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Bring on the fun in the sun with extra savings on our top summer items! The Home of Your Dreams is Just an Overstock Order Away American Flag Patriotic and Veteran Cremation Urns for Human Ashes Adult for Funeral, Burial, Columbarium or Home, Cremation Urns for Human Ashes Adult 200 Cubic Inches, Urns for Ashes, Adult/Large 296 $169 9 Liliane Memorials White Funeral Urn Cremation Urn for Human Ashes - Hand Made in Brass - Suitable for Cemetery Burial or Niche- Large Size fits Remains of Adults up to 200 lbs- Petals White Model 1 Count (Pack of 1) 21 $10

Urn Burial in a Cemetery Cemeteries will typically require you to bury the ashes inside a cremation urn vault. This is a container that encloses the urn and keeps the cemetery grounds from caving in and becoming uneven as the urn breaks down over time. Learn more here: Using Burial Vaults to Bury & Protect Cremation Urns Urn Engraving: Many of our burial urns can be personalized through engraving directly on the vessel. Others can be personalized with a metal or wood plaque. Engraving may incur additional costs. Urn Shape: We offer a variety of shapes in our memorial urns, including traditional cremation vessels in vase, chest or canister styles. Plus, we carry.

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  1. Human cremation urns come in a wide range of styles made from different materials including marble urns for ashes, handcrafted wood urns, alabastrite urns, solid brass urns, cloisonné urns, ceramic urns, as well as biodegradable urns
  2. Shop for Cremation Urns in Funeral. Buy products such as OneWorld Memorials Ceramic Cremation Urn - Large 200 Pounds - Blue Cottage Flower - Engraving Sold Separately at Walmart and save
  3. This burial urn an elegant pattern in a beautiful shade of Mediterranean blue. You can display it as a memorial to your loved one or give it to a family member as a gift. It is also suitable for burial, and can easily be transported in checked luggage if you are travelling
  4. Protective Burial Vault Urns Urns that you can bury directly in the ground, which will be protected and preserved without an additional outer container. These cremation urns serve double duty, both as an attractive urn vessel to hold the ashes and a durable container that can be safely buried
  5. Metal urns and urns made from cultured materials are suitable for burial. Cultured materials include granite, marble, onyx, or custom blends of resin and filler that have the strength to withstand the underground forces which can cause physical stress to the urn over time. Grave spaces can also be used for environmentally friendly burials
  6. Funeral urns are available in many styles, colors, and shapes that depending on your needs and taste, range from simple boxes and containers, to elaborate bronze sculpture that can be displayed kept in the home or is suitable for burial at the cemetery
  7. Just like average adult urns, extra large urns can be used for many purposes such as displaying, burying or for scattering on land or on sea. We carry a full line of large and extra large urns. including urns for two people. Our selection includes urns made from wood, glass, ceramic, marble, brass and bronze. Urns for Two People→

Our skilled artisans have put wholehearted efforts to make each burial vault for cremation urns for burial, unique and extravagant. Thus, while you will have enough space to fit in a burial vault urn inside, these cremation vaults, the vaults for urns for ashes look great on the exterior. Cremation vaults by Divinity Urns are durable Cremation Urn for Ashes for Adults up to 200lbs Blue Funeral Burial Urns w Satin Bag for Human Ashes Options include medium-density, fiberboard urns, rock salt urns, sand urns or recycled paper and cardboard. Both the rock salt and sand urns are meant for water or sea burials and will dissolve in the water in a few days or as little as a few hours. Many full-size urns allow for maximum personalization Burial urns are typically made of weather resistant materials and are built to last for a very long time even when exposed to the elements. Your cremation funeral urn is going to be more decorative than a burial urn, and often isn't able to be buried without using an urn vault to encase it. Also available are smaller keepsake urns

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Other uses might include, using the urn as the focal point of the funeral, burial of the urn in the ground, bridgeable urn burial, burial at sea and other uses. For a more information about how to choose an appropriate cremation urn, visit our FAQs page. Items 1 - 10 of 34 Plus, we offer hewn out vase-style wood urns, orb urns, frame urns, round wooden urns and more. Third, you have many kinds of tree woods to choose from in our wooden cremation urns. We have an excellent variety of familiar and exotic woods in both solid and veneer, including maple, mahogany, walnut, oak, cherry, olive, burl wood, juniper.

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If you're looking for a cremation urn for burial, you will likely need to purchase a burial container to place it in or an urn vault that can be buried without damage. Please note that, if the burial urn will be placed in a cemetery or other facility, you may be required to have the name of the deceased directly engraved onto the urn The urn burial vault is normally sealed and will protect the urn from moisture and the elements For those who desire a more eco-friendly approach to burial there are biodegradable urns which can be used for earth burial or sea scattering. They are designed to disintegrate over a period of time if buried, or within minutes if released in the water

Our burial urns collection is dedicated to urns intended for burial by land or sea. It is important to know ahead of time when choosing a burial urn where it is going to stay. If it is going into a mausoleum then you may need to check with the cemetery for their requirements. If you are planning to bury the urn on your own property or in nature. Cremation urns provide families the opportunity to hand select a resting place the cremated ashes of their loved one. Beautifully crafted from a wide range of materials and finishes, funeral urns can be personalized to be a direct reflection of your loved one's life - from their passion to their personality and more Costco has taken great care to offer a selection of beautiful urns that will allow everyone to find something appropriate Urns, For Funeral Services From Crescent Memorial in USA. We sell URNS, Caskets, Burials, KeepSakes, Urns Vaults, Granite Cemetery, Flag Cases, Jewelry for Beloved, Porcelain for cremation, Family Mementos, Engravings, Stationary for Cremation and many more from USA

Biodegradable Urn for Human Ashes / water burial urn / urn for cremation / biodegradable cremation urn AmazingGraceUrns. 5 out of 5 stars (107) $ 49.00 FREE shipping Bestseller Favorite Add to Set of 10 / Biodegradable message leaves for scattering / beautiful ceremony for loved one / write a personalized message. Look for the urn description: WEATHER RESISTANT URN These urns can be buried in the earth or water, or left outside. For hundreds of years, burial urns have been used for containing the ashes of our loved ones to be buried. Throughout history, various designs of funeral urns were used according to the culture's art and rituals.Preserving the ashes of our loved ones in a container with.

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Burial urns are cremation urns that are made from cultured marble and are more durable than natural marble or granite and are typically allowed for burial in U.S. cemeteries without a burial vault. (Always check with your cemetery about their particular rules) Such cremation urns for human ashes can be kept on the mantle or the shelf in your living room. In fact, we also have cremation urns for humans to preserve in a columbarium or in a niche. We have biodegradable human urns for cremated remains that can be used for burial. Choose an affordable wooden urn box from our store The type of urn you choose depends on whether the deceased loved one desired land or water burial, or scattering of their ashes. Some types of natural cremation urns are made of materials that naturally disintegrate over a short period of time, and are the perfect choice for those with concerns about the environment

Companion urns are urns sized to accommodate the ashes of two individuals. Companion urns are a poetic way to honor the special relationship between life partners. They remain together forever, eternally Plus, stone urns can be buried without the need for an additional burial vault. When you bury a wood, metal, or ceramic urn, most cemeteries require a vault that will protect the urn and prevent the ground from caving in at a later date. Stone urns are durable and will not biodegrade over time, and thus serve as their own burial vault Our collection of ocean and beach themed cremation urns are for those looking to memorialize their loved ones in a unique and special way. From cremation boxes to adult-sized cremation urns to small keepsake jewelry, we offer a wide selection of ways to memorialize those who loved to spend time on the beach in the sun and sand.. Our designs feature things like sand dollars, ocean life, and. Legacy. Foreverence celebrates the lives of individuals through custom-designed cremation urns because we believe every life story matters. We're honored that you're considering working with Foreverence to create a truly unique urn for your loved one's memorial. Each custom urn is designed, crafted, and hand finished to achieve.

Cremation urns come in many shapes and sizes. The most traditional way to remember someone you love is a full-size urn that will hold the cremated remains (or ashes). Most people are familiar with vase-shaped urns, but funeral urn designs can be as simple as a beautiful box. The cremation box can be square or rectangle, tall or short The Natural Burial Company, founded in 2004, sells biodegradable caskets, coffins, organic shrouds, and ash burial urns to promote natural burial as a viable alternative for environmentally minded people who want a natural return to the earth when they die For burial or display in a beautiful timeless creation of individual, companion, scaled or keepsake styles. Traditional or green burial urns for humans or pets shaped from a wide variety of materials

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  1. Recommended Burial Urns. If you're burying without a container, you will need an urn material which is either sturdy and durable, or completely degradable (If you prefer a green option). As discussed above, a burial urn would be made of either metal, granite, or marble. Burial Urns Guide. Want to see some popular burial urns on the market
  2. Choosing a memorial urn is a totally personal and emotional choice, hence it is up to you whether you need a box-shaped container for storing the remains or a vase-shaped vessel. Memorials4u is a leading provider of funeral urns that have been providing quality products at affordable prices for quite a time now
  3. Beautiful Cremation Urns for People and Pets. Handcrafted Wood, Glass, Raku Urns, Bronze and Metal Urns, Double & Companion Urns. Silver Cremation Jewelry. Customer Service Call 800-511-0295
  4. Cemeteries have the final say in how many urns can be buried in a burial plot. Generally, the rule is that only one urn can be buried in a plot that is dedicated for cremated remains. However, there are some places that have a two-urn limit per regular size grave space, and even up to for cremation urns in other places
  5. Vase style urns usually have a threaded top or a compression top.; Wood cremation urns usually have a bottom panel which is secured by screws. Some wood urns open from the back or top. Cultured marble (manufactured marble) and natural stone/marble urns usually have a plug on the bottom of the urn. Depending on the urn, the plug is compression fit rubber plug or a threaded metal plug
  6. STAR INDIA CRAFT Cremation Urns for Ashes, Rosewood Keepsake Urns for Dogs Ashes, Funeral Urns, Pet Memorial Urns, Wooden Urn Box, Cat Urns, Infant Urns, Cremation Wooden Burial Urn-s Box (5 X 3 X 2) 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,077. 1 offer from $29.99 #34
  7. A lot of families nowadays choose beautiful cremation urn over a coffin and traditional burial service. Instead of having their loved ones buried, the preference is to have the remains kept in a decorative cremation urn. An affordable Cremation urn can help with the grieving process allowing you to offer a final resting place and keep their.

Purchase urn vault for burial from a place where you will also get elite customer-support Whether the wrong wooden urn box has been delivered or the burial urns for human ashes have been damaged in transit, help is just a call away. Our dedicated customer-support team will assist you in every possible way and will resolve your problems at the. A companion urn is a cremation urn that holds the cremated ashes of more than one person. The urns are also called couples urns and are designed to hold the cremated remains of spouses, parents, or even a parent and child. Most companion cremation urns hold approximately 400 cubic inches of cremated ashes (1 lb. of body weight = 1 cubic inch of ashes)

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Cremation Urn Vault Polymer Outdoor Burial Vaults - Extra Large Granite Grey. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 4 product ratings. 4 product ratings - Cremation Urn Vault Polymer Outdoor Burial Vaults - Extra Large Granite Grey. $94.95. Free shipping. 15 sold. Watch urns made of stone, such as marble or granite, and metals of bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel, are good choices. many wooden burial urns serve as permanent urns. permanent cremation urns are appropriate for interment, entombing in a mausoleum, or resting in a columbarium niche. Biodegradable urns. also known as non-permanent burial urns If you are not interested in purchasing an urn vault, consider burying the remains in a green burial ground, which does not require burial vaults or grave liners. Personal Advocacy. When purchasing a columbarium niche or a plot in an urn garden, be sure to ask for a full price list of all immediate and future charges If you require an urn for burial in a cemetery (in the ground or in a columbarium), or plan on travelling overseas, you will be able to find an urn for your needs in this section. We generally have all the urns in stock, or are able to have them to you within 1 to 2 business days

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Water solvable biodegradable urns are designed to be placed in the ocean and according to California Law must completely degrade with 4 hours. We have many of these in stock, since we have a vibrant burial at sea business. Each urn comes with a biodegradable bag to hold the cremains inside the urn. The biodegradable bag look like a plastic bag. In Canada, the consumer protection law protects you. You are allowed to purchase funeral items, such as wood caskets, metal caskets and urns, from a source other than your local funeral home. Funeral home cannot: 1. Refuse to serve you when you buy a funeral casket or related funeral merchandise that are purchased elsewhere. 2

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Urn Vaults. Cemeteries that have burial plots for urns, such as urn gardens, often require a grave liner called a vault. The price ranges from $100 to $400 and depends on the material used to make it. Concrete is the cheapest vault option, while you'll pay more for marble and bronze options. Companion Urn Vault MacKenzie Vault, Inc. Since 1897. We Provide Funeral Professionals the help they need for stellar service. MacKenzie makes beautiful and timeless cultured marble urns that can be trusted. Cultured marble is a safe and secure choice you can comfortably make with MacKenzie. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect

Then go on with the standard closing of the urn. Take note that there is a broad range of urns, so follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results. Unpack Bag and Transfer the Ashes to an Urn. Now, if the urn you bought cannot accommodate the bag due to its unique shape, you will have to take the ashes out of the thick plastic bag Burial Urn/Vaults. Acclaim Burial Urn Vault Regular Price: $195.00 Sale Price: $90.00 Regal Cylinder Burial Urn

The Eco Burial BioUrn® is a leading new eco-friendly way to bury the ashes of a loved one in a dignified way at their permanent resting place in nature! It can also serve as a beautiful bamboo cremation urn that can be kept indoors permanently or temporarily. This all-natural, proprietary biodegradable urn is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is simple and easy to use Wooden Urns for Human Ashes Adult by STAR INDIA CRAFT - Dark Brown INDIAN Rosewood Large Cremation Urns for Human Ashes Adult, Pet Urn for Dog Ashes, Keepsake Urns - Adult Funeral Urn for Human Ashes (Large - 9 x 6 x 5) 4.2 out of 5 stars. 4. $105.00 EARTHLY HOME Wooden Urn Box for Human Ashes, Cremation Funeral Urns Box, Decorative Urn, Pet Memorial Urns, Cat Infant Adult Urn, Keepsake Burial Ash Box-Medium (Style5, 7 X 5 X 3.75 inch) $42.90 $ 42 . 9 Welcome to Urns For Ashes. Thank you for taking the time to visit our store. We are a UK family-run business, supplying high-quality cremation urns & memorials from around the world, with a huge focus on serving you and your family as best we can. Every individual is unique and so having a choice really makes a difference A Wonderful Selection Of Burial Vaults For Urns In A Wide Variety Of Materials And Sizes The purpose of a burial vault is to house an urn and often required by cemeteries. A vault protects the urn from the weight of the ground and the moisture in the ground. A vault helps to protects cemetery aesthetics for many years to come

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Find cremation urns, pet urns, and cremation jewelry from Perfect Memorials. Explore our wide variety of memorial, burial, funeral and sympathy gift items. Call Us: 1-952-934-6393; Live Chat Funeral Urns for Peopl One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform

Size will also vary based on burial rates. Columbaria supply between 25 and 50 percent of the total cemetery burials. Columbaria may not be needed in regions with low cremation rates or at facilities with ample space for in-ground cremation burials. For visual balance, niches should be horizontally aligned between Columbarium units within a. KINKARACO® Green Funeral Products San Francisco CA 415-874-9698 kinkaraco@gmail.com www.kinkaraco.com In 2005 KINKARACO ® took the most ancient funeral object—the shroud—and transformed it into an affordable easy to use modern GREEN funeral product for funeral homes to offer people seeking green burial and cremation, replacing both clothing and caskets Urns can be made from different materials, for example: Wood. Stone. Ceramic. Glass. Stone. Ceramic is the most commonly used material for cremation urns. People often choose wooden urns for ashes if they'd like to display the urn indoors. Depending on the manufacturer, you might be able to add engraved inscriptions to a wooden funeral urn Having a pet cremation urn in your home is a way to celebrate all the love that both you and your pet had for each other. It provides the perfect resting place to commemorate this special relationship. At Cremation Solutions we offer a wide array of pet cremation urns for ashes, including wood, fine metal, ceramic and cloisonné urns Burial, Columbarium or Home, Cremation Urns for Human Ashes Adult, Urns for Ashes (Wild Horses, Small/Keepsake): Home & Kitchen,Wild Horses Cremation Urns for Human Ashes Adult for Funeral,Free Delivery on all items,Exclusive Web Offer,Get your own style now! Up to 80%

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The widest range of funeral urns for ashes - more than a memory. We make sure that all the cremation products we offer are made from the highest quality materials. We also pride ourselves for providing cremation products that have the most unique designs, colors and themes to cater to different styles. We carefully choose our manufacturers to. Wilbert offers a wide choice of cremation urns from traditional to contemporary styles and constructed of a broad variety of materials - ceramic, glass, metal, wood, cultured marble, biodegradable, cloisonné, stone and synthetic. Many urns can be enhanced with personalization including engraving and meaningful symbols reflecting the life of. Urn Guidance and Information on Funeral Cremation Urns For centuries urns have been a popular way to memorialize the dead, but they also have a wide variety of other uses. Urns are, in pottery terms, simply vases, and, like vases, they have been put to any number of uses besides the storing of ashes, the use for which, perhaps, urns are best known Custom Airbrush Cremation Urns. View a 360° video of our stunning one-of-a-kind airbrush cremation urn. Provide a few inspirational details or specific drawings, the end result is a beautiful piece of art memorializing your loved one. Prices vary based on the complexity of the design. Our gas tank, vase, and box style urns are suitable for.

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Marijuana Cremation Urn - Shamrock Green $132.95. [5] American Flag Bald Eagle Cremation Urn - Prestige Walnut $324.95. [3] Hummingbird Keepsake Urn - Purple Luster $32.95. [2] Semi Truck Cremation Urn - Gunmetal Gray $119.95. Motorcycle Cremation Urn - Midnight Blue $124.95. [1 Bios Urn®. Buy now. Learn more. The world's first biodegradable urn designed to turn you into a tree in the after-life. Learn more. The world's first biodegradable urn designed to turn your pet into a tree after life has ended. Learn more. My brother and I did keep a small amount of our mom's ashes. It was really nice to have that option How To Make Wood Animal Cremation Urns. With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can construct a Pet Cremation Urn Box, as shown here. Materials: 3/4 x 10 x 36 Solid Oak, or wood of choice: One Piece for the Base and Top; 3/4 x 6 x 36 Solid Oak, or wood of choice: One piece for the Front, Back, and Side

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No, but a final container for the remains is required, although it can be anything from a plastic bag to an elaborate urn. After cremation, cremated remains are placed in a temporary container. While this is suitable for an immediate storage, it is recommended to choose an urn that is designed for either shipping, scattering, burial, or long. SmartChoice. Classic Funeral Cremation Urn. Check Price. Bottom Line. Despite a few quirks, this is an affordable yet beautiful urn that proves you don't have to spend a lot for a dignified resting place for your loved one. Pros. An affordable urn with a simplistic, attractive design that comes in several colors

Metal Cremation Urns for ashes are made by skilled artisans that produce our quality collections of handcrafted cremation urns through metalworking techniques that have been used for centuries. Assisted by modern technology and manufacturing, the artisans create works of metal urns art that are functional as well as a tribute to a life well lived The patented Living Urn® is the leading tree urn (or burial pod) and the BioUrn® itself is made from 100% biodegradable materials that are all natural. Even the packaging of our cremation tree kit is made from bamboo which is a sustainable resource and an excellent choice as an eco friendly building or packaging material LegendURN offers double cremation urns that are designed to hold the ashes of two people. The companion funeral urns have 2 separate compartments

Classic metal urns are machine or hand crafted from both base and alloy metals such as steel, copper, sheet bronze, pewter and brass. These urns are finished using a variety of techniques such as plating, polishing, brushing and lacquering. Metal urns are durable and are appropriate for burial, niche of a church or mausoleum, scattering or home. A quality urn burial vault is vital making sure that your loved one's remains are protected and that their memory is cherished for years to come. You aren't alone in these trying times, and we are here to tell you that Loved Ones Urns offers a wonderful selection of top-quality urn vaults to give you the peace of mind and closure you. May 30, 2021 - Explore Clara Gift Garrett's board Burial Urns, followed by 283 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about burial urns, urn, cremation urns Is any urn suitable for in-ground burial? A: There are special memorial gardens where cremation urns can be buried. If you've decided to entomb an urn with ashes in the ground, it's recommended to choose biodegradable models, for example, wooden ones that won't harm the environment after decomposition Urn Vaults and Burial Urns (10) Urns By Stephen Canneto (7) Wood Urns (73) UrnsForCremation.com was established in 2007 and is owned and operated by MSPL Ventures, LLC. Cremation as an option for the final disposition of a deceased person has been around for thousands of years. There are important reasons why people today are considering.

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  1. A cremation niche is an above-ground burial space, in which a decedent's urn, containing their cremated remains, is placed and sometimes sealed. What are cremation niches? Similar to a mausoleum, there is usually a wall with recessed compartments for placing cremation urns permanently
  2. Wood Funeral Urns, Memorial keepsake, Decorative Boxes, Wooden Urns For Human Ashes, Burial Box 130.00 $ 95.55 $ Add to cart; Sale! Cremation Urns For Remain Ashes, Wooden Burial Urn, Wood Box 180.99 $ 149.00 $ Add to cart; Sale! Wooden Urn For Loved One, Wood Funeral Urns For Ashes 105.55 $ 79.99 $ Add to cart; Sale
  3. sales@UrnsForCremation.com. Or. Phone. (201) 931-1907. to check the availability of the Urns. Okay. This simple yet elegantburial urn can also serve asanurn vault. This burial container is a soft creme color with gold veining and is manufactured of ABS plastic with marble finish. Thevault is waterproof and will resist the elements for an.
  4. Wooden Urns for Human Ashes Wooden Urns for Human Ashes. We are finest manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler also Online Retailer of All Kind Wood Urn for Human Ashes. We have a wide range likewise wooden photo box, picture urns boxes, wooden companion casket, memorial wooden funeral keepsake for ashes etc. Company provides decorative wooden cremation urns for ashes, also available wooden burial.
  5. ZWJ-Funeral Urn Funeral Urn for Adult&Pet Ashes, Human Small Memorial Urns, Handmade Ceramics Keepsake, Burial Urn at Home or Cemetery, Dog, cat 12.5 * 12.5cm (Color : Blue) 4.4 out of 5 stars 18 £14.31 £ 14 . 3

Searching for a burial urn for human ashes that will hold adult human ashes while simultaneously not be an eyesore? Are you searching for a memorial cremation urn that will ensure that your loved one?s ashes are safe and sound? This SmartChoice decorative urn is a cremation urn for human adult ashes. This means that the urn can hold the ashes. In Michigan, is a casket necessary for burial or cremation? A casket is often the single greatest expense incurred after a death. The cost of a casket can range from a simple $500 box to $20,000 or more for an elaborate design. Some people prefer to forgo a casket altogether. Burial. No law requires a casket for burial Costco offers caskets, urns and sympathy flowers at Costco member pricing. Expedited and standard shipping is available in your time of need In Connecticut, is a casket necessary for burial or cremation? A casket is often the single greatest expense incurred after a death. The cost of a casket can range from a simple $500 box to $20,000 or more for an elaborate design. Some people prefer to forgo a casket altogether. Burial. No law requires a casket for burial

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Ohio Vault Works in Valley View, OH provides burial services and burial products. Products include burial vaults and cremation urns, as well as keepsakes, burial vault memorialization, and mementos. Ohio Vault Works also offers burial services for set up, tent, chairs, grave digging, and relocation/transfer Oct 15, 2020 - Together again, together forever. Companion urns are cremation urns which hold the cremated remains or ashes of two people, often a husband and wife. This is a beautifully symbolic way to represent the love you shared in life. Our Together Again and Soulmates wood inlay art companion urns are particularly popular; these two wooden companion urns feature wood art carved.

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  1. Learn more about Batesville's steps to plan a creamation. Your funeral director will help you select a casket/ cremation container, consider memorials, and set up a community gathering whether a simple tribute or a private farewell
  2. Cremation and Funeral Association Our cat urns offer a beautiful and unique way to commemorate the life of your beloved friend. Our cat urns are designed to portray the life of your friendly companion. You can also find cat urns that match the specific breed of your beloved pet. Each cat cremation urn can hold the entire ashes of most cats
  3. Find cremation urns, pet urns, and cremation jewelry from Perfect Memorials. Explore our wide variety of memorial, burial, funeral and sympathy gift items
  4. Greenburials.com A Research Resource of Green and Natural Burial practice and methods that offers smart, compassionate, Greenburials.com offers smart, compassionate, GREEN Eco-Friendly Urns, Caskets, Shrouds and other biodegradable funeral/memorial products. Water and Earth Cremation Urns are environmentally friendly leaving little to no footprint behind
  5. It should be noted that any urn will be suitable for burial if it is encased in an urn vault which cost $100 to $420 depending upon the style and materials. Some families in Philippines include the urn vault as part of a burial ceremony and, therefore, require a more elegantly designed vault than those who place the urn in a simple-looking.
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