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GOOGLE Earth has captured a number of spooky and mysterious sightings across the globe from ancient drawings to Illuminati symbols. Is this target spotted in the Nevada desert hiding something A TikTok user has found some creepy men in a deserted ghost town while browsing Google Earth. Jason Cline said he noticed some white-cloaked figures in the city of Rhyolite in Nevada. In a video.

The TikTok video, which Cline posted on May 17, has 18 million views at the time of writing. In the video, Cline shows a view of Google Earth and zooms into the ghost town of Rhyolite, which is about 120 miles outside of Las Vegas. Cline describes the town as having more than a dozen creepy men in white cloaks that are visible on the virtual map Instead of creating and laboriously updating a Google Map of historic Nevada sites, we are, instead, going to convert everything to a Google Earth file. We are doing this because it's less work for me, and that's a good thing. For me. Clicking on THIS LINK will instruct your computer to download and possibly launch a GOOGLE EARTH .KMZ file Google Maps street view: The crop circle is located in the Nevada desert Area 52 is owned by the United States Department of Energy, and is a restricted military installation The strangest symbols on Google Earth: The enormous logos and bizarre figures that can only be seen from above. Mysterious sites that only reveal themselves from a birds-eye-view are scattered. People Call Time On Google Earth 'Mystery'. Everybody loves a good mystery. Curiosity about the unknown is human nature, and the spine-tingling sensation that can be found in things both weird and sensational gives a rush that rivals any other. With the strong reaction it can produce, it is no surprise that it is a favorite topic of.

Make use of Google Earth's detailed globe by tilting the map to save a perfect 3D view or diving into Street View for a 360 experience. Share your story with the world 36 Strange and Funny Google Street View Photos. We wanted to post these awesome Google Street View photos a long time ago, but somehow they got lost along the way. Luckily, I found them while reading Twisted Sifter. We tried our best to find more cool examples of funny Google Street View images. However almost every source was pointing to Jon.

Here 5 really strange Google Earth sightings We know how awesome Google Street View service is, the Google Maps feature lets you enjoy the virtual journey through streets all over the world for free. What we may not know is that Google Street view also contains some of the world's most creepy, weird, funny, strange and shocking images. We have a collection of 80 images to show so. Google Maps is an indispensable tool and has been used to locate lesser-known areas, become a digital tour guide and even help solve crimes. The recent advancements like Street View can produce highly detailed images of these regions and give a glimpse of a parallel dimension or catch spooky occurences A mysterious place called Sandy Island had popped up on maps, northwest of New Caledonia. It even showed up as a black polygon on Google Earth. But when scientists sailed there in November 2012. Google Earth pictures have revealed the clandestine air base — known as Area 6 — is located deep in the Nevada desert on the Yucca flat, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.. The base is run.

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  1. Google Maps and Google Street View is the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many strange and weird things found on Google Maps and Google Street View if you really scour around. Many people have found incredibly weird things and some are downright disturbing or hilarious
  2. Make use of Google Earth's detailed globe by tilting the map to save a perfect 3D view or diving into Street View for a 360 experience. Collaborate with others like a Google Doc and share your.
  3. The Strangest Sights in Google Earth Ever since Google first let people scour the planet from the comfort of their computers through the Google Earth software program, fans have been on a virtual scavenger hunt from the North Pole to the South Pole looking for anything interesting, unusual, or unexplained. From shipwrecks to crop circles, from ads big enough to be read from space to a giant.
  4. Weird and wonderful views captured via Google Earth. Explainer Provides context or background, definition and detail on a specific topic. (Pocket-lint) - The world is a wonderful place and with.

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program. It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and geographic information system (GIS) 3D globe. Just like their data-rich Maps and Street View offerings, Google Earth is a treasure trove of oddities Click here to check it out on Google Maps and the coordinates for Google Earth are 37°13'06.35 N 115°47'51.00 W. I've closely followed the construction of the massive new hangar at the base. Google Maps Secrets. Those were 12 of the best kept Google Maps secrets I could find. be sure to check out the Urbex Underground Ariel Oddities map below for more hidden and weird parts of our planet. Let me know in the comments if there's a place on the map you think deserves to be added Can anyone explain what is this?! a mysterious Alien structure (and possible Alien space craft) has been found on Google Earth in Egypt, near to the Pyramids.. Google Earth (@hidden.on.google.earth) on TikTok | 48.9M Likes. 4.3M Fans. Thanks for 4 Milion Followers Goal 5 Million Follower

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  1. Welcome to Google Sightseeing! Google Sightseeing takes you on a tour of the world as seen from satellite or street views using Google Maps. Our team of authors present weird and wonderful sights as suggested by readers. Like this site? We published a photo book of the best entries, you should buy a copy
  2. 1. Turn every thing off (no checkmark/dot) 2. go to Google earth Community 3. go to Google Earth Community forums 4. check MILITARY. from JPs map area, fly around north west to find large nukes (1 megaton) and to right where there are blast marks are some smaller nukes p.s. turn on earthquakes
  3. Some random placemarks in USA. Test flight UFO, Nevada (grade 3.24 of 5) Maxim cover, Nevada (grade 3.84 of 5) Anomaly, North Carolina (grade 2.64 of 5) Triangle, Arizona (grade 4.08 of 5) Happy Faces on California Silos, California (grade 3.67 of 5) Alcatraz, San Fransisco (grade 3.50 of 5) Hulk Hogan's House, Belleair, FL (grade 3.65 of 5.
  4. Dec 4, 2017 - Odd and unusual, facts or fiction. See more ideas about mystery, ancient aliens, ufo
  5. A Google Earth user has located satellite images of what appears to be a hidden entrance on a mountain slope that supposedly leads to the most infamous secret base in the world - Area 51.He. Satellite map of Area 51 The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada.
  6. Google Earth location : 37°10'36.76″N, 116° 2'46.58″W This is a bombing target in a restricted part of Nevada Google Earth location : 37.563838,-116.85115 Or is this a lost city? Very curious. Google Earth location : 39°44'2.53″N, 119° 2'13.30″
  7. Strange world. Ever since Google This circle in the desert just outside Beatty, Nevada (Google Earth coordinates 37.401437,-116.86773), is one of hundreds spotted with the software

A shocked TikTok user has gone viral after revealing how he spotted 'creepy men standing in circle' in a deserted town on Google Earth. Charlotte Edwards, The Sun news.com.au June 9, 2021 10:11a A TikTok user is posting interesting finds from Google Earth that range from the spooky to the fascinating.. The account has over 1.4 million followers thanks to its curated selection of strange images from around the world. Each video is pretty simple, the user pans into their screen and slowly zooms into something unusual they've noticed about a random Google Earth location

This strange pentagram, etched into the Earth's surface in a remote corner of Kazakhstan, can be seen on Google Maps. [10 Strangest Sights on Google Earth] And in a remote corner of Nevada. In Pictures: The Strangest Sights in Google Earth. This slide show was entertaining, so I proceeded to click on the second installment, Strangest Sights II. This is where I found out about Rachel, Nevada. Google maps image of Rachel, Nevada Crop circles. To be more clear: agricultural crops planted to facilitate irrigation by a boom that rotates over the field from a central point. See * Boom Irrigation. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear

Google Street View began in 2007 with coverage of just five cities. Over the past decade, the camera-equipped car, aerial drones and the on-foot trekkers have captured some interesting images from. Someone found a Black Triangle UFO on Google Earth. Source Coordinates are 30°30'38.44S 115°22'56.03E if you want to check it out for yourself. [edit on 11-3-2007 by Acharya] whether it's a hoax or just something weird those Aussie's do is the only 'conspiracy' here. [edit on 11-3-2007 by Navieko] SkyWay. posted on Mar, 11 2007 @ 09:07. Google Earth. If this photo looks eerily blue to you, that's because the ground of this shot, taken on August 30, 2005, is covered with water after the devastation of the Category 5 hurricane that ravaged the South of the United States. Over $125 billion in damage was caused by the hurricane FAQ: Weird Circles Seen From Space. December 26, 2005. Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D.

Maybe these were trenches for sensors or something like that? You'd obviously want various points of measurement across the blast zone. It would be interesting to see what this area looks like from the ground. There are similar strange lines by other test sites, notably the larger Cottage test site at 37°10'47.53N, 116° 5'23.25W ©2014 Maxar Technologies, Southern Nevada Water Authority, U.S. Geological Survey. Las Vegas. United States. Show Map. About Earth View. Earth View is a collection of thousands of the most striking landscapes found in Google Earth. Humans have only been able to see the planet from space for the last 50 years

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The Truth Behind The Malibu Underwater 'Alien Base'. By Lee Speigel. A little more than 6 miles off the coast of Point Dume in Malibu, California, an unusual-looking structure sits on the sea bed floor. Based on images obtained on Google Earth, the oval-shaped object has a huge flat top and what appear to be pillars or columns that seem to. Google Maps: The Mysterious Underground Base Found In Area 51 Nevada in the early hours of September 20th 2019. Google Maps, US News, Aliens, Weird, mystery. Mark Cunliffe. Advert. 10.

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  1. Nellis Air Force Base. Las Vegas, Nevada (NV), US. Google Maps. Bing Maps. Street View. Microsoft has removed the Birds Eye imagery for this map. You may wish to switch to the Google Maps view instead. Show location URL. View at google.com
  2. An up-close view of runways and buildings at the top-secret military base known as Area 51 can be seen in new images from a private pilot who traveled near the mysterious area in the Nevada late.
  3. Google Earth 5 2 free download - Google Earth Pro, Google Earth Voyager, Streamripper for Winamp 2 and 5, and many more program Discover Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada: In the middle of an extremely unforgiving and desolate high desert is the most secret military facility in the world Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for.
  4. These strange-ass birds. It looks like Google updated their Maps but there was the pier that looked like someone was dragging a dead body to dispose of in the lake while leaving behind a trail of blood. I've always been a little creeped out by looking at the satellite images of the Nevada Nuclear Testing Facility
  5. Groom Lake is a dry lake. [1] Also described as a salt flat, [2] it is located in Nevada, and used for runways of the Nellis Bombing Range Test Site airport (KXTA). [3] Part of the Area 51USAF installation, it lies at an elevation of 4,409 ft (1,344 m) [4] and is approximately 3.7 miles (6.0 km) from north to south and 3 miles (4.8 km) from east to west at its widest point, and is.
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  2. Using Google Ruler we see that the UFO is 31.36 feet across or 9.5 meters. Its shadow is 8.15 meters across or 27.8 feet across. This UFO is 35.3 miles (56.8km) from Area S4. The UFO is 36.17 miles (58.22 km) from Area 51 (US AFB). The area where this UFO is hovering at is all part of Area 51 which covers hundreds of square miles

If you go to Google Maps and drag the little yellow Street View man icon over the Area 51 area by Groom Lake in the Nevada desert, a cute UFO icon will pop up. Area 51 is the nickname for a US Air. The definitive map of the world's extraordinary sights. by Atlas Obscura. All Places in the Atlas on One Map

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Instantly see a Google Street View of any supported location. Easily share and save your favourite views America's Tonopah Test Range — a subsection of a desert military installation in Nevada colloquially referred to as Area 51 — was found to have gone without an update from Google Earth in. Nevada Brothel - The Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, NV (Google Maps) Nevada Brothel - The Chicken Ranch. Pahrump, Nevada (NV), US. Google Maps. Bing Maps. Street View. Microsoft has removed the Birds Eye imagery for this map. You may wish to switch to the Google Maps view instead. Show location URL Take a look at these 50 facts to learn something new about the Sin City. 1. There's estimated to be at least 1,000 people living beneath Vegas in underground tunnels. 2. Michael Jackson had plans to build a 50 foot tall moon walking robot replica of himself to roam the Las Vegas desert The location of 650 off-limits, secret U.S. military bases have been charted and pictured thanks to satellite images collected by Google and Bing

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Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in. Google Earth - 1987 - 2012KML Over the past three decades, Saudi Arabia has been drilling for a resource more precious than oil. Engineers and farmers have tapped hidden reserves of water to grow grains, fruits, and vegetables in the desert Google Earth found several things, such as scorch marks. 10. Bloody Lake, Sadr, Iraq Many have made assumptions regarding the bright red color of Sadr lake, Iraq. But the most reasonable one is that the phenomenon is a result of water and waste processing. 11. Strange Symbol in Nevada

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Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified United States Air Force (USAF) facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range.A remote detachment administered by Edwards Air Force Base, the facility is officially called Homey Airport (XTA/KXTA) or Groom Lake (after the salt flat situated next to its airfield). Details of the facility's operations are not made public, but the USAF. Google Earth Engine combines a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities and makes it available for scientists, researchers, and developers to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth's surface. satellite imagery. +. your algorithms What's Going On With Google Earth's Bridges? - 14 Pics. Source. Article by DumpaDay. com. London Bridges Falling Down Google Earth Images Design Observer Brooklyn Between Two Worlds True Homes Weird World What Goes On Photography Tutorials Area 51 (AKA Groom Lake) is located in southern Nevada, not far away from Las Vegas. Once a top secret military base, today it is a well studied object thanks to Google satellite maps. Watch the video: Top Secrets OF Area 51 Revealed Here you can see an interactive Open Street map which shows the exact location of Area 51

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The secret base we call Area 51 is in Nevada, far out in what's called the high desert (at 5,000 feet, or 1,500 meters, above sea level). It's located in part of a big parcel of land the US government originally annexed for use in atomic weapons testing. In 1953, when the need for secret work was recognized, Area 51 was born Maps. From the White Mountains in Alaska to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse in Florida, map and geospatial products inform our management decisions. A growing selection of those maps are available for your public lands adventures and business. Other featured map products: Search our downloadable map list below for more resources SEE FOR YOURSELF: Take a look at Google Earth coordinates 34° 1'23.31N 118° 59'45.64W. If that's not close enough, and you happen to have access to a boat and high-powered underwater-research equipment, you can explore yourself.Let us know what you find! Join the guys as they dive deep for adventure. Watch the full episode now Labels: 37°18'20.41″N 116°28'21.13″W, area 51 ufo, best ufo images, google earth ufo, google maps ufo, google ufos, Nevada ufo, real ufo footage, s4 ufo, ufo footage, ufo over Nevada Google Earth Has Captured Another UFO Under The Water

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Without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to crop circles is Google Earth. This circle in the desert just outside Beatty, Nevada (Google Earth coordinates 37.401437,-116.86773), is one of hundreds spotted with the software. This giant pink bunny (Google Earth coordinates 44.244273,7.769737) in Prata Nevoso, Italy, was built by a group. 1. The bird people of Japan. See for yourself. 2. Scott's Hut. An abandoned hut in Antarctica. It's suspected that nobody has lived there for over a century. You can actually take a virtual tour of the inside on Google Maps, but you may see some shocking things, including what may or may not be dried blood covering a mirror. See for yourself Located in southeastern Washoe County within the Truckee River Basin, Pyramid Lake is a mere 40 miles from Reno — and it's absolutely spectacular. But don't let this lake's beauty and grandeur fool you, for despite its splendor; this unique lake in Nevada is home to several sinister and paranormal legends. Read on posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 05:50 PM. link. The original picture is a bombing target. The triangle is used to ensure that they didn't bomb strip mines or natural markings by mistake. It also gives them a direction or heading for the bombing run. They were made large so that they could drop iron bombs from high altitude 12 Bigfoot: World's Biggest Monster Truck. Bigfoot 5 is the world's biggest and heaviest monster truck. It has a 1996 Ford F250 pickup body with a 460 cu inch V8 for power. Bigfoot 5 weighs 28,000 lbs and stands 15 feet 6 inches tall. The enormous tires are from an Alaskan land train, a vehicle used by the US army in the 1950's

The peak stands 6,782 meters (22,251 ft) high and was first climbed in 1964. What is especially strange about this mountain is that a point on one of its faces is blacked out on Google Earth. This has led many to believe that it is a secret base for UFOs or a government hangar for testing futuristic aircraft Lovelock is the county seat of Pershing County, Nevada, United States, in which it is the only incorporated city. Photo: Famartin , CC BY-SA 3.0 . Black Rock Cit

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The Area 51 coordinates are easy to find on Google Earth. Area 51 is distinguishable by several natural landmarks and finding the location on any topographical map of southern Nevada is also easy. Google Maps makes it possible to zoom and view the roads, runways and structures on the base Airplane Graveyard. Google Earth. The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside Tuscon, Ariz., is where old planes go to die. More than 4,000 military aircraft are parked on the base, from B-52s to stealth bombers, where they are salvaged for parts and broken down for scrap. It's one of the most popular satellite pictures online, making guided tours. This circle in the desert just outside Beatty, Nevada (Google Earth coordinates 37.401437,-116.86773), is one of hundreds spotted with the software. If you're hoping that looking at enough crop circles will give you clues about the arrival of our alien overlords, download this set of Placemarks to crop circles For more than 20 years, the world's deepest hole could be found on Russia's Kola peninsula, boring 40,000 feet down into the Earth's crust. In recent years, though, the Kola Superdeep. Area 51 coordinates google maps. The Area 51 coordinates are easy to find on Google Earth. Area 51 is distinguishable by several natural landmarks and finding the location on any topographical map of southern Nevada is also easy. Google Maps makes it possible to zoom and view the roads, runways and structures on the base Area 51 and Rachel, Neva

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10 Underwater Base Off The Coast Of Malibu. Photo credit: Fade to Black via YouTube. California has been a UFO hot spot for years, so when it was theorized that a structure discovered 600 meters (2,000 ft) below the water 10 kilometers (6 mi) off the coast of Malibu was in fact an alien base, it didn't come as that much of a surprise Google Earth VR puts the whole world within your reach. Take a peek at some of the incredible sights you'll experience along the way in the preview gallery. above. below. Hong Kong Stadium. Hong Kong. Hoover Dam. Nevada / Arizona. Space Needle Two Texas girls in Bexar County discovered the remains of a 25-year-old man, stole his jewelry and posted video of the macabre act to Snapchat, police say

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Home Page for Roadside America, travel tools and guide to unusual attractions, tourist traps, weird vacations, and road trips Discover Pyramid Lake in Reno, Nevada: This Nevada lake holds its titular natural pyramid and, if the legends are true, a number of dangerous spirits Nevada's Fly Geyser is an accidental manmade wonder that has created a whimsically colored and fantastically shaped desert marvel that is a must-see for Nevadans and visitors alike. About the Fly Ranch Geyser. The Fly Geyser is located on Fly Ranch, a 3,800-acre parcel of land in Northern Nevada purchased by the Burning Man Project in 2016.