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See a recent post on Tumblr from @osvaldrps-archived about sharpen-action. Discover more posts about sharpen-action Follow. sharpen action by insomniacgifs [dl] as asked by anon, here's the action that i use for my gifs. it has three versions of sharpening: soft, medium and strong. use it on timeline, it'll end up with frames. i've also added an action making frames into timeline and another one making timeline into frames (without sharpening), just in. After you've downloaded the sharpen action, you'll need to load it into photoshop. Click on the little lines in the top right bar within the action window and click on 'Load Actions': Find the sharpen action you've downloaded and select it. It'll appear in the actions window as a folder titled 'Gif Action (120 frames)' Para fazer o gif você vai usar o Photoshop e a Sharpen Action PS: Não fui eu quem fiz a ACTION, achei ela no tumblr. Primeiro Passo: Depois que seu gif estiver pronto (já pode estar com psd, escritas, tudo o que você quiser), certifique-se de que a 1ª frame e a 1ª layer estejam selecionadas

This tutorial explains two ways you can sharpen gifs in Photoshop. Before you begin, make sure the gif is Converted to Smart Filters. This allows you to sharpen all the frames at once, instead of having to sharpen each frame individually. You can learn how to do this here. Here is what the gif looks like with no sharpening: METHOD #1: SIMPLE. How to Sharpen Gifs (all at once without actions!) anniescubes:. How to get your gifs like this! Tutorial by: anniescubes Requested by everyone I'm using photoshop cs6, but this should work or sort of be similar with cs5, and cs4 READY, AIM, FIRE! 1309. A GUIDE TO RESIZING, TIMING, & SHARPENING GIFS. necessities: photoshop cs5/cs6 (i'm using cs6, but i assume this works for cs5?) knowledge on how to make gifs. high quality layers/images (i haven't tested any of this out on lq videos) this & this sharpening action. familiarity with photoshop

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  1. sharpening actions. photoshop cs5; photoshop cs6+ need to do / gonna finish one day. (made with Photoshop CC) these are some actions i made for my personal use. they have always saved me A LOT of time when making gifs, but since they are kind of tailored to my giffing process, i never shared them before. but today i thought they might be.
  2. Sharpening: You can either sharpen en blur your gif yourself by going to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen and filter >blur >gaussian blur (to soften the sharpness otherwise it can get too much and it doesn't look good) or. You can use an action. You can find these on Tumblr, dowload them en load them into PS
  3. These are placed in Adobe > Photoshop > Presets > Actions > and place the actions file in that folder. Once you have opened PS just import the actions from that file location. There no need to play multiple actions to achieve a specific color. If you want Yellow, just play the yellow action
  4. lizzie-olsen's base psd + sharpening atn for gifs & sharpening atn for edits. surprise! as a little gift to all of you, i have decided to release the base psd & my sharpening actions i use to create all of my gifs & edits. i've added some notes to some of the layers of the base psd, as well as a few optional layers that will boost the coloring just a little bit in the way i usually do it.
  5. Go to 'File » Scripts » do action for all layers script'. A new window will pop up asking for the name of the sharpening action. Enter whatever name you chose for your action e.g. Charlie Sharpen and click OK next enter the name of the folder where your action is e.g. Sharpen again click OK and wait for all the layers to be sharpened
  6. PSA: Only use this sharpening if you have really high quality downloads of the video, or else it will look really glowy and oversharpen. Honestly, just stick to normal sharpening. <3. Sharpening v3: Sharper sharpen. These are the steps the action does: This will give it a normal sharpen first, exactly like v1

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Anyway, never ever ever ever let Tumblr upsize your gifs because it looks terrible. So like, don't do a one-row 400 pixel gif because it'll be stretched to 500, etc. #2: Sharpening. There are different tutorials to follow based upon what version of Photoshop you are using and what it is capable of These are placed in Adobe > Photoshop > Presets > Actions > and place the actions file in that folder. Once you have opened PS just import the actions from that file location. There no need to play multiple actions to achieve a specific color. If you want Yellow, just play the yellow action Open the Actions panel by clicking F9 or going to Window>Actions. Here's the Actions Panel opened. Step 3. Create a new Action by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the Actions Panel. Name it HP Sharpen. Under Set, I selected PhotoshopCAFE (make any set you like, custom is a popular name). Click Record and the red recording button appears Professional sharpening actions. Includes several techniques including the common desaturated High Pass, but also a more accurate sharpening method. Both for 8 bit (normal) and 16 bit images. Tested in CS3, CS4 and CS5. The sharpening (user chooses radius) is placed on a new layer, and opacity can be adjusted to increase or decrease the strength

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throwing-psds' photoshop cc sharpening actions. after switching from photoshop cs5 to cc, I struggled to find a sharpening setting that worked as well as my old one. I've been working on making my own actions for CC and was able to create a few that look pretty good. Please like or reblog Update June 2017: Tumblr dimensions/sizes for optimal display of your GIF on the dashboard. To prevent your GIF looking fuzzy/ not animating/ refusing to load, use the sizes above. Most important is the width, height can be whatever you want up to a point. GIF that are next to each other must be the same height or tumblr will crop them throwing-psds' photoshop cc sharpening actions after switching from photoshop cs5 to cc, I struggled to find a sharpening setting that worked as well as my old one. I've been working on making my own actions for CC and was able to create a few that look pretty good I actually made an action (I know I said don't use actions, but mine is great) that will do all the work for you in Photoshop (resize, actually make the gif, sharpen, and even get rid of the 1px border that Photoshop makes when you size down). I suggest actually figuring out all these steps on your own and maybe using the action as a guide to. itsphotoshop is a collection of all kinds of resources for your Photoshop edits such as tutorials, textures, colorings, fonts... Here you will also find tutorials on how to make and customize Tumblr themes. Everything is organized by a thorough tag system and numerous pages that will hopefully make your experience easier and pleasant

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  1. Jun 2014. Jun 23 Updated Fuji Sharpening Actions for Photoshop. Thomas Fitzgerald. Lightroom, Post Processing, Fuji X-Series, Software. A while ago I posted a workflow and some actions for Sharpening and cleaning up Fujifilm X-Trans files in Photoshop. The idea was that you could mitigate a lot of the oddities of Lightroom's (and Camera Raw.
  2. justlikewildfire: Alright, I thought I'd make this quick tutorial to show how different sharpening settings can improve the quality of your GIF and to contrast how they'll look in the end. - Of course there are much more variations than the ones I showed, they're just those I personally use the most. But first of all, after you've made.
  3. Photoshop actions are quite useful when optimizing photos, applying effects, and editing graphics. For this collection, we've handpicked some of the best free Photoshop actions you can download and use with no price to pay! Whether you're a professional designer or a complete beginner, Photoshop actions can help you save a lot of time

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So if you're in the mood to try out a new experience in terms of photo editing, download the Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 trial and let us know what you think in the comments. Adobe Photoshop 8 CS can add text to an image, apply special effects to a picture, view EXIF data, create web graphics, optimize graphics and create and edit layers Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open source photo editing software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has almost all the features of Photoshop and even the interface looks a lot like Photoshop. Nevertheless, it's free, fast, and efficient and can be successfully used by photographers, designers, and artists Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 : undoubtedly PS has become one of the best imaging and designing software that provides powerful tools for almost every creative project. Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.0 is the world's most powerful photo editing software that provides everything you need to create and edit anything you can imagine Hey!! And thank you so much!! I won't be making a full tutorial since I'm a bit busy right now, I'm really sorry about that. But I will be answering your ask in detail! Gif Sharpening with Actions. dreamcolouring:. This tutorial is for those whose Photoshop do not have a Convert To Video Timeline option but want to sharpen their gifs without having to select each layer and frame ^^ ♥ No sharpen:. Sharpened:. Keep readin


  1. STEP ONE: The sharpening action. 1.) Download this file. 2.) Open Photoshop and go to your Actions panel. Load that file. 3.) It will create a folder there called gifs that contains a sharpen action. It's important to not rename either of these, because the names are used within the action commands. STEP TWO: The sharpen script. 1.
  2. hi i sharpen all my gifs with the sharpening action from this tutorial <3. when the cw files a lawsuit over tumblr 20-somethings getting paid to write destiel fan fiction and we get to watch the tumblr vs see double u executives cagematch that's been brewing since 2013. then you'll see Edited with my November 04 photoshop action.
  3. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ACTION ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! *smart-sharpening is used. DO NOT DELETE ANY FRAMES BEFORE YOU APPLY THE ACTION OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK. To load the action into photoshop, download the file, save it anywhere, open photoshop, and go to window > actions. Then, in the drop-down menu, click 'LOAD ACTIONS'
  4. Photoshop CS5. What action do you use to edit photos? I've been using alot of different actions lately, so I couldn't really tell you. But check yeahps, because they have alot of good actions. What are your gif and KM Player settings? Gif. KM Player. How do you sharpen your gifs? I use my own sharpening action. Download the action here

chawoongs:. ts files & resources for content creators!! including: kdramas, music shows, variety shows. hello friends. since kpopexciting has been removed as of today (200925) & i've seen people upset and freaked out about not being able to gif using ts files anymore, i thought i'd put together a list of uploaders on twitter. i'll specify who and what they upload for and i'm also going. I use this sharpening action. It can sharpen up to 75 frames, which is a really good amount in my opinion. Once you have a sharpening action downloaded, go back to Photoshop and go to window > actions. Click this little menu button, then click Load Actions. In the window that pops up, choose whatever sharpening action you downloaded. Tumblr Dashboard Image Sizes (Updated March 30, 2015): Photo post: 540 by 810 pixels for dashboard view. Use 1280 by 1920 pixels for high-res version (except for superwide panoramas).; Photoset: 540-pixel width for one image in a photoset row. 268-pixel width for two images in a photoset row. 177-pixel width for three images in a photoset row. Gutters are 4 pixels A PSD is technically the extension when you save something on photoshop (just like .docx is for word and .png for photos and such) However on tumblr it generally means a coloring because in order to share a coloring the file must be a PSD. I can't sharpen all gifs at once!! I don't have a convert to timeline option!! Check out these actions An action is a recording of things you have done in Photoshop from the point you pressed record till the point that you ended it. By using an action it will take all the steps that you have taken in the action and repeat them to the document that is in front of you. The action windo

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Because these actions work on upsampled images behind the scenes, when sharpening a big image the process can use a large amount of computer resources and take a few moments to complete. Upscale Sharpen Actions Set - USD $23.95. PC and Mac Compatible - Works with Adobe Photoshop® CC and Photoshop® 2020+. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money. Refer to this tutorial by @nochuie to decide whether or not you want to use Avisynth/Vapoursynth. It's also a great tutorial on how to make gifs in general, so if you're not familiar with how to make gifs at all this is a great walkthrough before you continue on. Step 3. Photoshop + Topaz + Sharpen

This is a blog about PSDs and Photoshop. Feel free to ask us whatever you want and be sure to check out our PSDs; Requests are: O P E N. // sharpens sharpen atn action zoella actions joi. today I decided to share with you my gif sharpening action. - you must have the timeline button - use HQ videos (480p may work too) - PLEASE like. Personally, I prefer to add Gaussian Blur to soften things up, but below are all the different methods of sharpening. (You can find my sharpening settings and process here.) Use the best possible Save for Web settings. I mean best in the most general sense of settings that are optimal, but also best suited for you and your gifs specifically New Super Sharpen action uses a custom sharpening algorithm to create perfect pixel sharpness. 16-bit support for Ultra Mattifier. 32-bit support for Mattifier, Skin Airbrushing, Skin Airbrushing (Lite), Skin Airbrushing (Sharp), and Plastic Skin actions. Photoshop CC: New Troubleshooting action to detect and resolve common document issues photoshop & tumblr resources. faq/ask resources tutorials apply. spring resources. @springresources. Resources sideblog by @thorodhinson We track #springresources. Afiliats. partners. navigation. more links. our resources themes pages psd font tutorials icons textures templates sharpenings. Members. 1 member New sharpen action for you all! This one it's very basic and you can apply it as many time as you want, but I think 3 it's maximum or your edit will get oversharpened but it's up to you and how do..

pontiacsbandit's sharpening action [image description in alt text] hello! i have made an action of my sharpening. i made my sharpening process into action to save time and i thought i might as well share it with you guys! maybe it can help some people. you can download the action here . if you use the action, reblog is highly appreciated first of all, thank you so much for making me reach 1k followers!! to thank you all, i decided to make this psd pack for you. this contains eight psds, most of which i've used for my gifsets at one point. most might probably need some adjusting, but don't hesitate to ask for help if needed. the psds in the pack are

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now you have a properly sized gif and any changes you make are personal preference. usually you'll want to sharpen it. i use a sharpening action that i downloaded from a friend but you can also do smart sharpen. i would look up good sharpening settings because i don't know them personally because i use an action. you can find the sharpening. For @puretcngue and anyone else who may find this helpful, below the cut you'll find a download to all my current actions (sharpening, gif icons, resizing etc. ) and more info/specifications for each of them.. Note: To make gifs I use Photoshop CC 2018 and the method: File > Import > Video Frames To Layers. Make sure to always have cropped your image and have the first. hey guys!!! this is a full gif tutorial which focuses on make smooth & fast gifs using photoshop. i tried to make this relatively easy and went step-by-step so that other people who want to start or progress on their gif making journey(s) can do so. i used photoshop cs5 while running on windows 10. if this was helpful to you, please consider liking and/or rebg this post so that others may.

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PSDs, Textures, templates, patterns, whatever you need for photoshop. You can ask any psd, texture,.. Like most things in Photoshop, there are many ways to sharpen images. There are lots of tutorials and online videos showing the different methods, and plenty of opinions about what works best. While I am certainly no expert in image sharpening, I still need a practical sharpening method in order to present my images t Photoshop also lets you to change the speed of each frame so it suits whatever you want to do. I normally choose all the frames holding Shift and then give them 0.5 or 0.6 secs. To do this, you got to click the small around beneath the frame thumbnail and click 'Other Just play around with all the variables you want Step 7: Make a folder for all your adjustments (optional step) I make a folder to put all my coloring settings in so I can easily duplicate it to the other gifs. Make sure the folder is above all the layers of the gif. The folder button is at the bottom of your layers menu. Step 8: Lighting Frequency Separation Action. Your time is valuable. The faster you can finish an edit, the faster you can get on to your next project or photoshoot. Our included Photoshop action will automatically separate the high and low frequencies in any image, saving you time and getting you right into retouching

Sharpening your gif: (you can skip this step but it helps make your gif look prettier) Click on your actions tab on the right of your workspace (the icon that looks like a play button) Open the subfolder with the action you want to use select it, then hit play. For 720p video I use Smart Sharpen .3 - 400% and for 1080p video I use. Real estate Photoshop are Sharpening Actions that will give your images a sharp, detailed, clean look. It's all about Bright, Sharp, Dramatic Focus, Color Toning, Saturation, Highlights, and Details. All of that together will perfectly emphasize your space. which is made for exterior of the building, helps to multiply the beauty of your photo Free Photoshop Actions | Download Free Photoshop Actions . THESE FREE PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS WILL HELP YOU FINISH WITH A STRONG, VIVID LOOK. You're going to get 15 effects. They range from subtle, barely-there makeovers to some that are completely dazzling and brilliant. Symufa developed them to be sort of a starter pack, an assorted collection of.

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