimicrobial, antibiotic, and anti-parasitic properties, useful for treating feather plucking related to skin infections and parasites My little parrotolet continues to pluck feathers from her stomach,legs and back. Her skin looks dry and she scratches around her head. I give her a few drops of olive oil each week, rub Neosporin on bald spots about twice a week. Don't see any mites, etc. Took her to an Aviary Vet - no advice Feather plucking is a common problem in Eclectus parrots, and one that should be addressed quickly. A bird who plucks for too long can make a habit of it and continue to pick at its plumage even after the problem has been treated. If you notice your Eclectus plucking, or if you see areas of thin feathers, call your vet as soon as possible Preening is a normal, healthy maintenance behavior performed to remove dirt, spread oil and adjust feather position to keep feathers healthy. Plucking is a destructive behavior in which a bird actively pulls out their feathers and that, over time, can damage the feather follicles and stop the growth of healthy new feathers

The Vinegar Cure: One bird owner was advised by her vet to spray-soak her feather-plucking pet bird with a mix of 1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar (ACV) added to 1 quart of water 3 times a day (2 teaspoon ACV per cup of water). This trick seems to work well with some birds Often, the early stages of feather plucking is mistaken for a molt. Parrots molt twice a year and feathers can look a little funky during this period. Molting is when birds shed old, worn, plumage with a fresh set. The most common molting periods are spring and autumn. It may up to two months for a full molt Feather plucking usually starts in adolescent birds or following some episode of stress (moving to a new house) Jealousy and stress. Malnutrition, which can lead to inferior quality feathers and dry flaky patches of skin that may irritate your bird. Over stimulating environment and long day for your bird (noise, music) Parasites such as ringworm Other symptoms include itchy skin and feather loss. Making sure your birds all have access to a mineral block will usually cure the problem, or a vet may recommend adding supplements to the parrots' water. Plucking Feathers. If a parrot starts plucking its own feathers, there's an underlying health problem Ask for a thyroid test. Hypothyroidism is a major cause of feather plucking in parakeets. Your vet can test for hypothyroidism by taking a small blood sample from your parakeet's wing. If it's found that your pet has an underactive thyroid, it can easily be treated with medication

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Corpus ID: 168166934. Diagnosing and treating the feather-plucking parrot @inproceedings{Mancinelli2019DiagnosingAT, title={Diagnosing and treating the feather-plucking parrot}, author={E. Mancinelli}, year={2019} Unfortunately, her feather plucking is just too stressful for me, and too time-consuming to manage and treat, and if she doesn't get better, I will sadly have to consider rehoming her. #2 10-22-2012, 05:49 PM ConureCrazy how to give parrot liquid medicine, is there an easy way to give a parrot liquid antibiotics During the consultation, a history was taken and the bird examined. It transpired that the bird had started to pluck feathers from its sternal region 2 weeks previously (after the owner returned from holiday). The owner was persuaded to permit further investigation of the feather plucking problem Feather Picking. Feather picking (feather destructive behavior) is a relatively common condition among pet birds which tends to predominate in African gray parrots, Quakers and various cockatoo species; however the condition can occur in any pet bird. Feather picking can often be frustrating to owners, and achieving a correct diagnosis and cure. You will find a wonderful range of products to help you have the healthiest looking bird around. Most birds and Parrots enjoy spray baths, and now many treatments, including those to cure skin complaints and improving feather condition, can be used in this form, giving your bird both benefits in one go

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Feather-plucking, excessive screeching, skin complaints, repetitive actions, and loss of appetite are all signs your parrot is unhappy or bored. So how can CBD oil help? It can calm your bird's feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, so his playful nature returns. It can ease skin irritation and pain caused by self-mutilation Feather picking is a very common and very frustrating problem with no single cause and oftentimes no solution. Putting Vaseline on your bird, however, is not something recommended by any avian veterinarian to solve this problem. Putting Vaseline on a bird is only likely to make more problems

Posts: 915. Number of Birds Owned: 2. Types of Birds Owned: green cheek conure,ducorps cockatoo. Flight: Yes. Top. Re: Self mutilation. by marie83 » Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:57 am. Sorry but your vet really needs to be running some tests on your bird, whilst cockatoos have the higher rate of plucking and self harm from psychological reasons it might. Health Articles / Feather Pluck Nutrition alone can have a major impact on feather mutilation in very many cases. If your bird is otherwise healthy try this before visiting the vet. The more we deal with feather plucking, feather picking and other forms of self-mutilation the more we find that many cases have nutrit Preening is a normal, healthy maintenance behavior performed to remove dirt, spread oil and adjust feather position to keep feathers healthy. Plucking is a destructive behavior in which a bird actively pulls out their feathers and that, over time, can damage the feather follicles and stop the growth of healthy new feathers Feather destructive behavior is a very complicated issue. Sometimes it is only caused by an emotional issue. In these cases, it is normally something that happens suddenly, and immediately following a change in the bird's life. However, more often there is a medical cause. Because that can take time to diagnose and treat, the feather plucking. Hold your parrot snugly. Get the syringe and place the tip into the left side of your pet's mouth. Push the plunger of the syringe to release the medicine. Make sure that the medicine is administered towards the back of the throat. Make sure to wipe excess medicine from your pet parrot's beak

We have one of the largest selections of medicines for Birds online. We have parakeet medicine, budgie medicine, parrot medicine, need medicine for lovebirds, we got it and many other avian medicines. We know when you have a pet bird that is sick you just want to get them better fast A parrot's feathers may turn grey, black, yellow, white, brown, or lose their vibrancy. Liver disease and Vitamin A deficiency are two common causes of feather discoloration in parrots. If the feathers only slightly dim in color, your parrot is preparing to molt. If it is getting medicated treatment or a stressful time, it may develop banding. Parrots can live for up to 60 years but get sick easily in captivity. Good nutrition is the single most important factor in determining the health, vitality and longevity of our parrots. Stress, pollution, prescription drugs, overuse of antibiotics contribute to the ill health of our pet birds Feather Plucking: Some Causes and Cures. By Jane Hallander. There's little to rival the helplessness and anxiety that parrot owners feel when they see their beloved companion birds pulling out feathers, as if it were a terrible compulsion. Many times a bird that has been given the best of care can start removing its feathers, all of a sudden ST. JOHN'S WORT o Contains hypericum, which has anti-depressant properties. o Often used as a natural substitute for Haloperidol in some feather-plucking parrots. o CAUTION: St. John's Wort could cause problem for parrots that live outside with access to direct sunlight. A study of sheep that ingested extremely large quantities of pure hypericum-perforatum and died of phototoxicity

Some bird owners have noticed that their birds over-preen themselves and even engage in feather-plucking during mating season. While this is a nesting behavior and considered normal, owners need to realize that feather plucking can become a serious habit in birds, and can even be a potential symptom of serious illness My parrots is been itchy lately, vet said it is new feather growing and he gets itchy but i look today and looks like - Answered by a verified Bird Specialist. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website

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  1. The Parts of Birds' Feathers. Feathers of a bird are made out of keratin. Here are the parts of birds' feathers: 1. Calamus- it's a hollow shaft in the feather that attaches the feather to the bird's skin. 2. Rachis- it is where the vanes are attached. 3. Vane- it is a flattened part of bird feathers that were attached on either side of.
  2. Always consult your vet if the plucking seems like it's not improve or your are concerned. What You Can Do To Help: This condition in your feathered friend can easily be treated and remedied. Take these simple steps to relieve itching and feather plucking and your friend will stay the happy and beautiful bird he/she was meant to be
  3. 68 JOURNAL OF AVIAN MEDICINE AND SURGERY Dr Seibert: Referrals are primarily for feather picking and self-mutilation, but I also see problems involving excessive vocalization, human-directed aggres-sion, fear and anxiety, seasonal reproductive behaviors. and failures to wean. Question; Which bird behavior problems, in you
  4. ars, I am often asked to provide a solution for feather plucking problems in companion parrots
  5. How One Person Stopped Her African Grey Parrot's Feather Plucking. Share. Congo african grey. I had a long conversation about 6 months ago with a woman that I had known for years from bird forums I was active on. I always looked forward to her posts because her perspective on life was so unique

If the bird's feathers become totally normal, we have a tremendous response to treatment. However, often we have only a partial response to treatment: 1) the bird may grow in more (but not 100%) of its feathers, 2) red ulcerated areas may heal, 3) the bird may be picking fewer feathers, 4) the bird may still look abnormal but may seem less. Parakeets may become stressed and feather pluck as a result of a change in their environment. Whether it is a new cage, new family member, or new food, think about any environmental changes that accompanied the start of your parakeet's feather plucking. Where possible, try to revert to your pet's normal routine to reduce stress 3) Plucking out feathers: The feather plucker is the most common type we see in practice. These guys will vary from the bird that just plucks a few coverts exposing the fluffy underlying gray down feathers (often over the top of the wings) to the bird that has plucked its entire body the loss of enough feathers to reveal underlying down feathers and/or bare patches of skin. Abnormal loss of wing feathers in a flighted bird impairs the ability to fly. Abnormal loss can be caused by the following: 1. Removal of feathers by other aggressive cage mates, or due to trauma. 2. Disease of the actual feathers, feather follicles and. The body is covered with feathers and the feather architecture requires normal preening by the birds to align the feather barbs for normal positioning on the body. During the process of preening molting feathers are naturally removed, often giving the owners the impression that the bird is pulling out the feathers

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See reviews for The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell, I brought my parrot here for a second opinion about her feather-plucking. I accepted the very long wait during the exam and inability to be in the exam room in person as part of COVID precautions. I accepted the high prices as just their pricing A journal published by the National Library of Medicine explains how parrots don't have carotenoid pigments that most other birds have. These pigments give birds their coloration. Instead, parrots have plumage pigments called psittacofulvins, which give a parrot's skin and feathers their color. They work in mostly the same way as carotenoids Keywords parrot, feather-plucking, feather-damaging behaviour and Smith, G. (2001) Non-medical risk factors for feather picking in pet parrots. Proc. Annual Meeting of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, p. 131. Google Scholar. L. R. (1986) Clinical avian medicine and surgery, including aviculture. Saunders. Google Scholar.

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Feather picking and self-mutilation in psittacine birds Jeffrey R. Jenkins, DVM, ABVP-Avian Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital, 2317 Hotel Circle South, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92108-3310, USA Feather picking and self-mutilation patients are challenging to treat and are most likely to respond if therapy is initiated soon after the behavior is exhibited It depends on what you mean by pull out. Birds molt a lot and what you mean by pull out might be your bird preening. The old feathers molt and the new feathers come in and I can see how you might think that it's your bird pulling their feather..

Feather plucking and other destructive behaviors are quite common in parrots. Some birds may excessively chew their feathers enough to damage them, while others resort to actually plucking their feathers out. Severe plucking can result in permanent damage to the follicles, so the feathers will not grow back. In the most extreme cases, birds will self-mutilate, causing bleeding, open lesions. Feather-plucking, sometimes termed feather-picking, feather damaging behaviour or pterotillomania, is a maladaptive, behavioural disorder commonly seen in captive birds which chew, bite or pluck their own feathers with their beak, resulting in damage to the feathers and occasionally the skin. It is especially common among Psittaciformes, with an estimated 10% of captive parrots exhibiting the. allo preening when one bird preens another bird. What can go wrong with feather growth? Baby parrots who miss even a half a day with their feeding may see reduced blood level of nutrients which may create stress bars on their feathers.. Feather plucking or self-mutilation can begin as preening that develops into over preening

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Prevalence and risk factors of feather plucking in African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus erithacus and Psittacus erithacus timneh) and cockatoos (Cacatua spp.). Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine , 23 (3), pp.250-257 Rico agreed to a photoshoot this morning. He has worn various iterations of these RicoVests, as I like to call them. I tweak the design each time I make one to improve it. The one he's weari We stopped the medicine in mid-March. Taedo continued to pluck and would get little open wounds from taking out the feather shafts, even to the point of bleeding. On May 25th we took him to our local Avian vet whom he had seen back in 2010. She has a different approach- stating that there has to be some underlying medical condition

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Affiliation 1 Exotic Animal and Wildlife Medicine, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Science feather-plucking parrots (Psittacus erithacus) D. J. Owen, J. M. Lane FEATHER plucking,the causes of which are thought to be var-ied, is a common problem in parrots. A number of physical causes have been linked to feather plucking, including infec-tions with viruses such as polyomavirus and irritation caused by mites and lice (Coles 1997) parrot. Feather plucking, feather picking or feather destructive behaviour (FDB) is one of the most common, and frustrating, reasons for which caged psittacine birds are presented to the veterinary hospital, with an estimated prevalence of 10% (van Zeeland et al, 2009; Gaskins and Bergman, 2011; Rubinstein and Lightfoot, 2014) If you have a parrot that is picking its feathers or mutilating itself — there is hope. In the video below Dr. Jenkins of the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital in San Diego, CA, explains why they pick feathers or injure themselves and gives his own time-tested treatment for the condition. The Chloe Sanctuary has 8 birds that are all feather.

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Please note: The EasyBird Complete Pet Supplement only has 2 days' worth of calcium in, split over 5 days dosage. The aim is to try and build up the calcium levels within your bird to help stop the nervousness and behavioural issues that can cause feather plucking. So using all 3 products together at the same time is perfectly fine In nature, a parrot who resorts to feather plucking would not survive, as they would get too cold and be unable to fly.Plucking of parrots feathers could happen for many reasons, including medical or behavioural reasons. More times than not, this behavior associated with parrots feathers is medical in nature, so a prescribed medicine will help. We know that some of these harmful behaviors are medical in nature. We also know some are quite common, as stated in the opening sentence in the abstract for Feather Loss And Feather Destructive Behavior In Pet Birds, by Rubenstein and Lightfoot in Journal Of Exotic Pet Medicine: Feather loss in psittacine birds is an extremely common and extremely frustrating clinical presentation Hormones strike twice a year in most parrots, spring and autumn, turning your bird from a gentle angle into a rampaging monster. Or so it feels! Upon reaching sexual maturity, typical parrots have a single driving urge: to find a mate and make babies. It is very simple, and yet also impossible for them. Hand-raise

Hi there! I purchased my green cheeked conure about a month ago. Not sure the age, but pretty sure he's under a year old. He's definetly somewhere between 5 - 8 months. His name is Pico, and we spend all day together. He comes everywhere with me and wants to be with me all the time. Recently.. This issue of plucking of parrots feathers is also exclusively an issue with parrots held in captivity as pets. In nature, a parrot who resorts to feather plucking would not survive, as they would get too cold and be unable to fly. Plucking of parrots feathers could happen for several reasons, including medical or behavioral reasons Medicine may block bird's urge to pluck feathers. 4/6/97. Dear Dr. Spiegel, Our cockatoo, which we've had for several years, has been displaying odd behavior. He has always been a feather plucker, but lately he has been pulling out his blood feathers. He screams in pain as he does it, but continues plucking until he goes to sleep Preening feathers stimulates the bird's nerves, lymphatic, and blood vessels (Traditional Chinese Medicine calls this the meridians and acupuncture points). Birds preen along their meridians to move the energy or Qi of their body much like people do with yoga, Qi Gong, and massage therapy In severe cases, the feathers may never regrow or take years to come back. Occasionally bitter liquids (i.e. Bitter Apple) can be sprayed on the affected area to try to dissuade the bird from picking himself. PATIENCE is very important when trying to solve feather loss problems in pet birds. SUGGESTIONS FOR FEATHER PLUCKING

2. Like tomatoes, they can lead to a buildup of irritating acid in the crop, which causes the bird to pluck to try to alleviate its heartburn. Blueberry loves cantelope juice and seeds. He also eats watermelon, grapes, fresh or cooked vegetables, particularly peas, eats beef and chicken, and fresh bread Overgrooming and behavioral feather plucking are among the most common reasons for a domesticated parrot to have an unhealthy array of feathers. Due to physical or emotional causes, feather plucking is a diagnosis often reached only after other medical conditions have been ruled out

The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine. PROVIDING CARE FOR EXOTIC PETS SINCE 2006. The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine (CBEAM) is an exclusive bird and exotic animal veterinary hospital with the expertise to provide compassionate, competent care for all species of non-traditional pets located near Seattle, WA Feather picking in pet psittacine (hookbill) birds is an obcessive, destructive behavior pattern whereby a bird plucks, amputates, chews or, in some other way, destroys some or most of its feathers that it can reach with its beak. In most instances, that means the head is spared!. A picked bird has great difficulty regulating its temperature, is prone to skin infection, systemic infection.

Introduction. Feather-plucking is a common presenting sign in birds. Underlying causes are often multifactorial, so diagnosis and treatment of several of the contributing factors may be necessary to produce resolution of clinical signs.It is best to rule out medical causes before diagnosing the feather-plucking as behavioral in origin, therefore a thorough work-up is indicated including a. Jayson, Stephanie, David Williams, and James L.N. Wood. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Feather Plucking in African Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus erithacus and Psittacus erithacus timneh) and Cockatoos (Cacatua spp.) Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine 23 (2014), pp 250-257 Sweet apple cider is the juice of the apple. When sweet cider is exposed to air for a few weeks it ferments into alcohol. This is called hard cider. Once the hard cider ferments (again) into acetic acid, it then becomes vinegar. The process is known as acetous fermentation and it occurs in 2 stages. The process begins when yeast (naturally. A bird may feather pick in response to decreased levels of mental and social stimulation. Causes of Feather Plucking. Conventional medicine sometimes dictates that for every disease or problem, there is a drug. So, studies and trials were conducted that resulted in many a companion bird sitting on a perch in a drug-induced stupefaction, and. Cockatiel Supplements - Parrot Supplements, Vitamins and Medicine For Cockatiels Best Vitamins, Supplements for Cockatiels and Pet Birds The Best Calcium Supplements for Cockatiels and Pet Birds Mineral Blocks for Birds - Calcium Blocks for Cockatiels Along with a healthy parrot food diet, Cockatiels also need to maintain the amount of vitamins and nutrients their food may be lacking

A Parrot can therefore, literally bleed to death from a broken blood feather. But you should also have such items as: a magnifying glass, tweezers, syringe and Pedialyte to re-hydrate a dehydrated bird. Other items to have would be sterile water, hand feeding formula and ice cream sticks too In Eclectus parrots and Lovebirds, early circoviral disease can present with self-mutilation making circoviral infection a differential in feather plucking. In Budgerigars, the disease is known as 'French moult', with birds from 4-5 weeks becoming depressed then showing necrosis of developing feathers Feather plucking is common in cockatoos, and can range from the occasional pulling of a bothersome tailfeather to full-on self-mutilation that leaves bloody scabs on your bird's body. Boredom is a common cause of plucking behavior, so increasing his level of stimulation can help. To curb plucking behavior, spend some extra time playing with. Feather plucking can frustrate and worry many bird owners. It is a major problem for birds, but is difficult to treat because of its many varied causes. The first thing you need to do is determine if your bird is really exhibiting feather plucking, and is not just grooming, preening, or molting Once feather plucking is diagnosed and medical reasons for plucking have been excluded or treated, a few changes in the bird's environment may aid in reducing the plucking behavior. Make sure the bird receives at least 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark and quiet each day

Please consult an avian veterinarian if your bird is chewing on feathers, plucking feathers, self-mutilating or has bare patches on wings, chest, abdomen or tail. Feather plucking is a complex behavior that can have a medical, psychological, environmental or nutritional basis Underneath it all, a bird looks like a plucked chicken, albeit a plucked chicken with personality! Make a commitment to treat your feather plucking bird, as feather plucking can be alleviated or at least controlled in many cases. Causes of feather plucking in companion parrots include: ETIOLOGY 5 It's also important for bird owners not to encourage behavioral plucking, especially if plucking is used as an attention grabber. Image from Northen Parrots However, in a study called Nonmedical Factors Associated with Feather Picking in Pet Psittacine Birds, published in the 2014 issue of Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery.

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parrots - are presented commonly with signs of feather damaging behaviour (also referred to as feather plucking or Each of these feathers is made up of keratin and can feather picking), which can have a variety of medical and basically be divided into a) a calamus, which is the behavioural causes that result in the parrot pulling, biting. Individual rubber fingers naturally and gently remove feathers dirt/grime from the skin of the bird. The chicken plucker is built to handle feather removal in as little as 10-30 seconds. Simply grab a garden hose, turn on the plucker, add a bird, spray water into the drum, and a few seconds later you will have a perfectly plucked bird, ready. In captivity, a plucking bird can be a sign of veterinary or environmental problems. It is also known as feather-picking. You might note your parrot chewing its feathers or going as far as damaging its own skin. Parrots can also pick at the feathers of their other bird companions Your bird has a sudden change in behavior. She is using her claws to scratch her head more than usual, she is rubbing her face on her perches and she has begun plucking feathers from under her wings. She appears itchy to you (the technical term is pruritis). Could she have a skin allergy Having your bird's feathers professionally clipped helps ensure that the right feathers are removed without irritating the skin. Improperly clipped wings can cause your bird to pluck or chew its feathers. In addition, inexperienced wing clipping can result in a blood feather being accidentally trimmed, a situation that can become life.