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  4. The adductor machine. This trains the muscles inside of the thighs, known as the adductor muscles including the longus magnus and brevis. The abductor machine. This trains the muscles for turning the thigh outwards, including the Sartorius, gluteus medius and tensor fascia latae. Abductor & Adductor Machines
  5. machine for training adductors and abductors magnetic pin to select the load weight stack carter in transparent polycarbonate illustrative chart; Technical Info. dual workout position: 2 different settings to work the abductor and adductor muscles backrest with gas assisted incline adjustment range of motion: adjustable starting angl
  6. Do The Abductor & Adductor Machines Have Any Benefit? Now to the meat and potatoes of this article, why you should opt out of using the seated abductors and adductors machines for other exercises. The main problem with these machines is their lack of real-world functionality, whether you're training for a sport, to recover from an injury or.

HIP ADDUCTION/ABDUCTION Moving from one exercise to the next on the EPIC Selectorized Hip Adduction/Abduction is a breeze. Leg pads swivel and the start position changes with a simple pop pin. With the weight stack positioned in front of the seat, users can easily change the resistance when switching between exercises 1-48 of 291 results for hip abductor machine Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Best Seller in Rowing Machines. Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer for Glutes Workout with Training Video. 4.5 out of 5 stars 29,249. $102.99 $ 102. 99 $129.00 $129.00 The abductor machine targets the muscles that are used for hip abduction, namely your tensor fasciae latae and your three glute muscles: the gluteus medius, minimus and maximus. Skeptics note that while the machine does strengthen these muscles, it also tightens the iliotiibial band, connective tissue that helps your hips with abduction The hip abduction and adduction is a machine that undergoes a slight modification to work the adductor muscle groups on your inner thighs and the abductor muscle groups on the outside of your hips. To work the abductors, place your legs inside the pads and press outward against them, working against the resistance The hip abduction and adduction machines feel incredible: You can use a lot of weight, so you feel strong, and both exercises leave you with a serious burn. But hip abduction and adduction machines are dangerous, says Nick Tumminello, owner of Performance University in Baltimore, because your body isn't designed for those movements

With the bad-girl machine, aka the abductor machine, I used it prior to squatting as a way to get my hips and glutes warmed up. I stayed lighter for this movement and worked in the 15-20 rep range. When I initiated a squat workout this way, my squats felt way better and were more in the groove right out of the gate

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  1. Precor Vitality Abductor/Adductor & Inner/Outer Thigh Combo. $2,189.00. Precor Vitality abductor/adductor combo machine in excellent condition. This is a two-in-one unit and an excellent space saver. This machine is very popular with all types of people from soccer moms to competitive bodybuilders. Machine targets muscles and areas of the.
  2. imus . Abductors are muscles that pull your leg away from your body. These machines definitely have a physical therapy component to them. About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with a condition called chondromalacia
  3. The adductor and abductor machines were always one of my favs for legs at my old gym. My current gym doesn't have them and I'm finding myself missing them for working my inner and outer thighs! I know I can use a cable with an ankle strap but it just doesn't feel like it's working the same
  4. The Plate-Loaded Hip Abductor and Adductor Exercise Machine from Titan Fitness® is an easy-to-use stabilizer machine keyed to improve balance and range of motion. Featuring a plate loaded system, an adjustable padded seat with backrest, dual foot positions, and a smooth gear system
  5. g the workouts listed above. They will surely help you! FA
  6. • The Ab/Ad Machine weighs approximately 322 Kg (710 lbs) when fully assembled and occupies an area 140 cm wide by 151 cm deep. Star Trac recommends the addition of 1-2 people during assembly, and when moving the equipment to its designated point of use
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China Land Fitness Ld1000 Adductor Gym Equipment Strength Machine Adductor Abductor Hip Adductor Machine for Sale, Find details and Price about China Adductor Machine, Hip Adductor Machine from Land Fitness Ld1000 Adductor Gym Equipment Strength Machine Adductor Abductor Hip Adductor Machine for Sale - SHANDONG LAND FITNESS TECH CO., LTD Yanre Fitness' 61A22 adductor machine is made to match the highest standards. Its innovative design appeals to both beginners and fitness professionals. This inner thigh exercise machine is market-competitive in terms of efficiency and keeps users engaged with all its benefits Abductor Adductor Machine Adductor Machine Gym Equipment Hip Abductor Adductor LY-1819/Commercial Fitness Machine. $100.00-$800.00/ Piece. 10.0 Pieces (Min. Order) CN Shandong Baodelong Fitness Co., Ltd. 9 YRS. 5.0 ( 2) Contact Supplier. Ad Isolate Oblique Muscles with the Rogue Pro Oblique Flexor. Get Yours at Rogue. Track Your Shipment From the Moment You Order to Delivery With the Rogue Shipping System

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A leg abduction machine is the necessary piece of fitness equipment needed in a gym. This machine allows people to focus on their lower body parts and strengthen their inner and outer thigh muscles. You will need to go through a detailed review before buying an abduction machine. 8 Best Hip Abductor Machines For Home 2021 For Sale - Buying Guid Location: Houston, Texas, United States. Posts: 3,769. Rep Power: 445. I personally like the adductor machine, but hate the abductor machine. I feel the adductor machine hits my legs in an area that is weak, and it's helped to fill out my leg some. That said, my current leg routine is: Squats That's because the abductor machine itself isn't the be-all and end-all of butt workouts in the first place. Standing, ground-based hip-extension exercises like lunges, Romanian deadlifts. Plank with arms on a stability ball. Ab Rollout. Ab rollout Bodysaw with Valslides or towels on a wood floor (shown in the picture above) 4 / 9. 4. Smith machine. Avoid any exercise on the Smith. The expanded versatility of the Matrix Versa Hip Abductor / Adductor makes it easy to create a weight-training collection just right for your space, your budget and the people you serve. Learn more about the Matrix Versa Hip Abductor / Adductor

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The adductor and abductor machines will firm and tone your inner thighs and outer buttocks when used intensely, but will not alter their size — that is, slim them down. Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss. Adduction / Abduction ST5520-Hi5. The HUR Dual Function Adduction/ Abduction machine is specifically designed to provide older adults with a safe and comfortable way of building strength in both adductor and abductor muscles in the hips and legs. HUR USA, INC. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device

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Instructions. Select your desired weight and sit up tall on the machine's seat with your back resting firmly on the back pad. Place your feet flat on the foot plates and rest the outside of your thighs against the inside of the thigh pads just above the knees, with your knees aligned directly over your ankles. Hold on to the handgrips The bad news? Some of those machines are not only a waste of time, but those unnatural movements can actually make existing injuries worse. A few years back when one of our owners was a Physical Therapist, we removed the abductor and adductor machines based on the extensive knowledge our then-owner carried from his profession

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Another reason for men to use the hip adductor and abductor equipment is simply to strengthen the inner and outer thigh muscles. These machines isolate the inner and outer thigh muscles. Another consideration is that hip abduction isolates the gluteus minimus and medius: two butt muscles. If a man wants to build mass in his buttocks, it would. With the Abductor, train your abductor muscles including the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and tensor fasciae latae (TFL). Discover the Abductor machine, Selection 900 from Technogym now The abductor machine is indeed excellent for glute isolation, but it is one of those exercises which is best reserved for the end of your workout. Avoid using your upper body for momentum on this machine, the rest of your body should remain still. This is an isolation exercise, meaning you are working a single muscle group (your glutes) through.

Opt For These instead: All lower body unilateral exercises and variations including: deadlifts, Lunges, Squats (any variation), step ups, sprinting, banded shuffle walks, hip thrusts, bird-dogs, fire-hydrants and banded monster walks. Training the adductors and abductors is NOT a bad idea, but using the Yes-NOmachine is a waste of time Via Madonna della Fonte 3/c - 62021 Apiro (MC) Italy. T. +39 0733 611824 - F. +39 0733 611777. www.panattasport.com - info@panattasport.com. 14/7/2021. Panatta® reserves the right to modify its products and documentation at any time without prior notice. All Panatta® brand and patents are owned by Panatta s.r.l. in Italy and abroad

Seated Abductor What is the seated abductor machine? The seated abductor is an isolation exercise for the outer thighs and hips. The machine works the legs using an opposite motion to the adductor machine. The exerciser sits on the seat and uses the legs to lift the weight by moving the pads apart and together Work gluteus, tensor and adductor muscles with this Selection 700 Abductor/Adductor machine. Visit Technogym.com to see how we can tailor our products to your requirements. (800) 804-0952 . Call our Consultants on (800) 804-0952 . Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST. Call us. Store; Support. Technical Support. I can just do the thigh machine at the gym. Most fitness experts agree that the popular hip abductor/adductor machine is not the best way to strengthen your muscles. The problem is that this movement does not replicate anything that you do in your day-to-day life, therefore it is not a functional movement

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The abductor/adductor machine works those lateral muscles. When you push your legs outward (abduction), you're strengthening the hip abductors, including the outer glutes. When you press your. You've probably seen the abductor and adductor machines around your gym. Both are similar in design and target areas of the thighs. The abductor machine involves pushing the legs apart against resistance, whereas the adductor machine brings the legs together (you might want to think of this as 'adding' to your body as you push the weight in) The Optima Series Hip Abductor/Adductor offers swivel pads that allow exercisers to work both inner and outer thighs. The sleek design is inviting to exercisers of all fitness levels and abilities. Product Specifications. Cables - 7×19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable meets U.S. military specification Adductor and Abductor Machine Alternatives. by Tony Bonvechio. March 21, 2017. 4 Comments. Share it: Of all the machines at the gym, the hip adduction and abduction machine is perhaps the most misused and misunderstood. While most people think they're toning their inner thighs for more shapely legs, they're probably compressing their lower. The key difference between abductor and adductor muscles is that the abductor muscles are the muscles that pull body parts outwards from the midline while the adductor muscles are the muscles that pull body parts towards the midline of the body.. Muscle is a soft tissue that aids in force and motion that works as a source of power as well. Muscles help to change and maintain the posture.

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  1. Adductor/Abductor Machines Not only can using these machines look a little bit awkward in the gym, they also pale in effectiveness at developing the intended regions — the inner and outer thigh. While the machines work these muscles in isolation, the adductors and abductors are actually meant to work in coordination with the rest of the body.
  2. . Ok, we're back with a few more exercises you may have seen me do, but haven't been able to do yourself because your gym doesn't have that piece of equipment
  3. The major muscles worked are all the adductors of the hip including the inner hamstrings, gracilis, adductor magnus, addutor brevis, and adductor longus. Perform Adduction on the Inner Thigh Machine: Starting Position: • Adjust seat width so that you feel a slight stretch on your adductor muscles when your inner thighs are placed on the pads
  4. Leg abduction machine (aka abductor / leg abductor) extension and leg abduction exercise is an additional exercise aimed at working out the muscles of the inner thighs and auxiliary adductors. This exercise should be included in your programs in order to work the thigh muscles at such angles and give such a load that these muscles do not.
  5. Press your back firmly against the back rest of the machine. Push against the leg pads of adductor machine with your legs and slowly spread them. Do not pause until you feel a slight stretch in your adductors. Squeeze your adductors and hold for a count of one. Inhale and return to the initial position
  6. The item for sale is one abductor/adductor weight machine. The machine has approx. 200lbs. of weights. It is not known if the machine is operational. The asset is sold As is, Where is. The machine is located at the Henrico County Public Schools warehouse at 4323 Carolina Ave., Henrico, Virginia, 23222

The abductor and adductor muscles are in your hips and thighs, working in sync to allow you to move your legs to the sides. The abductors are responsible for moving the leg away from the midline of the body, while the adductors are responsible for moving the leg towards the midline of the body Benefits of the seated adductor machine. The adductor machine allows for isolated strengthening and development of the inner thighs. This is a difficult area to train effectively and this muscle is quite under-used in every day life, so the adductor machine provides a much needed exercise for total isolation of the inner thigh muscles.. This is a good exercise to use towards the end of your.

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  1. Energie Fitness Ld-821 Abductor Machine ₹ 49,500/ Unit. Get Quote. Energie Fitness Bmw-018 Inner Thigh Abductor Machine ₹ 60,500/ Unit. Get Quote. Abductor And Adductor Machine, For Gym, Model Name/Number: NEOFIT. ₹ 85,000/ Piece Get Latest Price. Usage/Application: Gym. Model Name/Number: NEOFIT
  2. The hip abduction and adduction is a machine that undergoes a slight modification to work the adductor muscle groups on your inner thighs and the abductor muscle groups on the outside of your hips.To work the abductors, place your legs inside the pads and press outward against them, working against the resistance The adductor machine
  3. The downside is the movement performed the way it is on most adductor machines could create some significant knee issues. When doing this exercise, there's a significant external rotation of the femur. A downside to the reverse facing machine is that the foot pad is usually in a fixed line of action with the hips in the forward facing manner.

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Bodymax Pro II Leg Abductor or Adductor Machine. Bodymax professional II Abductor and adductor muscle machine could be a nice unit that mixes each inner and outer thigh exercises. Comes complete stability handles, instruction placard, and intense 170lb weight stack and stack guard Is the adductor machine at the gym useful? I prefer that you use free weight exercises to strengthen the adductors as this will help improve your muscle coordination and stabilization. However, if you have access to the machine, and you want to use it, feel free to incorporate it into your routine Adductor/Abductor Machine. It is commercial machine and has 120kg stack. It works perfectly. $750. Cranbourne, VIC. 18/06/2021. Gym Graded Exercise Machine. Gym graded exercise machine with weight plates in very good condition. * Abductor exercise machine, perfect for hip Strengthening Exercises You Can Do at Home $150 No, nothing really effect hip dips because guess what? They are not muscle they are a space between bones. You are trying to exercise an area with no muscle in it. Abductor machines exercise the outer thighs and outer hip muscles but a hip dip doe..

Feb 9, 2019 - Buy Adductor Abductor Machine Equipment with Low Price From Inner Outer Thigh Manufacturers & Suppliers Ntaifitness. Shop now Preparation. Sit in machine with legs outside of vertical center pads. If available, place heels on foot bars. Disengage and pull lever brace to position legs apart until slight stretch is felt. Engage lever into locked position. Lie back and grasp bars to sides The adductor machine. This trains the muscles inside of the thighs, known as the adductor muscles including: the longus magnus and brevis. The abductor machine. This trains the muscles for turning the thigh outwards, including the Sartorius, gluteus medius and tensor fascia latae

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The Plate-Loaded Hip Abductor and Adductor Exercise Machine features a plate loaded system, an adjustable backrest, dual foot positions, and a smooth gear system. This inner and outer thigh machine targets your adductor and abductor muscles from one seated position. Easily set your desired weight, sit back on the high-density seat/back cushions, and turn the knee pads so that they rest against. Hip Abduction/Adduction RESTYLED. REFINED. REIMAGINED. Eagle has always stood as the benchmark for excellence in strength machines. Now we're redefining what it means to be the best with refined movements, restyled aesthetics, and reimagined user features

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Trim and tone those trouble spots with the Inner & Outer Thigh Machine. Do both abductor/adductor exercises from one seated position. 5 range of motion adjustments accommodate users of all sizes. A lumbar supported adjustable back pad, swiveling knee pads and no cable change design provide the quality, comfort and ease of use necessary to. The Strencor Platinum Series Abductor and Adductor machine is a great addition to your gym or workout space. This highly targeted machine focuses on the inner and outer thighs to strengthen, tone, and define the upper legs

Tight hips and Iliotibial bands are very common, and sitting in the abductor machine, forcing your legs outward your hips and IT bands can become even tighter. For many, the hope is to spot tone those pesky inner thighs on an adductor machine. Unfortunately, spot toning is not something that is effective and a repetitive, unnatural motion can. Cybex Eagle 11181 Hip Abduction/Adduction Owner's Manual Safety Page 1-2 • Make sure that each machine is set up and operated on a solid level surface. Do not install equipment on an uneven surface. • Make sure that all users are properly trained on how to use the equipment. • Make sure there is enough room for safe access and operation of the equipment Optima Series Hip Adductor/Abductor Instructions. Instructional video demonstrating the muscles worked, proper machine set up, how to correctly perform the exercise, exercise variety, machines features and safety considerations. Watch the vide browneyedgirl528. · 5y Powerlifting. They arent necessarily bad but they do only focus on one function of both muscle groups like the glutes do some much more than just abduct the hip and the hip adductors also assist in medial rotation of the hip so it isn't functional but as a warm-up or an accessory lift its fine

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Matrix Ultra Hip Abductor. Powerful yet comfortable. Advanced functionality with intuitive operation. The industry's most durable components wrapped in breathtaking industrial design. The Ultra Series goes beyond your expectations of strength training equipment to earn and retain members like nothing else. Conveniently located and easy to. Cybex Eagle abductor & adductor combo inner/outer thigh. This model is currently available from Cybex. This is a two-in-one unit and an excellent space saver. This machine is very popular with all types of people from soccer moms to competitive bodybuilders. Machine targets muscles and areas of the muscle that no other machine or free weight. Hip Abductor / Adductor Machines. NEW. Available. #00300 - Hip Abductor Adductor Combo-Inner and Outer Thigh. NEW. Available. #08028 - Selectorized Hip Abductor/Adductor (Inner Outter Thigh) Combo

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  1. Sit and position yourself so that the inner legs are pressing on the pads. Squeeze the legs together until they meet (the left leg component of the machine should gently touch the right leg component of the machine in the center). In a controlled manner, move the legs apart, thereby returning to the starting position. Repeat steps 2-3
  2. DF202 Abductor/Adductor. Our unique dual function push-pull design is your ideal product for your space. You get two motions in one beautifully designed machine. This product strengthens your hip adductor and abductor. The cushion swivel design is truly revolutionary. Categories: Dual Function, Strength Tags: Lower Body, Performance Series.
  3. This machine strengthens your hip by targeting both the abductor and adductor muscles, and each movement has its own strength curve. It comes with a 47-inch high weight tower, a state-of-the-art weight stack technology which allows you to choose your desired weight in 5-pound increments by simply turning the dial
  4. Abductor Tears & Tendinopathy. Hip tendonitis is when any of the many tendons in the hip become inflamed. As the tendonitis gets worse, the outside of the tendon, called a sheath, can thicken or get bigger, and get darker red in color. Sometimes tendonitis can even cause the tendon to tear. This condition is sometimes called the rotator cuff.
  5. Abductor / Adductor Machine. £2,499.99. The Phoenix Fitness Abductor and Adductor is the perfect piece of machinery to tone and strengthen your legs at home or in a commercial gym. The biomechanics of this machine have been designed to focus and isolate the muscles in your legs to achieve optimum performance
  6. with the unique capabilities of the A 300 Hip Abductor. Attract and retain members with unmatched versatility. Conventional machines can train you to be stronger—just like Keiser. But you can train in five different ways with the A300 Hip Abductor. It gives your members more training options and more enjoyment
  7. The abductor and adductor muscles are incredibly important for hip function and joint health. Unfortunately they're commonly neglected. Although the double leg variations are very effective and mimic machine abduction and adduction machines, the single leg planking variations offer a few unique benefits

Abductor and Adductor Machine (IT 9008) Get latest price To fit the requirement of our customers, we are involved in manufacturing and importing a wide assortment of Abductor and Adductor.. The hip adduction machine exercise is an exercise used to strengthen the muscles of the adductors. Having strong adductor plays a critical role in using maximal weights on lower body exercises such as squats and lunges.. From an aesthetic standpoint, using the hip adduction machine can help in building shapely inner thighs

Smart Strength Series . EGYM Smart Strength machines were designed specifically for the professional requirements of fitness and health facilities inspired by our extensive experience working with over 14.000 fitness and health centers worldwide that are already benefiting from EGYM solutions Set up an adductor machine by selecting and appropriate weight and adjusting the seat and leg pads to a comfortable position. If fitted, grasp the handles on each side of the machine. Keep your entire upper body straight and stationary with your back pressed firmly against the back rest. This is the start position Adductor/Abductor Machines While the machines work these muscles in isolation, the adductors and abductors are actually meant to work in coordination with the rest of the body to stabilize the legs. For this reason, Jordan Syatt, head trainer at Syatt Fitness, suggests focusing on free weight exercises

A hip abduction machine, commonly available in most gyms, lets you perform abductor exercises while in a seated position. Because your hips are partially flexed, this works all three gluteus muscles at once. Sit down in the hip abduction machine, You can tell it apart from the similar-looking hip adduction machine because on an abduction. Thanks to our friends at Infinity Gym Dandenong you can see this Reeplex Hip Abductor / Adductor in action. Use this machine to add an extra burn to your.. Up for sale I have a commercial Universal Multi Hip machine. This multi function machines works your hips, abductors, adductors, glutes and hamstrings. Machine is in great condition and comes with a 220 Lb weight stack. Also have a ProMaxima Multi Hip with a 300 Lb weight stack available. Accepting all major credit cards including Apple Pay and Google Wallet

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Body-Solid GIOT-STK PRO-Select Inner & Outer Thigh Machine (New) Trim and tone those trouble spots with the Inner & Outer Thigh Machine. Do both abductor/adductor exercises from one seated position. 5 range of motion adjustments accommodate users of all sizes. A lumbar supported adjustable back pad, swiveling knee pads and no cable change. The adductor/abductor machine, also known as the Yes/No machine (hehe) joins the distinguished list of exercises that SUCK with the behind the head overhead press and bench dip. This wonderful device provides resistance for both adduction (bringing the legs together) and abduction (spreading the legs apart) in order to isolate the inner and outer thighs Abductor and Adductor Machine / 1MTH093 The Abductor and Adductor Machine train the very small muscle groups around the thighs. Panatta has combine the abductor machine and the adductor machine to provide this 2 in 1 combo machine! Muscles Technical Specifications Width 140 cm Length 140 cm Height 160 cm Weight 315 Kg Maximum Load.. The BodyMax Commerical Abductor/Adductor allows you to switch between training your adductors and your abductors in the flick of a switch. SAFETY COMES FIRST This is a standout machine for maximising space whilst getting a great multi-purpose, 2-in-1 machine which can strengthen the lower body, improve postural alignment and potentially aid. Life Fitness Optima Series Hip Abductor/Adductor Machine - OSHAA. Your Price: $ 3,514.00. ADD TO CART. Product Overview Quick Specs. Manufacturer Info. Q & A. Buyer Comments Start by standing on one foot. Once you can easily balance on one foot, add movements of the other leg and your arms. Work up to forward lunges, step-ups and one-legged squats to further strengthen your abductor muscles. In the gym, the hip abduction machine is another option for strengthening these muscles