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  1. Calton Entry. An Old Close in The Calton by R. Eadie. London Road at Kent Street. The Entrance to Glasgow Green. McLennans Arch. I believe this is Charlotte Street. Tram 1140 on London Road at Green Street 30 August 1954. At the side of the tram is the Calton Bar
  2. Calton (Scottish Gaelic: A' Challtainn, lit. 'the hazel wood', Scots: Caltoun), known locally as The Calton, is a district in the Scottish city of Glasgow.It is situated north of the River Clyde, and just to the east of the city centre.Calton's most famous landmark is the Barras street market and the Barrowland Ballroom, one of Glasgow's principal musical venues
  3. Calton, near the centre of Glasgow, But just behind the grand houses is the old Calton. Once a village of domestic weavers, it was absorbed into the industries of the Clyde
  4. 20 Glasgow Green Railway Station 21 Templeton's Carpet Factory Calton Heritage Trail (Blue Route) Route The 3.7 kilometre Calton route crosses Glasgow Green and there are a few opportunities to stop for something to eat and drink and for toilet breaks. These facilities have been highlighted on the map below
  5. Glasgow, UK 07 September 2019. The Pro-Republican, Pro Irish group, the Calton Republicans marched through Glasgow's east end from Millroad Street to Clyde Street and stopped at the anti fascist statue celebrating the people of Glasgow who fought against Franco in the Spanish civil war

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The Old Calton Burial Ground is a cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland.It located at Calton Hill to the north-east of the city centre. The burial ground was opened in 1718, and is the resting place of several notable Scots, including philosopher David Hume, scientist John Playfair, rival publishers William Blackwood and Archibald Constable, and clergyman Dr Robert Candlish There were two Model Lodging Houses for homeless men in Bridgeton, one in Abercromby Street, opposite the historic old Calton Graveyard, the other in Craignestock Street. The Abercromby Street Home was one of seven built by The City of Glasgow Improvement Trust to deal with the problem of homelessness. Opened in 1878, it closed in 1981 and was.

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  1. historic old Calton Graveyard, the other in Craignestock Street. The Abercromby Street Home was one of seven built by The City of Glasgow Improvement Trust to deal with the problem of homelessness. Opened in 1878, it closed in 1981 and was demolished in 1982. It had accommodation for 272 men, comprising 240 cubicle
  2. Calton Burials - Glasgow, Scotland. The following burial records are sourced from the Calton Burial records 1855-1860, primary source material located within The Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Scotland. Every effort has been made to insure these are transcribed just as they are found. Additional family information has been secured through the.
  3. Claythorn street Calton , I found it on the 1893 Old Glasgow map at V1 11.23 in the north east End of Glasgow Ma Granny was born 24 April 1908 there 26 Claythorn RIGHT in the HOUSE with two Brothers William Henry born 1905 and John born 1895 in Ballygargivan Ballyphilip County To William John Long and Maryann Long maiden surname Hasting

Glasgow, Scotland, UK www.glesga.ukpals.com official website - a social history a website for families and pals all over the world to share memories and photographs of Glasgow - and especially its east-end and Bridgeton - Take a walk down memory lane with Old Glasgow Memories, childhood memories, Street & School photographs, games, food and songs of bygone days of yor 1855-1874; Registration District: RD: Date from: Date to: comment: Prev. RD: Next RD: Central District: 644/01: 1855: 1874 -- High Church: 644/02: 1855: 1874 -- Bridgeto The Calton area runs (or if you accept the WHO figures, limps) from Glasgow Cross to Bridgeton, bounded also by Dennistoun and Parkhead. In 2008, the World Health Organisation declared that Calton had the worst male life expectancy in Europe Insurance Plan of Glasgow Vol. V Key Plan 1 1 : 2400 This key plan indicates coverage of the Goad 1901 series of fire insurance maps of Glasgow that were originally produced to aid insurance companies in assessing fire risks. The building footprints, their use (commercial, residential, educational, etc.), the number of floors and the height of the building, as well as construction materials. Much of old Calton was demolished in the late 1920s and early 1930s. 1,280 houses were swept away and replaced with new tenements providing just 282 homes. Reference: Glasgow University Archive Services, PHU64/16. University of Glasgow. Keywords: aerial views, Barras, Glasgow Green, markets, parks, slums, tenements. Return to top

50 schools represented. an incredible 466 school photographs listed ! LOCAL SCHOOLS of Glasgow's east-end Other Greater Glesca Schools see page How did 'Tongs ya bass' become the unofficial motto for gang fights in Scotland even being immortalised in TV and film including the Glasgow movie Small Faces. The area of Calton has a history of.

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The book of the month for March features the Glasgow photographer Thomas Annan's The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow.Created between 1868 and 1871 as part of a commission from the City of Glasgow Improvements Trust, this collection of images of the working class areas of old Glasgow helped document the impoverished living conditions of the working class at the time Old Calton Burial Grounds. This Calton Burial Ground was established in 1787 by the Calton Incorporation of Weavers. The cemetery is also referred to as the Weaver's Cemetery. One month after the opening of the cemetery, there was a deadly incident involving weavers. The East India Company was importing cheap Indian muslins, causing the price. Children walk along a lane, washing flapping in background; further street scenes including Templetons factory, Glasgow Green and the Peoples Palace. For mor.. Like Glasgow Necropolis, Old Calton Burial Ground bears a striking resemblance to the famous Père Lachaise in France. The cemetery's gloomy atmosphere hangs heavy in the air as you wander along small pathways spotted with eccentric tombstones and mausoleums. Perhaps the most notable piece is the large obelisk that towers over the cemetery

Glasgow Corporation's re-housing schemes were not universally popular. Over 20 per cent of Calton residents refused to move and a further 10 per cent returned after moving out, despite the offer of larger accommodation at a lower rent than was charged for slum housing. Reference: P-66 The Old Calton Burial Ground is a graveyard on Waterloo Street and most likely you'll be walking past this on the way to climbing Calton Hil. It is located near Calton Hill in the northeast of the city center. It is a historic site built in the early 18th century A Tour in The Calton, by Peter FyfeRead to the Old Glasgow Club, 15th February 1917Provenance: Slides were probably used to illustrate a lecture given as above, by Peter Fyfe, Sanitary Inspector, Glasgow Corporation Special Committee on Housing.The Lecture is published in the Transactions of the Old Glasgow Club, Vol.3 Part 4 1916-17 p. 267 The lands of Blackfaulds, on which Calton now stands, originally formed part of the lands of the Archbishopric of Glasgow, but were annexed to The Crown in 1587. In 1705 the owner, John Walkinshaw, began to feu the lands of Blackfaulds (part of the Barrowfield estate) on which the old village of Calton was built, and in 1817 a charter was.

The main street of the old barony of the Calton was named, from the ancient chapel which stood there, St. Ninian's Row, and a place so called still exists; and the date and name St. Ninian's Row, 1752, yet remains on the ancient well. Of old, the street named the High Calton, was known as the Craig End Old Calton Cemetery. This last abode of many world famous celebrities is a must seeñ, as it presents some curiosities. At the foot of Calton Hill, we can see buildings decorated with niches or arcades which are repeated on the opposite side of the street as both sides of the street were part of what was the cemetery but it was later divided by. A fascinating stop on the Calton Heritage Trail was the site of the old Glasgow Cattle and Meat Market. This has since been refurbished into condos, but the fasçade has been retained. This was once an enormous cattle and meat market. The entrance ways are massive and impressive. The architect for the meat market entrances was John Carrick

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A series of paintings by Ken Currie hangs in the People's Palace , telling the story of the working people of Glasgow. It was commisioned in 1987 on the 200th anniversary of the massacre of the Calton Weavers. The last panel is called Unfurling Our History, the artist's vision of the future Note: I was unable to find any mention of the case among the minutes of Old Calton, Glasgow Kirk Session and was not able to examine those for New Calton, Glasgow. Posted by Kirsty F Wilkinson at 19:47. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. No comments

Glasgow's Lost Streets/Roads etc. . When reading an old Glasgow Guide book from 1872 a number of old streets were named which are now gone. It got me thinking that this may make a good thread on here to find out if there are any old pictures featuring Glasgow's Lost Streets/Roads. Or may be there is some remnant of these streets left to see Glasgow Necropolis - Wikipedia Southern Necropolis - Wikipedia Discover Glasgow | Cemeteries - Southern Necropolis Greyfriars Kirkyard - Wikipedia Old Calton Burial Ground - Wikipedia St. Oran's Chapel | Isle of Iona Iona Abbey - Wikipedia Rèilig Odhrain, the ancient cemetery on the edge of the worl Hailing from Glasgow, Gallacher was a vocal socialist who was charged with sedition during WW1. The authorities decided that he must serve his sentence at Calton Jail, far away from his hometown. He wrote: In the case of Glasgow, for instance, the total increase of the population during the last decennium has amounted to only 4.0 per cent.; while in Paisley during the same period the increase has been 15.3 per cent., and in Leith no less than 31.73 per cent. Find out more about the 1881 census in Scotland

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Glasgow Guide: the tourist information guide to the city of Glasgow in Scotland includes information for tourists on hotels, shops, pubs, clubs, photographs, visitor attractions, street maps, and more.. JAMES WATT STREET, in honour of James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine. It had previously been known as Delftfield Lane An old mansion which stood here till 1849 was known as Watt's House. It was said to have been utilised by him as a workshop for several years. A sketch of this house is given in Simpson's Glasgow in the Forties

The memorial which now stands beside an old Calton church should offer hope for all the latter-day oppressed of all faiths and traditions. All of Glasgow should be proud of it Re: Kirk Street, Glasgow 1880's . « Reply #1 on: Thursday 08 February 18 16:38 GMT (UK) ». There were two. Kirk Street in the Calton ran from Main Street (later changed to Well Street) to Green Street _ Green Street still exists today but there is no trace of Well Street. (Kirk Street in the Gorbals ran from Main Street -later renamed.

Property to rent in Calton, Glasgow. Check your FREE* Credit Report & Score. 10. £127,500. 2 days ago. terraced. 2 bedrooms. 2 bedroom terraced house for sale in GLASGOW, G40 3RR. Modern MID TERRACE VILLA occupying a cul-de-sac position within this ever popular and sought after small development The Old Calton Burial Ground is a graveyard on Waterloo Street and most likely you'll be walking past this on the way to climbing Calton Hil. It is located near Calton Hill in the northeast of the city center. It is a historic site built in the early 18th century. This old


The Old Calton, Glasgow Green, River Clyde. James McFarlane. 1920-1922. 15/12/1921. Some Local Superstitions. Supt. John Ord FSA (Scot) 1920-1922. 16/02/1922. Haggs, Titwood and Shields. Andrew McCallum. 1920-1922. 20/04/1922. Glasgow geggies Robert Lightbody. 1920-1922. 12/10/1922. Lookup searches - Access records in Scottish archives for ancestors in this parish (e.g. Kirk Session Records). Available from £1 a name a year. Poor Law appeals - Indexed Poor Law appeals with the option to order images of records.. Asylum records - Index to the General Register of Lunatics in Asylums. School records - Index to School Leaving Certificate Examination result Burials in Old Calton Cemetery. This week's walk starts with a warning - we may well be accompanied by ghosts and spirits. Plus a special warning for lovers of all things sweet and sugary - no cake stop on this walk! Health and safety complete, I am going to take you for a stroll around Old Calton Cemetery in Edinburgh Service in Old Calton church in the afternoon. 1945. 30 January 1945: (1F) received at the hands of Lord Inverclyde a certificate from the Glasgow Humane Society for gallantry in saving a boy's life from drowning in a disused quarry in London Road. The ceremony took place in the Lord Provosts Room at the City Chambers this afternoon Glasgow Cathedral And Necropolis. Old Calton Burial Ground. Cadder Churchyard Cemetery, Bishopbriggs. ScotlandsPeople. Scottish Genealogy Society. Indigenous Archaeology in and around Milngavie. Glasgow University History Society. Ancestry World Archives Project. New Kilpatrick Cemetery, Bearsden

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Streetmap.co.uk provides on-line street level maps for the whole of the U Old Observatory House on Calton Hill is a beautiful classical style building. We were unable to go inside but the outside of the building itself is enough of an attraction. Additionally the views from the spot over Edinburgh are absolutely wonderful. Definitely worth visiting this area. Glasgow, UK 146,617 contributions. 0 The Old Calton Burial Ground is a historic 18th century graveyard which is famous for having the tomb of the renowned philosopher David Hume. Located at the Calton Hill, it is also the resting ground to the notable personalities namely John Playfair, Archibald Constable, William Blackwood and Dr Robert Candlish

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A Comprehensive History of the Workhouse by Peter Higginbotha In the Old Calton Burying Ground, Robert Adam's 1777 cylindrical monument to David Hume, the sky starkly visible through a circular aperture in its roof, takes its inspiration from the tomb of Theodoric at Ravenna. It is high time that the old and ugly rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh ended, and this book shows us how to do it. Like.

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Baron Brogan McLane is a tenacious and well-respected lawyer in Scotland's highest court. But McLane has never forgotten his humble origins - the rough and tumble streets of the Calton neighborhood, in Glasgow. When his old stomping grounds are t On This Day. 27th March 1868 - Catherine Weir, daughter of John and Rachel Murphy, dies of TB in Airdrie, aged 19. 27th March 1903 - William Lambie, son of John and Elizabeth Ingram, marries Mary Kinloch in Calton, Glasgow. 27th March 1963 - Denise Andrea Lambie, daughter of Allan Lockhart and Jeanette Houldsworth, is born in Scunthorpe.

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Thomas Muir, the son of a hop merchant, began attending Glasgow Grammar School in 1770 and at the age of ten was admitted to Glasgow University. Thomas Muir's parents were Calvinists and at their request he embarked upon the study of divinity. However, in 1782 he abandoned his studies for the Church and began attending.. The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow, Thomas Annan's photographic record of this central section of the city prior to its demolition in accordance with the City of Glasgow Improvements Act of 1866, is widely recognized as a classic of nineteenth-century documentary photography We climbed the hill towards New Calton Burying Ground, with panoramic views of the city.I again was mesmerized by the old graves, covered by ivy. This cemetery has a dark history behind it. It was opened in 1820, accompanied by a watchtower, to guard against grave robbers, knows as resurrectionists Looming over Edinburgh's UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town, Calton Hill is one of the seven hills that the Scottish capital is built on. Come here for 360-degree views that encompass Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, and, on a clear day, the Firth of Forth

Baron Brogan McLane is a tenacious and well-respected lawyer in Scotland's highest court. But McLane has never forgotten his humble origins - the rough and tumble streets of the Calton neighborhood, in Glasgow. When his old stomping grounds are threatened by a sinister politician, McLane takes on the biggest case of his life Scotland, Edinburgh, the Highlands 3 Days Private Tour from London. Tonight, we will drive you up to magical The Highlands. Your tour starts in London by midnight followed by an overnight journey to Edinburgh. The Highlands is the epitome of Scotland. Big skies, sparkling countryside, great food, friendly people and the Scottish Highlands Governor's House is a building situated on the southernmost spur of Calton Hill, beside the south-east corner of Old Calton Burial Ground, in Edinburgh, Scotland. It looks out over Waverley Station, the Canongate and Holyrood Park to the south. The building of 1815-17 is all that remains of Calton Jail, once the largest prison in Scotland. Thomas Hamilton (architect): | | ||| | The Dean Orphanage (now Dean Gallery) from the SW... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled High quality Old Scotland City inspired framed prints by independent artists and designers from aro..

Henry Reid was a grocer and spirit dealer by trade and lived and worked in Barrowfield Road (later Canning Street, still later London Road) Calton, Glasgow. In July 1793 he married Margaret T. Henry died in 1833 and is buried alongside his wife in the Calton Cemetery, Abercrombie Street Calton Burgh, Glasgow Glasgow, Lanarkshire Calton by Glasgow Second Society of Journeymen Weavers Calton, Lanarkshire Cambuslang Free Church Cambuslang, Lanarkshire Cambuslang Old Parish Church Cambuslang, Lanarkshir Thomas Muir (1765-1798), born in Glasgow and educated in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The formation of of the London Society of the Friends of the People led to a meeting on 16 October 1792 in Glasgow, for the creation of a kindred society for obtaining parliamentary reform Stevenson Street. formerly called Kirk Street, Calton. 5 Pub found. John McPhail's bar. 280 Squirrell Bar. 36 Tara Bar. 256-58 Unity Vaults. 93 The Oddfellows, 74 Kirk Street. In 1847 Kirk Street had 11 Licensed premises including 5 Kirk Street owned by John Carrol, 18 Kirk Street had 2 pubs one owned by Peter Gray & Co., the other was owned by publican Patrick Hogg, 22 Kirk Street owned by. Old Calton Burial Ground. Old Calton is situated at the foot of Calton Hill and is the resting place of numerous important people including the philosopher David Hume. Inaugurated in 1718, the cemetery had to be altered due to the construction of Waterloo Place in 1819 and was divided into two

1 bedroom flat. Stevenson Street, Glasgow, G40. Smart Move bring to the rental market this well presented One Bedroom Second Floor Flat set within traditional sandstone building in Calton Glasgow. The property consists Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom. Electric Heating , New Double Glazing Performed by Ann and other ex-mill workers, with help from Dorothy Paul and Alien Arts, it went down a storm with the audience, which included many old Calton and Bridgeton weavers. The evening recaptured the true spirit of a Glasgow Mayday, an event that has been in danger of becoming another yuppie sideshow Thomas Hamilton was a Glasgow-born architect, whose best-known buildings can be found in Edinburgh. These include the Dean Orphan Hospital, now the Dean Gallery, the Royal High School on Calton Hill and the Royal College of Physicians on South Bridge. Hamilton was heavily.. THE greatest collection of statues and monuments in a public space in Scotland is to be found in Glasgow's George Square at the heart of the city.. Yes, there are many monuments and not a few statues in cemeteries such as the Necropolis in Glasgow and Greyfriars Kirkyard and Old Calton in Edinburgh, while Princes Street Gardens has more memorials and statues, but nowhere in Scotland rivals. The Glasgow congregation was founded in the 1790's. A burial ground in was established in Old Calton. The congregation still existed in 1843, but the denomination died out by 1855. Jews [edit | edit source] At the beginning of the 19th century there were barely ten Jewish families in Glasgow

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The postcode is within the Calton ward/electoral division, which is in the UK Parliamentary Constituency of Glasgow Central. The Scottish Parliament constituency is Glasgow Shettleston. This page combines information for the address Landressy Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G40 1BP, and the neighbourhood in which it resides Some of Glasgow's earliest fire stations are no longer standing, the buildings having been lost to the ravages of time. EAST FIRE STATION SOHO STREET (1887 - 1983) The Soho St station replaced an earlier fire station in Tobago Street (which is now part of the old Calton Police Offices). It was demolished and replaced by the Calton Fire Station. James Wardrop, Glasgow - plan of new bridewell, not executed. 1815 - Archibald Elliot. Thomas Brown - debtor's jail. 1881 - W B Collinson - reconstruction. NMRS REFERENCE. National Archive of Scotland: Opening a communication to the new Jail by building a bridge over the Low Calton Receipt for payment of proportion of 3rd assessment. 1821. GD. Calton Hill is an all-too-often-missed tourist attraction located just a few hundred feet from the hustle and bustle of Princes Street, where a collection of Edinburgh's most famous landmarks are clumped together on one of the most remarkable viewpoints in the city. This hill is actually part of the UNESCO world heritage status that's been.

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Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the minoltamaxxum50mm Flickr tag If you wish to pay your respects to the philosopher David Hume and his contributions to the Scottish Enlightenment, you can do so remotely by viewing his gravesite in this record set. He was buried in Old Calton Burial Ground in Edinburgh in the year 1776 This old chapel which, after the erection of St. Andrew's in Great Clyde Street, was no longer required as a place of worship, had the upper portion or gallery floored, and converted into a schoolroom, (the old Calton school), and the lower part or ground floor laid off as above stated

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Thomas Hamilton (11 January 1784 - 24 February 1858) was a Scottish architect, based in Edinburgh where he designed many of that city's prominent buildings. Born in Glasgow, his works include: the Burns Monument in Alloway; the Royal High School on the south side of Calton Hill (long considered as a possible home for the Scottish Parliament); the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh; the. Dr Susan Buckham is leading a team to create a conservation management plan for Govan Old Churchyard, Glasgow, on behalf of Govan Workspace. The team includes Professor Stephen Driscoll, Professor of Historical Archaeology at Glasgow University and Richard East, Director City Design Co-operative. and Calton Old and New burial grounds. Glasgow Necropolis: | | Glasgow Necropolis | | | ||| | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most. The best way to get from Glasgow to St Albans is to train which takes 5h 14m and costs £160 - £550. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs £21 - £28 and takes 10h 19m. Mode details. Launch map view. Distance: 328.1 miles Bustourant, Edinburgh: See 9 unbiased reviews of Bustourant, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #1,397 of 2,322 restaurants in Edinburgh Old Calton Burial Ground The city center offers a variety of restaurants, from the typical Scottish pubs (God bless fish and chips, fried cod and French fries) and fish & seafood restaurants up to many options of the international cuisine (Italian, Asian, Turkish, )