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Method. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Pierce the eggplants with a fork and place them directly on an oven shelf. Place a dish underneath to catch the juices. Bake for 20 minutes, or until soft. Holding onto the stem, peel the skin from the eggplants, then remove the stems. Chop the flesh into a bowl and immediately mix in 125 ml of the vinegar to. Torshi Bademjan - Quick Pickled Eggplant I grew up eating torshi with my meal. I make pickles all the time and I have several jars of torshi stored away in a cool place. I adore pickled eggplant as well. My mother was an avid torshi maker. Every time she came here to visit making ترشی بادمجان pickled eggplant was one of the very. Torshi 'ye bademjan is one of my favorite homemade Persian pickles. I appreciate the eggplant flavor and its soft yet slightly crunchy texture. It is by no means an effortless relish to prepare, but on the other hand, it does not require a panoply of ingredients and spices as some high-maintenance types of torshi are known to demand Homemade Torshi Bademjan

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  1. Home › Home made Mixed Marinated Eggplant JK (Torshi Bademjan)(Turshi) Kalamala Home made Mixed Marinated Eggplant JK (Torshi Bademjan)(Turshi) $7.99 Quantity. Add to Cart. Description; Reviews; 16 Fl Oz. Ingredients: Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cilantro, Eggplant, Garlic, Jalapeno, Mint, Parsley, Pepper, Salt, Red&White Vinegar.
  2. ترشی بادمجان شکم پر. ترشی بادمجان شکم پر یکی از انواع ترشی های خوشمزه و پرطرفدار ایرانی است که مانند ترشی هایی مثل ترشی کلم قرمز و ترشی لیته در تمام فصل های سال تهیه و در کنار غذا سرو می شود. این ترشی در شهرهای مختلف.
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  4. Torshi litéh (ترشی لیته): torshi of eggplants, carrots and various herbs ; Bademjan torshi or bademjoon (ترشی بادمجون): eggplant torshi; Sir torshi or Seer torshi. Torshi sir literally means, garlic preserved in vinegar in Persian. The torshi sir, is made from garlic, vinegar and salt
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The word torshi comes from the Persian word torsh, which means 'sour'.Torshi is common in Persian, Afghan, Mesopotamian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Bosnian cuisine. Iran boasts a great variation of hundreds of different types of torshi according to regional customs and different events. In some families, no meal is considered. Amozesh torshi bademjan va kado ترشی بادمجان و کدو. تازه ترین ها. 14 نمایش. 09:38. Kashk bademjan Golavar کشک بادمجان خانم گل آور. سرآشپز. 42 نمایش. 09:38. Kashk bademjan Golavar کشک بادمجان خانم گل آور Home › Pickle Eggplant 1&1 (Torshi Liteh Bademjan -Turshi) Kalamala Pickle Eggplant 1&1 (Torshi Liteh Bademjan -Turshi) $7.99 Quantity. Add to Cart. Description; Reviews; Ingredients: Eggplants, Garlic, Vinegar, Green Pepper, Salt, Water, Spices. Product of UAE. 24 Oz (700 ml) Share this Product. Torshi Bademjan - Quick Pickled Eggplant. Persian/Iranian Recipes. Article by Stacey. 3. Preserving Eggplant Afghan Food Recipes Afghan Recipe Pickled Eggplant Aubergine Recipe Iran Food Iranian Cuisine Grilling Gifts Chutney Recipes

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Torshi-e Liteh. from 9.99. Torshi are the pickled vegetables of the cuisines of many Middle East countries, specially Iran. The word torshi is ultimately derived from Persian torsh, which means 'sour'. One of the most popular Iranian torshi is Liteh, mixed vegetable pickles and herbs that pair well with any Iranian rice dishes. Made by Tala LLC Wash the eggplants and cut them into medium pieces. Place the eggplant pieces in a pot, add vinegar and bring to boil. Add herbs,turmeric, salt, sugar, chili powder, and mix well.; Boil for 5 minutes on a medium heat, then turn off and leave aside to cool

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Roughly chop eggplants; add to a 4-qt. saucepan along with ½ cup vinegar, turmeric, coriander, caraway, garlic, and ½ cup plus 2 tbsp. water. Bring to a simmer over medium heat; cook until. 1. Cut the onion into chunks and puree in a blender or food processor, adding 1 tablespoon of water if necessary to make a smooth puree. Strain the onion through a fine sieve. Discard the solids. Diced cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, and seasoning provides a pleasant combination to prepare you for your dining experience. $5.50 Torshi Bademjan The Persian homemaker takes pride in the quality and variety of the pickles kept in the pantry Amazon.com : Eggplant Torshi (Bademjan Torshi) - 32oz (Pack of 1) : Canned And Jarred Vegetables : Grocery & Gourmet Foo Buy Eggplant Torshi (Bademjan Torshi) - 16oz: Home & Kitchen - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase

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Highlights. Handmade. Description. Persian pickled vegetables (Torshi Liteh Bademjan) Homemade with grilled eggplants. It goes well as a side dish with most middle-eastern dishes Buy Sadaf Eggplant Torshi (Bademjan Torshi) - 16oz online. UPC: 052851830008. Eggplant Torshi (Bademjan Torshi) - 16oz at EfoodDepot.co They are cooked into Kuku or preserved as a Torshi (pickled) or integrated as a supporting element into a Khoresh or - in this case - featured as the star of the show! Aubergine, eggplant, berenjena, melanzana, nasu, bademjan, or called by any of its other names, is a somewhat unique vegetable

Cut and peel eggplants into bite-sized pieced and cook it in 2 cups of red wine vinegar + 2 cups of water until soft and then mash the eggplants with a potato masher. Let Eggplants cool for 30 minutes. Mix cooled eggplants with the carrot mixture. Pour the torshi into an airtight container and cover it with more vinegar Torshi Bademjan - Quick Pickled Eggplant. I grew up eating torshi with my meal. I make pickles all the time and I have several jars of torshi stored away in a cool place. I adore pickled eggplant as well. My mother was an avid torshi maker. Every time she came here to visit making ترشی بادمجان pickled eggplant was one of the very. آموزش ترشی بادمجون تو پر با نارگل - Torshi Bademjoon Too Por. 1,627. آموزش آشپزی نارگل - Ashpazi ba Nargol 2.7 هزار دنبال‌ کننده. 1,627 بازدید. دانلود ویدیو. با کیفیت 144p. با کیفیت 240p. با کیفیت 360p. با کیفیت 480p

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  1. Amozesh torshi bademjan va kado ترشی بادمجان و کدو. خاتون قلبم. دنبال کردن. 1,108 0. شور کدو سبز - انواع ترشی ها - ترشی کدو حلوایی - Amozesh torshi bademjan va kado ترشی بادمجان و کدو. 1 شهریور 96. آموزشی شور کدو سبز انواع ترشی ها.
  2. Kashk e Bademjan is usually served as an appetizer. Bread (mostly Lvash or Sangak in Iran) Accompanies the dish. In some regions, people serve it as a main course in more significant portions. Sabzi Khordan is one of the side dishes with Kashke Bademjan. Other side dishes available are Sir Torshi (pickled Garlic, سیر ترشی) and Torshi.
  3. Perfectly cooked eggplants are pickled and blended with delicous herbs and spices to create this delicious condiment. Made without the use of additives, preservatives, or colors, this creamy, pickled condiment is the perfect accompaniment to savory meals. Also known as torshi bademjan
  4. Jan 14, 2018 - I grew up eating torshi with my meal. I make pickles all the time and I have several jars of torshi stored away in a cool place. I adore.

Some people cure their seer torshi for more than 7 years! At Moby Dick House of Kabob, we serve torshi that has cured for many, many months. As you wait, the garlic and brine turn a deep brownish-red color, almost like balsamic vinegar. The garlic becomes soft and loses that raw bite.. Instead, it becomes sweet and almost fruity Bademjan Kabab or Bademjoon Kabab (Persian Stuffed Eggplant) is a delicious Persian appetzier from Northern Province of Iran. These baby eggplants stuffed with ground walnuts, herbs, garlic and pomegranate sauce. Just try once, you will love the Bademjan Kabab : Torshi Bademjan - Pickled Eggplant Torshi Liteh - Pickled Eggplant & Vegetables Torshi Makhloot - Mixed Vegetable Pickle Torshi Miveh - Pickled Fruits Torshi Piaz - Pickled Onion Seer Torshi - Pickled Garlic. Nowruz (Persian New Year) Nowruz 2020 Haft Seen Photos - Nowruz 201 Aug 12, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Fig & Quince. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

Kashke Bademjan This is a simple and tasty Persian dish that can be eaten alone or with bread. I will say that some people chop the eggplants up a bit different, and some even mash the eggplants up a bit, but I like to cut the eggplants into circles torshi bademjan shekam par - تماش What kind of eggplant can I use in khoresh bademjan?. Middle eastern cuisine highlights eggplant regularly, and Persian cuisine is no different. From Persian eggplant dip (kashkeh bademjoon) to yogurt mixed with eggplant (borani bademjan) to eggs and eggplant (Mirza Ghassemi) and even pickled eggplant (torshi-yeh bademjan va anar), we simply love our eggplant Torshi (Persian Pickle) Torshi Bademjan Torshi-e Makhloot. Desserts Recipes Persian Deserts (WIKI) Persian Ice Cream Faloodeh Recipe | Video Fereni (Persian Rice Pudding) Desserts Used at Iranian Religious Ceremonies Homemade Desserts | Persian Pastries. Jams Jams - Moraba Jams & Preserves. Directory Directory of Persian Restaurants Persian. Torshi. A homemade zesty mix of pickled leafy and chunky vegetables in vinegar and spices. Small: $4.00 Large: $6.50. Kashk - e - Bademjan. Fried eggplant, pureed and mixed with sauteed onions, perisian tahini (kashk),and garlic. $7.50. Hummus

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Torshi at Attari Sandwich Shop Explanation of Persian Food Words on menu of Attari at the bottom of my review. It's belly up to the counter & order. They find your number at the table you found & bring the food to you. The counterman wa 6-Kashk-e Bademjan. Kashk is a special dairy product made in Iran. It is made by boiling fat-free yogurt. Kashk has a salty and sometimes sour taste and is eaten with Ash (Iranian soup). Kashk e Bademjan is a traditional Iranian food containing eggplants, Kashk, and onions, making it a great vegetarian option Yatimche can also be made with zucchini too and that makes it a Shirazi recipe. 7. Kashke Bademjan | Persian Eggplant Dip. It has been said that Kashke Bademjoon is the most famous Persian dish made by eggplants. The way it is made is very easy and you can assemble it like less than an hour Mast-O-Khiyar, Mast-O-Musir, Salad Shirazi, Torshi, Kaschke Bademjan, Mirzaghasemi 15,00 € Vorspeisen Platte 4 Pers. , پیش غذا ۴ نفر Vorspeisen Platte 4 Pers. پیش غذا ۴ نفر Mast-O-Khiyar, Mast-O-Musir, Salad Shirazi, Torshi, Kaschke Bademjan, Mirzaghasemi 20,00

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Kashk Bademjan. Roasted eggplant spread, marinated with fried onion, garlic & fresh basil. ^ Mirza Ghasemi. Torshi Leete. Chopped vegetables marinated with vinegar, salt & fresh herbs ^ Olives. Fresh olives marinated with herbs and salt ^ Hummus ^ Kuku Sabzi ^ Cutlet. Kabab ^ Chenge Torshi-e Liteh Ingredients: small eggplants, 2 kg herbs (parsley, coriander, mint, tarragon, basil), 500 grams white vinegar salt black pepper Directions: Wash eggplants and bake in the oven at medium temperature for about 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool, then peel skins away. Place in a strainer and add some salt. Leave overnight or for several hour Persian Torshi $4.99 Sambose $5.99 Hummus $4.99 Garlic Torshi $4.99 Birthday Cake $35.00 Mirza Gasemi Gheymeh Bademjan Stew $12.99 Lamb Shank $14.99 Saffron Tahdig $5.99 Lunch Beef Koobideh Kabob $11.99 Dinner Beef Kobideh Kabob. Torshi are the pickled vegetables of many Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines.. Torshi is common in Arab, Turkish, and Iranian cuisine. Iran has hundreds of types of torshi, according to regional customs and different events. In some families, no meal is considered complete without a bowl of torshi on the table. In Bulgarian cuisine, the most popular types are tsarska turshiya (king's pickle.

Healthy and delicious, eggplant torshi is a popular side dish served alongside rice, khoresht and kabobs. No Persian household is without this delicious side dish! The eggplants are oven-banked, and then put in a glass jar with parsley, coriander, tarragon, basil, parsley and spices. High quality v Lunch and dinner meals are commonly accompanied by side dishes such as plain yogurt or mast-o-khiar, sabzi, salad Shirazi, and torshi, and might follow dishes such as borani, Mirza Qasemi, or kashk e bademjan as the appetizer. Iran-Wikipedi Dolmeh Bademjan (stuffed eggplant) is a kind of Dolmeh (Dolma or Dolmasi) made with eggplants. Dolma is originally a Turkish word which means filled or to be filled. There are several kinds of this food made with grape leaves (Dolmeh Barg), cabbage leaves (Barg Kalam), bell pepper, tomato or zucchini

Kashk-o-Bademjan Eggplant, onion, herbs and spices with cream sauce and mint.. $8.99 Order Online. Crunchy rice with stew. ($2 extra charge if stew on the side.) Torshi. Pickled vegetables. Safir Mediterranean; 19940 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills CA 91364; DELIVERY HOURS. sun 11:00AM - 11:00PM. mon 11:00AM - 11:00PM. tue 11:00AM - 11:00PM. Torshi. Pickled preserved vegetables $ 5. Persian Pickles. Pickled baby Persian cucumbers $ 5. Koresh Stews served with Basmati rice Bademjan. Lean beef simmered in tomato sauce with roasted eggplant, unripe grapes cooked in tomato sauce | Available in vegetarian with mushroom $ 22. Fesenjan Parmiss Restaurant. 31952 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. (949) 503-1249 parmissrestaurant@gmail.com • Seer Torshi • Torshi SOUPS: none VEGGIE SANDWICHES AND PLATTERS: none WEEKLY SPECIALS: none APPETIZERS: • Dolmeh • Hummus • Falafel (Ovo Veg) shared fryer with egg • Kashk-o-bademjan (Lacto-Veg) • Must-o-mooseer (Lacto-Veg) BEVERAGES: • Persian Hot Tea • Homemade Doogh (Lacto-Veg) • Apple Juice • Apple Cherry Juice.

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  1. Iran has a long history of agriculture, and use of fresh fruit in Persian recipes is very common. Ancient Persia has always had four seasons and that gave the huge variety to Persian cuisine from tropical food to hot pot dishes that are most popular on a chilly winter. Kabab Hosseini. Kabab Hosseini is another way of making kabab: grill or kabob
  2. Kashk e Bademjan $14. Chelow Joojeh Kabab $28. Marinated prawns $18. Chelow Kabab Barg $31. COLD ENTREE. Chelow Kabab Chenjeh $30 Torshi e Sabzijat $8.5. SEA FOOD Sabzi Polo ba Maahi $34.
  3. chopchop@chopchopfood.com (818) 884-0054 6026 Baird Ave, Tarzana, CA 9135
  4. Torshi. Mixed picked vegetable and herbs. Fried Calamari. Lightly breaded and fried to a crisp golden brown. Combination Platter. A family size platter of your choice of 4 appetizers: (hummu, mast o' mousir, mast o'khiar, dolmeh, baba ganoush, kashk-e-bademjan, mirza ghasemi,torshi,) Soup, Salads. Barly Sou
  5. ترشی - Torshi (pickle) is a very common side dish in Persian cuisine served alongside rice and khoresh, kebobs and other traditional dishes. I have posted several of my favorite pickle recipes so far such as pickled eggplant and pickled vegetables among others. لیته - Liteh is a combination of pickled eggplant with a few other.
  6. Bademjan Sauteed eggplant in a saffron tomato sauce with house seasonings served with basmati rice... $16.95 Grilled Fresh Vegetables Grilled Eggplant,Portobello mushroom,Green & Red Peppers, Red Onion... $16.95 Adas polo An exotic mixture of braised lentils and basmati rice mixed with caramelized onions and raisins... $14.95 Shirin Pol
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Torshi Liteh. $4.99. Mast Khiar. $6.49. Mast Mousir. $6.49. Borani Bademjan. Mixture of mashed bbq eggplant and plain yogurt. $6.99. Borani Esfenaj. Gheimeh Bademjan. Cubed veal shank cooked with special tomato sauce, split chickpeas and roasted eggplants. $15.49. Ghormeh Sabzi Obtiens une livraison ou des plats à emporter de Khaki cafe & Restaurant sur 7163 Yonge Street à Markham. Commande en ligne et fais le suivi de ta commande en direct. Aucuns frais de livraison sur ta première commande Torshi Ghermez. Spicy onions, red cabbage, carrots, jalapeno and aged in vinaigrette. $7.00. Served with white saffron rice and ghormeh sabzi, gheimeh bademjan, ghooreh badmjan, karafs, and bamieh. $13.00. Beef. Barg. Persian thin steak. Skewer of the best marinated beef filet mignon cuts. $22.00. Shish Kabob

Fesenjaan Stew w/ Beef; Fesenjaan Stew w/ Chicken; Koobide Kabab; Kookoo Sabzi; Kookoo Sibzamini; Macaroni w/ Ground Beef; Sabzi Polo w/ Bass Fish Fille Khoresh bademjan (Persian: خورش بادمجان ‎, romanized: xoreš bâdemjân or khoresh bādemjān, or in IPA: /xɒrɛʃ ˈbɔˌdəmˈd͡ʒuːn/) is a Persian stew of eggplant and tomatoes.The word khoresh means stew, and bādemjān (بادمجان) means eggplant Torshi holu recipe by Tess Mallos - Pour 250 ml of the vinegar into a preserving pan. Peel and slice the peaches, placing the slices in the vinegar as they are prepared. Add the ginger, coriander and garlic. Get every recipe from The Complete Middle Eastern Cookbook by Tess Mallo

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  1. Torshi Tareh is a traditional Persian stew recipe from Northern Province of Iran. This tasty and easy veggie stew made with fresh herbs, eggs, garlic and grape verjuice. If you like Persian stews, make sure to check out this Gheimeh Stew made with beef, split peas, crushed tomatoes, and dried lime and this Persian Rhubarb Stew made with beef.
  2. Pickles (Torshi) - We have a selection of different types of pickles, you can taste the difference as it gets more spicy in the south of the country and saltier around the middle. Bademjan (Minced meat, Eggplant And Tomato Stew) Bademjan. Baghali Polo (Rice With Dill And Broad Beans, and red meat) We'll Keep You Updated! Free Iran Cheat.
  3. I just use them in gheimeh bademjan. posted by lobakgo at 9:14 AM on August 4, 2005 . My father will eat anything pickled. I think he must secretly be Korean. He also makes his own piaz-torshi and torshi-left, which he leaves in the vinegar for months like laboratory specimens. He pickled some carrots one time for so long that they bleached.
  4. Reservation: ( 02 ) 8958 6378 - 0425 776 361. Address: Sydney, Australia 14 / 1380 -1388 Pacific Hwy, Turramurra NSW 207
  5. Torshi Hafte Bijar | ترشی هفت بیجار. سهراب -_- شکوهی. دنبال کردن. 3,441 1. ترشی هفت بیجار گیلانی - ترشی هفت بیجار رشتی - مواد ترشی مخلوط - طرز تهیه ترشی هفت بیجار شمالی - Torshi Hafte Bijar | ترشی هفت بیجار. 4 شهریور 96
  6. Roasted Eggplant Ingredients: Eggplant, Water, Salt, Garlic, Citric acid Kosher: OU Product of Bulgari
  7. A Fanoos Favorite. You get a Combination of Kashke Bademjan, Cutlet, Olivieh, Salad, Shirazi Salad & Maust' Khiar. Served with Pita Bread. Kashke Bademjam Baked Eggplant with Sauteed Mint, Onions, Garlic & Kashk (Dried Whey). Cutlet Ground Beef mixed with Potatoes & Fresh Herbs. Dolme

Torshi. Pickled vegetables. Must O'Mooseer. Yogurt with shallots. Tadig. Crusted rice, topped with one stew of your choice ($1 extra for each additional stew) Humus. Puree garbanzo beans, sesame seed, tahini mixed with a touch of olive oil, lemon, and spices. Green Salad. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and fresh parsley. Shirazi Salad (Persian. Shareables. Tahdig | 15 {Tah-deeg}, meaning bottom of the pot, is a must-have on any Iranian dining table. It is. made up of rice placed at the bottom of the pot, cooked until crispy, then topped with you Kashk Bademjan. Roasted eggplant spread, marinated with fried onion, garlic & fresh basil. $6.99. Mirza Ghasemi. Torshi. Fresh vegetables marinated with vinegar and salt. $2.99. Torshi Leete. Chopped vegetables marinated with vinegar, salt & fresh herbs. $2.99. Olives TORSHI . Mixed Picked vegetable and herbs. FRIED CALAMARI . Lightly breaded and fried to a Crisp Golden brown. COMBINATION PLATTER . A Family Size platter of your choice of 4 Appetizers: (HUMMU, MAST O' MOUSIR, MAST O'KHIAR, DOLMEH, BABA GANOUSH, KASHK-E-BADEMJAN, MIRZA GHASEMI,TORSHI, Torshi mixture of chopped vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, herbs and vinegar 5.00 Gheimeh Bademjan sauteed chunks of beef, onions, a special tomato sauce & yellow split peas.

Gheimeh Bademjan-Sauteed chunks of beef with yellow split peas, onions and dried limes simmered in our special fresh tomato sauce, topped with sauteed eggplant. $14.95: Ghormeh Sabzy-Sauteed chunks of beef and fresh herbs (Parsley, chives, cilantro and methi leaves), simmered in our special sauce with kidney beans and dried limes. $14.9 The Torshi-Tareh's salty sangy taste was a perfect pairing for the salmon. I will definitely return because they were so nice to accommodate and work with my very limited dietary needs. I will definitely return because they were so nice to accommodate and work with my very limited dietary needs

Rökt aubergine och äggröra med vitlök och tomat. Smoked eggplant and scrambled eggs with garlic and tomato. Sinie Sophie (2 pers) Som består av Kashke Bademjan, Koko sabzi, Zeyton parvardeh, Masto khiyar, Vitlöksbröd och Soppe joo. A mix of Kashke Bademjan, Koko sabzi, Zeyton parvardeh, Masto khiyar, Vitlöksbröd and Soppe joo Still mineral water bottle, 1 Ltr. $5.00. Sparkling mineral water bottle, 500 mL. Sparkling mineral water bottle, 750 mL. Non- alcoholic beer. Fresh brewed Iced tea $2.50. Pomegranate Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice. Milk $2.00. Tea & Coffee. All our beers are served in a large cooled 0.5L glass Soup.e.Jo. © Design & Develope 2016 by Persian Data Processors. All rights reserved Torshi is made with garlic, chili peppers, celery, cauliflower, carrots, beets, shallots, cabbage, aubergines (eggplant) and other vegetables, and dried aromatic herbs pickled in vinegar or brandy, salt, and different spice mixtures, which usually include whole black peppercorns, ginger, etc. Persian-style torshi includes more vinegar, while.

Farid is a middle-eastern kabob grill with a serving concept inspired by the Persian cuisine. Our grill masters grill sizzling fire-roasted meats on skewers. Using only the freshest ingredients and cooked via an open flame, our mouth-watering menu transports diners to the Persian empire and beyond with every bite Salmon with Torshi-Tareh $15.95 Broiled filet of Salmon with blended herb garlic and spice. Shrimp Kabob $12.95 Baghala polo with Kashk Bademjan $8.9 Kashk-e-Bademjan. Sauteed eggplant dressed with fried onions, garlic, mint and sour cream, served with our fresh baked pita bread. 6.00 . Hummus. Mashed chick peas and tahini sauce with garlic and a touch of olive oil. 6.00 Dolmeh. Stuffed grape leaves. 5.25 . Noon Paneer Sabz KASHKE BADEMJAN. fried eggplant with fermented whey, onions and mint $ 8. MIRZA GHASEMI. smoked eggplant with tomatoes, eggs and garlic $ 8. MASTO KHIAR. Persian yogurt with cucumbers and mint $ 5. MASTO MOOSEER. Persian yogurt with sun-dried shallots $ 5. HUMMUS. chickpea puree with tahini, lime juice and garlic $ 7. ZEYTOON PARVARDE

Kashk-e-Bademjan. Pureed eggplant and garlic, topped with sauteed mint and kashk Read More. $7.50 Khiar Shoor. Home made pickled baby persian cucumbers Read More. $7.50 Torshi. A mixture of marinated herbs and vegetables, carefully aged in vinegar and spices Read More. Shalizaar Menu. Appetizers. Beer. Beverages. Coffee Drinks In a pressure cooker, place the cubed lamb, half the onion, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, baharat and canned crushed tomatoes. Mix. Cover with water about an inch (2,5 cm) above the meat. Close the pressure cooker and cook over medium heat under pressure for 30 minutes or until meat is cooked through and tender

EGGPLANT STEW (GHEIMEH BADEMJAN) 22. A medley of Eggplant, Yellow Split Peas, Sautéed Onions, in a Fresh Tomato Based Sauce, Served with Grilled Vegetables. Side Orders. PLAIN RICE 6. MIXED RICE8. Lentil Rice, Barberry Rice, Black Cherry Rice, Lima Bean Rice or Green Bean Rice. Substitute 5. Substitute Rice with any Mixed Rice, Salad or Half Sala Lamb Shanks Stew. Fresh Lamb Shank, Tomato Sauces, Herbs & Freshly Grated Silk Spices. Substitute Your Rice for Sabzi Polo (Veggie Rice). Butter Chicken. $ 17.99. $ 17.99. Butter Chicken. Chicken Breast Marinated in Tandoori Masala, Butter, Lemon Juice, Fresh Tomato & Cashew Nuts. Chicken Drum Tandoori Kabob

Aquarium Persian Restaurant مطعم الایرانی‌. Quality Persian restaurant and cuisine in London. Opening at 11:00. Contact Us. Find Table View Menu Call 020 8992 8204 Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp 020 8992 8204 Message 020 8992 8204 Make Appointment Place Order Torshi. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. What we do. Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better Torshi is a pickled vegetable side dish enjoyed in Persian culture. It is the hot sauce or chutney of Persian food. The word torshi is derived from the Persian word torsh, which means sour. Iran has hundreds of different types of torshi with variations in flavors and the vegetables and seasonings used

Borani Kadoo va Bademjan is a vegetarian dish made with squash (kadoo) and eggplant (bademjan) and slices of fresh tomatoes and garlic. It is served with plain yogurt on the side and the red powder you see on top of the yogurt is a dash of cayenne pepper. This bornai gets its spiciness from serrano Read More Borani Bademjan $5.99. fried and cooked eggplant with yogurt, onions, garlic and herbs. Panir O'sabzi $6.99. fresh basil, mint, watercress, radishes, green onions, feta cheese. Dolmeh $5.99. cooked grape leaves, stuffed with ground beef, rice, tarragon, split peas, green onions, parsley and herbs (non-vegetarian) Torshi $4.9 Pars Persian Kitchen. Meal Takeaway. Opening at 5:00 PM. Call 0161 872 8078. Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp 0161 872 8078 Message 0161 872 8078 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order

A combination of five pcs of lamb chop served with rice or special naan & season salad. $22.99. Chenjeh. A skewer of boneless lamb leg served with rice or special tochal naan. $ 16.99. Kabab Torsh. A skewer of sirloin veal marinated with pomegranate paste, walnuts with rice & salad. $ 19.99 Menu, hours, photos, and more for Kasra Persian Grill located at 9741 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX, 77042-3960, offering Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Dinner, Vegetarian, Coffee and Tea, Persian, Seafood, Salads, Chicken, Lunch Specials and Lunch. View the menu for Kasra Persian Grill on MenuPages and find your next meal. Sparkling mineral water bottle, 500 mL. Sparkling mineral water bottle, 750 mL. Non- alcoholic beer. Fresh brewed Iced tea $2.50. Pomegranate Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice. Milk $2.00. Tea & Coffee. All our beers are served in a large cooled 0.5L glass. Freshly Brewed Persian Tea COMBINATION PLATTER ( P4 ) SERVE 10 PEOPLE. A combination of four skewers of beef, four skewers of chicken kobideh, three skewer chicken barg, two skewer beef barg, & four pieces. of lamb chop Serve with your choose of rice, bread and two mix appetizer plate. $145.99 (D) Gheymeh Bademjan Sautéed whole eggplants served in a slow cooked tomato based stew with yellow split peas, dried lime, and chunks of veal, served with a side of steamed white rice. $17.9

Veggie Torshi OR Sir-Torshi $3.49 Pickled vegetables OR picked garlic all aged in vinegar Served with our fresh tandoori bread Kashk-O-Bademjan (Eggplant Dip) $4.50 Grilled eggplant mixed with dried yogurt Served with fresh tandoori bread Fresh Tandoori Brea SPECIAL PERSIAN STEW (SAUCE) $ 17.95. CHOICE OF FESENJON or GHORMEH SABZI or GHEMEH BADEMJAN WITH OUT MEAT. Served with Basmati rice. $ 19.95. CHOICE OF TWO MIXED RICE , BORANI AND VEGGIE SKEWERS. STEAMED WHITE RICE or ALBALO POLO-Basmati rice mixed with black cherries (Be careful of the cherry pits!) or BAGHALI POLO-Basmati rice mixed with. A bowl of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and parsley with virgin olive oil and fresh lime juice dressing. 1. Add to Order - $6.99 Update Order -. Lunch Entrees Plain steamed rice may be substituted for half salad & half plain rice for $1 -or- Zereshk Polo, Adas Polo, Baghali Polo, Sabzi Polo, Albalo Polo for $2

Torshi. One lb. Traditional mixed and aged garden fresh vegetables, and herbs in wine vinegar. $5.99. Zorba (Dolma) Stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs. $7.99. Hummus. Ground garbanzo beans with sesame seed oil. $7.99. Kashke Bademjan. Oven baked and lightly sauteed eggplant mixed with onion, and garlic topped with kashk, mint, and onion. Use your Uber account to order delivery from Aria Restaurant in San Marcos. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order

Turmeric & Saffron: Bademjan Shekam-por - Persian StuffedPickle – Chop ChopKhoresh'e Gheimeh • خورش قیمه • Persian Style Yellow SplitSalade Nokhod (Garbanzo Bean Salad) - Persian Recipes