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What does it mean to celebrate diversity? It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual Celebrate Diversity is the central message for this year's event and is complimented by a creative logo design based around a traditional Ukrainian bead necklace known as Namysto. More than just a piece of jewellery, Namysto is a protective amulet and a symbol of beauty and health

When we celebrate our differences, and are open to our diversity, we allow our preconceived notions to be proven wrong. This breaks down stereotypes and helps us to see people for who they are and not who we think they should be. It builds cultural awareness We tend to surround ourselves with people like us and find comfort in familiarity What It Means to Celebrate Diversity in Business W hen it comes to celebrating diversity and inclusion in 2021, the vital thing to remember is that we are surrounded by a mosaic of people from different cultures and backgrounds, and they want to and deserve to see themselves represented. We work really hard for our money What Does It REALLY Mean To Celebrate Diversity? Diversity is the celebration of differences, but do we really practice true diversity? Trail Youth has discovered a way to break down the barriers. Find out how. 05:35. November 14, 2019. The Untold Story of Trail Youth Coffee Home Put simply, it's a chance to celebrate the cultural diversity of people around us, and find out more about what we have in common, rather than what separates us. Here are a few modest and simple ways to mark the occasion. We hope you have fun trying them out. 1 The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies

Diverse Ear Candy One of the ways you can celebrate diversity, is to learn more about what it takes to make diversity a reality. Usually that means engaging in anti-racism work. There are a lot of super cool, dedicated,anti-racism and pro-diversity activists out there who use podcasts to share their messages What does it mean to say that we celebrate diversity because difference is good in and of itself? It must at least imply that we have a clear understanding of what difference means

Similar to topics like happiness or successes, diversity means different things to different people professionally and personally. In this post, I have asked the simple question of What does Diversity mean to you? to business leaders, academics, HR professionals, D&I thought leaders and BIPOC Respecting cultural diversity means to appreciate and learn from differences and celebrate and build on similarities. Each of us was born into a society with a specific culture, which is the foundation of our beliefs, values, knowledge and rituals

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Promoting inclusiveness and diversity within your workplace is one of the best ways to foster an open-minded, global company culture. Not only does this make good business sense—helping your company to better understand colleagues, clients, and customers around the world—it also makes the workplace a more interesting and personally enriching environment for everyone Diversity is not a destination but an everyday way to grow as a team and a community. Liana (DEI Team Member) - Diversity is personal to me because I grew up living in a diverse household, being a biracial individual means I have two different cultures to celebrate Concentrate on what you bring to the table: Focus on what you share with your colleagues, rather than how you differ. Race and gender are just one aspect of who we are, she says. Reach out to. What does it mean to be Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing? Whether you are heavily involved in the Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing community, just learning about it, or somewhere in between, we would like to celebrate the diversity of deafness with you It means understanding one another by surpassing simple tolerance to ensure people truly value their differences. This allows us both to embrace and also to celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual and place positive value on diversity in the community and in the workforce

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, an opportunity for us to recognize, celebrate, and learn about the cultures, religions, races, and backgrounds that make us all unique yet unequivocally equal. 1. How would you describe cultural diversity, and what does it mean to you Each of us belongs to a culture. This is a feeling of belonging to a group in society. Culture is drawn from a number of different influences, including: We recognise our cultural identity in the. Diversity is also about recognising, respecting and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation India is a land of unity in diversity and they say that it's the differences that make the country so special. To represent the fact, an event called Bharat Utsav was recently organised in Coimbatore

What does diversity mean in the workplace? Diversity in the workplace refers to an organization that intentionally employs a workforce comprised of individuals of varying gender, religion, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, and other attributes Title: What does it mean to celebrate diversity? Author: Ruth Morton Keywords: DAEYeA6_tgU,BAD62Z-ky3w Created Date: 3/25/2021 4:01:23 P Flagstar is a company that does not tolerate discrimination. They embrace diversity and celebrate it within their corporate culture both with employees and customers

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Diversity gives companies a unique insight into their customer base. With diverse employees that represent a variety of different consumer groups, companies can use their firsthand perspectives to make educated decisions regarding customers. How to Promote and Celebrate Diversity. First, what does diversity mean, exactly Take a glance at the complete listing of important dates to celebrate equity, diversity, and inclusion. February is the month to celebrate: Black History Month (US & Canada) - Every February, Canadians are invited to participate in Black History Month festivities and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present.. International Day of Women and Girls in Science (World.

We have a RESPONSIBILITY to celebrate diversity in our classroom and to make every single student feel accepted by their classroom community. Today, I would like to share with you 6 ways educators can celebrate diversity in their classroom. Discrimination happens. Unfortunately, it is starting to happen more The importance of cultural diversity can be interpreted on the basis of these related actions: Recognizing that there is a large amount of cultures that exist. Respecting each other's differences. Acknowledging that all cultural expressions are valid. Valuing what cultures have to bring to the table 1. What diversity holidays should I consider? As protests grew across the country in the weeks leading up to June 19, Juneteenth was an obvious place to start. But workplaces and communities are composed of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and there are dozens of other holidays or observances that celebrate diversity Personally, I think that the idea of being committed to cultural diversity is very important. Because of this, I think that it is also important to celebrate our own beliefs as well. America is a free country where we are allowed to express ourselves , as well as our culture. It defines us

Be united in fighting poverty. Every Dec 20, the United Nations (UN) observes International Solidarity Day to celebrate unity in diversity. The celebration also aims to remind us of the importance of solidarity in eradicating poverty. But, what does it all mean to us MISS promotes diversity and inclusion in shark science, especially for women of color, because diversity in scientists creates diversity in thought, which leads to innovation. To me, the word diversity doesn't just mean diversity of how people look on the outside What does celebrating diversity mean to you? Given June is Diversity Month, we thought this would be a great question to pose to our Egnyters. We're proud to be cultivating a diverse workforce throughout our global offices. It's refreshing to have people of all ages, races and from different parts of the world contribute to our organization For diversity to bring strength, it should be valued in the corporate philosophy. More important, it must be integrated into company practices. It takes time and a commitment to celebrate diversity. Workers must be open-minded and non-judgmental in order to truly understand how cultural diversity can impact the workplace and make it better Keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list. While diversity encompasses the spectrum of infinite dissimilarities that distinguish individuals from one another, there are a few areas that are more commonly discussed in the HR and recruiting realm. That being said, we are focusing on the top 34 types of diversity characteristics

Students explored questions like what does it mean to belong, what does diversity mean to you, how can we celebrate diversity at school and how can we be more inclusive. The conversations were rich and engaging. Harry Mangos, Year 9 said, Diversity is the acceptance of other peoples' cultures The answer is simple. Five words. THE WORLD IS NOT WHITE. The world is not white, there's diversity all around us. From the color of our skin, our backgrounds, our cultures, our faith, what it is that makes us who we are, is so diverse, that now is a time to capitalize on that diversity 6 Kids Activities to Celebrate Diversity. September 24, 2020. /. South Africa's Heritage Weekend is here and is yet another special opportunity to create awareness and celebrate the rich diversity that makes up our nation and our world. In the spirit of Heritage and raising inclusive families, I have put together some crafty activities to do. How to celebrate diverse families in an ECE classroom. 1. Don't ignore diversity or intolerance. Often the fear of addressing diversity in the wrong way keeps many from addressing it at all. But as Renee Lopez, early childhood learning specialist and founder of The Magic of Littles, points out, brushing it off could have negative, long-term. Diversity is about what makes each of us unique and includes our backgrounds, personality, life experiences and beliefs, all of the things that make us who we are. It is a combination of our differences that shape our view of the world, our perspective and our approach[1]. Diversity is also about recognising, respecting and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion.

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As you can see, using this distinction, diversity efforts mean much less when inclusion efforts do not occur in tandem. For instance, a company can hire a female executive; however, if she does not have an equal voice, this diversity hire is simply lip-service. Discuss what you know to be the difference between diversity and inclusion Diversity is important because it allows us to appreciate our peers' and patients' various backgrounds, see from other people's perspectives and learn from each other. To celebrate this day, we encourage you to share what diversity means to you, how your chapter honors members' unique differences and what you do to celebrate diversity Mind recognises that experiences of mental health problems vary across different groups and communities. Cultural context affects the way in which communities talk about mental health and how members of the community access services. This, in turn, will impact how you should communicate with the people you reach out to, and how you go about ensuring that a diverse range of people take part

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It's Celebrate Diversity Month! Whether it's what people do for physical activity or what they enjoy eating it's always fun to discover how other people live. Let's find out! We hear the word diversity often, but what does it mean? I asked Joe Wendover, the Diversity and Equity Manager for the Department of Transitional Assistance Diversity, equity, and inclusion go hand-in-hand, and to experience real organizational change, companies must build a truly inclusive work culture. This means extending initiatives beyond the hiring process and providing equal opportunity and treatment throughout every touchpoint of the employee experience Numerous companies under represent people of color, so workplace diversity has come to be synonymous with efforts to hire and promote them. However, many DEI experts stress the importance of seeing diversity as a means of including people of all ages, races, genders, orientations and sexualities

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  1. Building and maintaining a diverse workforce leads to better business outcomes—increased cash flow, innovation, readiness for change, and more. Here are five diversity and inclusion quotes to inspire your efforts surrounding DEI in the workplace:. 1. When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization
  2. Neurodiversity is a new way of looking at conditions such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia. This articles explains the term, looks at the pros and cons to considering these conditions as disabilities, and gives tips for schools in supporting students with neurodiversity
  3. Harmony Day is a day to celebrate the diversity of community and all Australians. This will also be an opportunity for the community to give feedback on the services RDHS provide. Feel free and welcome to come in your national dress. RSVP to Sue Watson at RDHS on 0350518160 (for catering purposes
  4. Every year since 2012, we celebrate our diverse non-binary communities on International Non-Binary People's Day, July 14th and all week long during Non-Binary Awareness Week, July 11th-17th. Not only does Non-Binary People's Day and Non-Binary Awareness Week celebrate all non-binary people around the world but they also raise awareness on the issues that the non-binary communities face
  5. A primary school assembly, most suitable for pupils aged 7 - 11, in which pupils consider the theme 'diversity' and what it means to them. Includes a song and time for reflection and/or prayer
  6. Inclusive observance means you celebrate holidays with equal emphasis. It's a lot of responsibility, but if you do business globally or have a particularly diverse workforce, this is highly educational and should be a fun way for people to learn and celebrate together
  7. Celebrate Diversity Through Events. What does value diversity mean? Valuing diversity recognizes differences between people and acknowledges that these differences are a valued asset. Multicultural education is an important component of valuing diversity . It respects diversity while teaching all children and youth to become effective and.

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  1. 50 YearsWhat Does It Mean. I recently attended the funeral of political strategist William Lynch Jr. During the service, Dr. King's remarks concerning getting us to the mountaintop were used in parallel to Bill's life. The speaker said, If Dr. King got us to the mountaintop, Bill showed us the view and got a seat for us at the table.
  2. d to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it
  3. This Pride month, instead of writing about Queer history, like our 2019 posts on the Stonewall Riots and LGBTQIA+ History in the South, we want to focus on what it means to be an LGBTQIA+ ally in 2021.. 2021 has already been another tough year for the queer community, with more killings of Trans people so far this year than in the whole of 2019 and a record number of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislations
  4. What does it mean; Question: REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is the significance of Figure 1.1? What are some of the limitations and problems with the group names used in this graph? Are the group names social constructions? How? In your view, does the increasing diversity of American society represent a threat or an opportunity
  5. It's a difficult time to celebrate America. they would do more to acknowledge its diversity without whitewashing its past. When we talk about America and what it means to be American, what we.
  6. What does Pride Month mean to you? Pride Month is a celebration of diversity, inclusion and equal rights. It is about remembering the hard work, commitment and suffering within the LGBTQ+ community that was required to get us to where we are today and also realizing that the work is not yet done
  7. What does Pride mean to you? To me, pride month is a time for celebration. It's a time to celebrate the big wins for the LGBTQ+ community, such as the United States Supreme Court decision in June of 2015 to legalize gay marriage and how far we have come since the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969
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What Does It Mean to Be American?: Teach Children the Importance of Unity and About the Diversity, History, and Values of America (Patriotic Picture Book Gift for Kids) [DiOrio, Rana, Yoran, Elad, Mata, Nina] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What Does It Mean to Be American?: Teach Children the Importance of Unity and About the Diversity, Histor Diversity and Inclusion. There's real power in listening to every voice. That's why we value diversity and inclusion at every level of our company. Our welcoming, respectful and engaging environment is ideal for fostering innovation and for developing careers. We have a formal diversity strategy that drives everything we do Celebrate authentic identities with culture bags. Pupils take home a bag to fill with items that reflect their family group, lifestyle, interests, culture, heritage or religion. Children share it with the class and describe what it means to them. Same-sex families are valued equally, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010

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  1. the ability to celebrate with the other in a manner that transcends all barriers and brings about a unity in diversity. Multiculturalism enables us to look upon the Other, especially the Other that society has taught us to regard with distrust and suspicion, and to be take
  2. Diversity is what makes our culture so different, and we should celebrate that fact through our actions. The team here (in the UK) always looks beyond the obvious, to informed ideas built from diverse experiences and cultures. This ability to listen means that decisions are balanced and relevant
  3. Diversity means differences and includes all of us in our rich and infinite variety. Currently, technological advances are making communication around the world easier and faster. The U.S. population is undergoing demographic changes. As a result of these changes, diversity is more prevalent in schools and in the workplace
  4. Different does not mean better or worse, it's just different. Be an example to your children, embrace different ethnic foods and engage with friends of various cultures, races, etc. Your children are watching! #2: Learn By Experience. We can't wait to travel outside of the United States with our kids

While diversity has traditionally referred to categories like race and gender, companies and diversity experts are increasingly considering a wide range of factors from age and sexual preference. Broadridge works to instill a community culture—encouraging employees to form affinity groups to promote inclusiveness and celebrate diversity. A good example is the Women's Leadership Forum, which promotes skill-building, development, and networking within Finance—an industry which can often be a men's only club

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Chapter 8: Respect for Diversity in the Introduction to Community Psychology explains cultural humility as an approach to diversity, the dimensions of diversity, the complexity of identity, and important cultural considerations. Kagawa-Singer, M., Dressler W., George, S., and Expert Panel Ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity may ultimately mean we might never get along—at least not entirely—but the worst possible solution would be to cut off everyone's tongues. If you're really sincere about the idea that diversity is a good thing, you need to quit insisting that everyone should THINK exactly like you do Search for Diversity. By nature, children are curious and would like to learn more about things that seem strange to them. It would be nice to inject diversity in life, teaching them that not all people are the same, that bodies can come in varied sizes, shapes, abilities, and colors What does diversity mean to you? At its heart, diversity is the fact of difference - people of different walks of life living and working alongside each other. But when we talk about diversity in the context of higher education and in terms of social justice, we usually mean something a bit more vibrant But what does that mean? The general idea is that we're supposed to celebrate diversity. Diversity is defined by Webster's as the state of being diverse, or of being different. Well, we're all different for various reasons. But in the U.S. that's not diverse enough. Diversity Month is a bit of a politically correct handout to minorities

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2. Create a craft with your children that represents different cultures. 3. Plan an event that brings together different ethnic groups to celebrate. 4. Bring together different religious groups to learn about each other or pray for world peace together. 5. Explore different cultures through art forms, poetry, music, crafts, traditional costumes. In the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Emmanuel College, we define diversity as the differences among people with respect to age, class, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, religion, and many other aspects of human identity. We celebrate the differences in all. Understanding that diversity has always been present in the United States is a reminder that one does not have to look like us or be like us to be American. Here are three links to help you celebrate American diversity this 4th of July with your family through food, reading, and crafting! As we celebrate the birth of the United States of.

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Choose classroom themes that celebrate diversity. Make multicultural messages a part of your regular themes and classroom practices all year long. For example, instead of inviting diverse families to share favorite traditions with the class once a year in the winter, embed these cultural experiences and conversations regularly throughout the. Celebrate definition is - to perform (a sacrament or solemn ceremony) publicly and with appropriate rites. How to use celebrate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of celebrate As AMDC concludes recognizing Celebrate Diversity Month, we asked AMDC Advisory Council Chair Lola Oyewole what diversity means to her. Oyewole is VP of Human Resources and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Ocwen Financial Corporation. What does diversity mean to you? For me, diversity is synonymous with beauty. Diversity is so much more than someone's race or gender. It includes all.

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Diversity - one of the top 10 buzzwords today. Everyone wants it, but very few really understand what it means. Some struggle with how to deal with 'diversity and inclusion', and how to really benefit from having a diverse team or staff. We keep reading about companies that try to make an effort, such as delivery giant UPS, and companies that fall short of understanding the root causes of the. In many cases, it means shedding old practices and altering traditions and modifying points of view. Simply increasing a school's intake of non-Caucasian students will not make a school diverse. Statistically, it will. Spiritually it will not. Creating a climate of diversity means radically altering the way your school does things JAMES: PRIDE is a safe space for us to discuss and learn about the LGBTQ+ community as well as celebrate the beauty of diversity. More than ever, it is important that we come together to support, protect, and lobby for one another. What does it mean to be an ally? SEAN: Allyship is a journey: some folks are sympathetic bystanders, and others.

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Cultural diversity plays a key role in development, as it brings many economic and social benefits to society. As a global organisation, ICC makes an effort to promote practices that benefit our culturally-diverse workforce. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the array of cultural. To be African means to be an individual, but one that forms part of a whole. It means to celebrate our diversity in a way that promotes understanding and to focus on the challenges facing our. What does diversity in the workplace mean to you? Diversity means that different aspects of a society are able to be represented in a company. It means that a workplace has the ability to equally include a high variety of religions, sexual orientations, nationalities and genders. Read Marina's full interview here What is diversity, equity and inclusion, and what does it mean to PSEG? Diversity, equity and inclusion are among our company's Core Commitments, and we spoke with Janeen Johnson, PSEG's enterprise DEI manager, to learn more. What is DEI? Johnson: The concept of DEI has three components: diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity is about.

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We embrace and celebrate our similarities as well as our differences. And that is truly what makes America great! Recent conversations about immigration bans and borders, and questions about what it means to be American raise the topic of diversity and acceptance for our children Leon Bibb: Celebrating our independence means celebrating our diversity We celebrate our freedom, to once again do that which we love. But in 2021, we still struggle to achieve freedom for all

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Cultural diversity is important because our country, workplaces, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. We can learn from one another, but first, we must have a level of understanding about each other. Learning about other cultures helps us understand different perspectives within the world in which we. DIVERSITY LEADERS INITIATIVE DIVERSITY ACTIVITY BOOK The A Team of Furman University's Spring 2014 Midlands Class created a book to celebrate diversity. UNDERSTAND & CELEBRATING We will define words that relate to diversity, color pages in the book and discuss differences. Spring 2014 Midlands Class - A Team Upscale Dinin

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0. For many of my connections, you will be able to answer the above question fairly easily. You are likely to have a passion, interest and awareness of the benefits of equality, diversity and. Scarlett Abraham Clarke is a vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer at Commonwealth. With the firm since 2020, she directs all aspects of the firm's diversity commitments, which involve employee engagement, inclusive hiring, retaining and training a talented, diverse workforce, and ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in the DNA of the organization Q: What does Celebrate Diversity Month mean to you? To me, Celebrate Diversity Month is a multifaceted initiative recognizing the rich diversity that we all possess, whether it be racial, gender, cultural, etc. We all have our own inherent characteristics that make us unique, and Celebrate Diversity Month is a time to honor that Every year in June, people around the world celebrate diversity, inclusion, and the LGBTQIA+ community. To us, celebrating Pride means promoting self-affirmation, dignity, and equal rights for all. It's a time for people from all walks of life to stop and reflect on what it means to be truly accepting and accepted, and the peaceful, positive. Pride Month in June is a special opportunity for Amazon employees to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion for all. This month, with the support of Glamazon - our employee affinity group for LGBTQ+ communities and allies - we've been celebrating the stories and achievements of our colleagues, customers and their communities

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Find 60 ways to say CELEBRATE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus 1. Think about diversity from the start. I don't just mean racial, national, age, gender — all of that diversity is super important, we need to hire that — I mean, in addition to that. What Does Diversity Mean to Us? Since 2004, April has been designated Celebrate Cultural Diversity Month. We took a moment to reflect on how the conversation around diversity has changed over time, and how diversity, equity, and inclusion show up in our work and in our lives. Here's what staff have to say Diverse Workplace. Consider what diversity means to you, and what it might mean to work in a diverse organization. Have you ever been in a group of friends, classmates, or colleagues who all shared different views, came from different backgrounds, and had a wealth of different personal experiences