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The following links provide access to select sets of historical county maintenance maps that NCDOT's Mapping Section stores in its archives. For sets of maps not listed below, contact mappingsupport@ncdot.gov. Body. Edit. 1930 County Maps. Download (8.9 MB) 1936 County Maps. Download (9.5 MB) 1944 County Maps. DOT > Projects & Programs > Planning > Maps > County Type 10 Historic. Begin Main Content Area County Type 10 Maps (Historic) Adams County: 1916, 1941, 1953, 1966, 1980, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005. Allegheny County: 1950 Sheet 1, 1950 Sheet 2, 1964 Sheet 1, 1964 Sheet 2, 1964.

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  1. Each State page contains rotating animated maps showing all of the county boundary changes & all of the county boundaries for each census year for each year. Past and present maps of US are overlaid so that you can see the changes in county boundaries, downloadable County D.O.T. Maps, and state atlas maps
  2. Old Historical Atlas Maps of Texas. This Historical Texas Map Collection are from original copies. Most historical maps of Texas were published in atlases and spans over 200 years of growth for the state.. Some Texas maps years have cities, railroads, P.O. locations, township outlines, and other features useful to the Texas researcher.. Remember, Texas was at one-time part of Mexico before.
  3. The most current maps are available from The National Map and US Topo quadrangles. TopoView shows the many and varied older maps of each area, and so is useful for historical purposes—for example, the names of some natural and cultural features have changed over time, and the 'old' names can be found on these historical topographic maps
  4. Historical Maps of Georgia are a great resource to help learn about a place at a particular point in time.Georgia Maps are vital historical evidence but must be interpreted cautiously and carefully.. Georgia Maps can be very useful in conducting research, especially in light of the now extinct communities. Also, because old Georgia maps were usually commissioned by the county seat, they often.
  5. D.O.T. County Road and Highway Maps of Kentucky. To View the Map: Just click the Image to view the map online. In order to make the Image size as small as possible they were save on the lowest resolution. These maps are downloadable and are in PDF format (Images are between 500k and 1.5 meg so loading may be slow if using a dial-up connection)

Old maps of England on Old Maps Online. County Map Of England, And Wales. 1 : 2400000 Mitchell, Samuel Augustus. England and Wales. 1 : 1725000 Teesdale, Henry. A new mapp of the kingdome of England Anglie Overton, John by Nicolas Visscher Old-Maps is the UK's most comprehensive historical map archive comprising site centred historical maps covering England, Wales and Scotland. We provide a complete step by step picture of land use changes that have taken place from the mid-19th Century onwards, from OS County Series, OS Town Plans and post-war National Grid mapping to unique Russian Maps of UK target locations from the cold-war.

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US Historical State & Territorial Boundaries, 1783-2000 (3:00) US Historical County Boundaries, 1629-2000 (0:30) US Historical County Boundaries, 1629-2000 (3:00) US Historical County Boundaries (1629-2000), with State/Territorial boundaries (1783-2000) (0:30 Download Archived County Road Aid Maps Below are our historical county maps. Click on the map name to download

History Nebraska holds more than 3,000 flat maps from pre-territorial days to the present in the library collection. A partial inventory is available through our online Collections Database in the Library section. The library also collects other Nebraska maps in the form of published county atlases (plat books) farm directories, etc. Additional maps located in the manuscrip This historical old New Hartford map was reproduced from the Atlas of Oneida County, New York (NY), published in 1874 by D. G. Beers & Co. $12.00 - $18.00 NYOD067 1874 Inset maps of villages of Washington Mills, Willow Vale, New York (NY) Upper Mills, Utica Cotton Mills, & Sauquoit Indian Lake 1915 - Custom USGS Old Topo Map - Ohio $30.00 Indian Lake 1944 - Custom USGS Old Topo Map - Ohio $30.00 Leesville Lake 1960 - Custom USGS Old Topo Map - Ohio $30.0 Shows districts and names of some residents. Relief shown by hachures. Sectioned in 3 and mounted on cloth backing. LC Land ownership maps, 1239 Includes 1880 census notes. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image

The historic counties of England are areas that were established for administration by the Normans, in many cases based on earlier kingdoms and shires created by the Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, Celts and others.They are alternatively known as ancient counties, traditional counties, former counties or simply as counties. In the centuries that followed their establishment, as well as their. Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Pennsylvania State Archives. MG-11 Map Collection Pennsylvania County Atlases and Maps from the 1850s-1870s. Links to Pennsylvania county maps dating from the 1850s through the 1870s are included below. The maps on this page were specifically chosen because they depict a plethora of surface and. Indiana County Maps Atlases and Plat Books. The Indiana State Library has an extensive collection of maps, atlases, and plat books of Indiana counties. These items are valuable resources for historical and genealogical research from the beginning of statehood to the present. You may access lists of maps, atlases, and plat books by clicking on. In 2009, USGS began the release of a new generation of topographic maps (US Topo) in electronic form, and in 2011, complemented them with the release of high-resolution scans of more than 178,000 historical topographic maps of the United States. The topographic map remains an indispensable tool for everyday use in government, science, industry, land management planning, an

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  1. These county maps identify routes that make up the North Carolina Department of Transportation State Highway System. These routes are maintained by the North Carolina. The state transportation map is the department's most popular publication. The map features the state's extensive highway system, as well as important safety information
  2. e the historic boundaries of a county. These maps also show the location of railroad lines and major waterways which were important routes of travel in early days
  3. The historical maps are in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these files, you will need Adobe® Reader®.The larger PDF files can be up to 10 MB in size and may take longer to download on computers with a slower Internet connection
  4. Map Collection. Whether SHSMO's patrons are interested in the location of a city that no longer exists or even one that is still there, a river or stream that their ancestors lived beside, a fort, boundary changes in the counties, the development of roads or trails early settlers might have taken, the map collection of the State Historical.
  5. Point Line Polygon Clear.
  6. Old Maps. There have been. visits since 02/04/05. Reproductions of historic town maps, state maps, birds eye views, nautical charts, and more! www.old-maps.com (with a dash) See also shop.old-maps.com to see more of our expanding map collections! New July 2021! New Custom Topographic Maps of. Minnesota Lakes
  7. Map of Franklin Co., Ohio LC Land ownership maps, 622 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes Columbus business directory, Johnson Building business directory, statistical tables of Franklin County, views of public, residential, and commercial properties

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  1. Property Ownership Maps or Plat Books. County atlases or plat books contain township maps that show rural landowners. They also include the locations of rural churches, cemeteries, and schools. Plats of cities are included but city lot owners are not listed. Sometimes there are pictures and a directory of county residents at the end
  2. History Nebraska holds more than 3,000 flat maps from pre-territorial days to the present in the library collection. A partial inventory is available through our online Collections Database in the Library section. The library also collects other Nebraska maps in the form of published county atlases (plat books) farm directories, etc. Additional maps located in the manuscrip
  3. In Clallam County: Cities, Reservations, state and county Parks, The Old Maps are gone. All of the functionality has been replicated in the new environment. The HELP pages will assist your transition, in particular we have a page that helps translate your skills with the old maps to the new map tools. Static Maps : Flood Hazard Maps
  4. Hastings County 28. Huron County 15. Kent County 2. Lambton County 3. Lanark County 40. Leeds County 32. Lennox and Addington County 30. Lincoln County 9. Middlesex County 5
  5. Historical Maps courtesy of. Rutgers Special Collections and Archives. Permission is granted solely to view these map images. No other permission to use the map images on these webpages is granted. COPIES OF THE MAPS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE. CAMDEN COUNTY 1846. CAMDEN COUNTY 1872 (also Gloucester County) CAMDEN COUNTY ROAD MAPS 1965 (7 sheets
  6. Texas County Maps - 1993-1996 (JPEG format) A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Anderson County (County #1, Base Sheet 02.
  7. or and major subdivisions are permitted and regulates the type of sewerage system that will serve residential developments: Wicomico County Comprehensive Plan The comprehensive plan is a general guide to public and private development decisions. It is also the basis for.

County maps, atlases, and plat books can be retrieved by filling out a call slip for each item that you need and presenting it at the second floor reference desk. In addition to the call number and title, please indicate on the call slip the size of map you are requesting (large, small, or dissected). 1865. I912.772 IBo65w (1865) [small map Road Map of Fayette County. A scalable road map of Fayette County is available in PDF format. Road Map of Fayette County . Map of Fayette County * Users must have Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on their computer to view or print this file.This is a free download available from the Adobe website..

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  1. Malheur County Sheet 1. Malheur County Sheet 2. Malheur County Sheet 3. Malheur County Sheet 4. Malheur County Sheet 5. Malheur County Sheet 6. Malheur County Sheet 7. Malheur County Sheet 8. Malheur County Sheet 9
  2. Exploring Florida Maps is a collection of educational maps for teachers and students. This collection of Florida Maps is separated into areas to search, such as state or county, numerous themes, such as congressional districts, hurricane, or county locater, and graphic maps, including clipart, frames, and photo-themed
  3. Historical State Highway Maps. Click on the year to open a map. Nevada Historical Trails Maps. Click on the image to open a map. Historic V & T Railroad Alignment Sheets. Click on the image to open an index map. Historic Bathymetric Maps. Click on the image to open an index map. Nevada Historical County Maps. Click on the county name to open a.
  4. Many original maps were hand colored. It is a common practice today to color old originally un-colored maps. Only if one of our maps has modern coloring, will we so note. If we do not so note, consider the coloring to be original. Early county maps are as scarce as hen's teeth. During the Civil War, both sides found that the lack of good maps.

BrownDog Online GIS Map. BrownDog is an interactive GIS map of Brown County Wisconsin. It has map layers with tools allowing for interaction (search/query, measure, select, overlay/swipe, and more). This is our flagship GIS map. View App Old Maps of Lake Champlain. Detailed listing of available publications: 1) 1850s County Wall Maps on CD and Paper. 2) 1870s Maps (F.W. Beers Atlases) 3) Vermont Lotting Plans. 4) Old Topographical Maps. 5) JUST ONE TOWN Map Sets (for Roads research, etc) 6) Old Railroad Maps set of 11 Prints. 7) Vermont Air Photo Prints - Ski areas Lee County Maps. Click on a thumbnail image to view a full size version of that map. Lee County is Florida's 41 st county, established on May 13, 1887, from a segment of Monroe County. It gains its name from Robert E. Lee, a famous Confederate general during the Civil War. Fort Myers is the county seat. Of historical interest, both Thomas. *New 5th Edition - 1200+ New Maps* Over 1500 actual historic maps of Texas and Indian Territory from 1777 to 1960 scanned at high resolution. Historic and uncommon maps from before the Republic to WWII covering trails, forts, waterholes, roads, railroads, cities, counties, soils, mountains and mining Browse 102 maps ranging from 1492-1850, compiled from 'American Journeys', a digital library and learning center of eyewitness accounts of early American exploration and settlement. Maps in the Wisconsin Magazine of History; Browse hundreds of maps ranging from 1917-present, compiled from more than 2,000 articles. Maps in Wisconsin County Historie

The maps are color Adobe PDF files at 11 x 17 size. They are single county productions only and not designed to act as a foldable roadmap. Go to the desired county on the map below to see its detailed view or choose from an alphabetical county list. To print a detailed view Historical Iowa transportation Maps. The following PDFs are of the official State of Iowa transportation maps, as published from 1919 up to the current year. These maps should only be used as a historical reference. The maps below are in PDF format and can be viewed by simply clicking the links or can be saved to your local computer Map multiple locations, get transit/walking/driving directions, view live traffic conditions, plan trips, view satellite, aerial and street side imagery. Do more with Bing Maps Historical Land Occupancy Information in 19th Century Ontario . home: county maps : about us: Credits and Acknowledgments: Oxford County Map (1857

Quadrangle Coal Mine Maps and Directories located in Madison County. These selected 7.5-minute quadrangle maps are available online as PDF versions and show active and abandoned mines and their known extent on a topographic map base which includes township, range, and section lines and surface features such as roads, towns, lakes, and rivers Interactive County Map. Online Interactive Map for all of Clay County including the City of Moorhead: Tools are presented on the top of the map screen. Use identify to retrieve details. Tax information is attached to the parcels. Clay County Map (New version) Mobile Friendly. Clay County Map (Old version ArcGIS Web Applicatio

<img src=./js/awstats_misc_tracker.js?nojs=y height=0 width=0 border=0 style=display: none> TXDot County Grid Maps. Type in Lavaca, then double click on LAVACA from menu that appears to the right. After results load, click on pdf for the part of the county you need. Pdfs will enlarge to show county roads, creeks, and some cemeteries Collections of maps and atlases are available at numerous historical societies, county record offices, and public and university libraries. Major map collections in Ireland are housed at the Ordinance Survey Office. The National Archives in England has added Early Irish maps from State Papers c.1558 - c.1610 to their DocumentsOnline Web site.

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Updated 1971 1:62500 Scale Historical 15 X 15 Minute YellowMaps Ellison Lake WI topo map 21.1 x 17.03 in 1961,topo map 21.1 x 17.03 in 1961 Updated 1971 1:62500 Scale Historical 15 X 15 Minute YellowMaps Ellison Lake WI, 15 X 15 Minute, Historical, 1961, Updated 1971, 21,1 x 17,03 in - Polypropylene: Posters & Prints - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases,Buy YellowMaps Ellison Lake WI. The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries. Oklahoma, May 2, 1890. A project of the William M. Scholl Center for American History and Culture, the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries is a powerful historical research and reference tool in electronic form. The Atlas presents in maps and text complete data about the creation and all subsequent.

USGS Township Maps Upper Merion (from old atlas) Montgomery County and Pa. Atlases: Montour County Danville: USGS Township Maps: Northampton County Easton: 1874 Northampton County Atlas USGS Township Maps: Northumberland County Sunbury: USGS Township Maps: Perry County New Bloomfield: USGS Township Maps: Philadelphia County Philadelphia: USGS. Index to Historical Maps. page version = 3.0.02 , 05/30/2019 11:12:15 AM. We have several historical maps of Hendricks County. As these maps are scanned, they will be presented here. The images presented here are 1000 or more pixels wide. When you open these images, your browser may show the image at a decreased size.. State & National Functional Classification Maps by City. State & National Functional Classification Maps by County. These maps are free to download. To order paper copies, visit NDOT Storefront. Call NDOT Office Services at 402.479.4308 if you have questions before ordering. A -. Adams PDF Below are printable maps of Missouri's 114 counties. The documents are provided in Adobe PDF format with dimensions of 18 by 29 inches. Free Acrobat Reader download Williamsburg County historical maps. Y. York County historical maps. SC Historical Maps By Period. Colonial - 1670-1774 Revolutionary War - 1775-1783 Antebellum - 1784-1860 Civil War - 1861-1865 Reconstruction - 1865-1876 Bourbon period - 1877-1889 Populist period - 1890-191

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Oklahoma's Maps General County Roads All Highways and Roads. HOME Highway Information Maps Oklahoma's General County Roads . Skip to main tex County Maps for Neighboring States: Illinois Indiana Missouri Ohio Tennessee Virginia West Virginia. Kentucky Satellite Image. Kentucky on a USA Wall Map. Kentucky Delorme Atlas. Kentucky on Google Earth. The map above is a Landsat satellite image of Kentucky with County boundaries superimposed County Maps for Neighboring States: Alabama Arkansas Louisiana Tennessee. Mississippi Satellite Image. Mississippi on a USA Wall Map. Mississippi Delorme Atlas. Mississippi on Google Earth. The map above is a Landsat satellite image of Mississippi with County boundaries superimposed The Guernsey County Map Department keep the county tax maps, road maps, and property data updated for tax appraisal and land planning. We check all deeds that are transferring and submitted by attorneys, banks, and title agencies etc. for accuracy and follow the transfer requirements set forth by the County Auditor and Engineer

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Historical Maps. WELLS COUNTY HISTORIC PLAT MAPS 1873 Plat Map 1892 Plat Map 1905 Plat Map 1912 Plat Map 1930 Plat Map 1949 Plat Map 1959 Plat Map 1989 Plat Map. WELLS COUNTY HISTORIC PLAT BOOKS 1881 Plat Book 1946 Plat Book 1951 Plat Book 1967 Plat Book 1976 Plat Book 1983 Plat Book 1992 Plat Book 1999 Plat Book. MAPS OF OIL WELLS IN INDIANA. California State Wall Map (2016) The California State map is a large wall size map (36 by 42) depicting land ownership patterns for the entire state. It is color-coded to display the many federally. administered lands within the state. Scale is 1:1,200,000, Map is $10.00 each Historical map of old Granville County from which were made Granville-Bute-Warren-Franklin and Vance Counties, North Carolina. View Description. Download: small (maximum 250 x 250 pixels) medium (maximum 2000 x 2000 pixels) Large (maximum 4000 x 4000 pixels

Contains hundreds of maps from the late 1500s to the 1960s, and includes at least one detailed map for each NC county. Historic Aerial Photographs - NC State University Libraries maintaines a listing of sources for both digital scans and prints. North Carolina County Road Maps - Maps showing state maintained roads, by county Virginia Historical Inventory Maps. County Maps | City Maps | Town Maps. This table lists all of the counties and cities in Virginia, indicating for which ones VHI reports were written and maps annotated. The only towns listed are the ones for which a VHI map exists. Note: the Staunton map is not fully functional at this time

The county has a wealth of map information that it wants to share with the public. Begin your search by entering an address, property identification number (PIN), or intersection. 10 digit PIN Address Intersection. Go straight to the map Old Highway Maps of Texas 1917-1973. DFW Freeways Home. Page last updated or reviewed: June 1, 2015 (add 1957 Fort Worth) 1917 Texas, Clason MapsLegend. This map shows that there were very few roads in rural areas in 1917 and most rural towns relied on railroads for transportation. Automobile roads are shown in red

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Beaufort County SC Historical Maps. Plan of Port Royal Harbour - 1732. Port Royal Harbour - 1736. Plan of River & Sound of D'awfoskee - 1776. Survey of Port Royal by Gascoigne - 1776. Survey of Port Royal by Des Barres - 1777. Robert Mills Beaufort District map - 1825. Port Royal Sound - circa 1860 - click on map for larger image Some of the maps, which hold valuable clues to the history of the development of cities and towns in Wake County, were nearly 150 years old. These maps show stories of the growth of early.

Maps - GIS Home. Maps. Travel through time with our Before & After map showing Arlington County in 1900 combined with 2013 aerial photography. We've replaced the software for our interactive mapping site, ACMaps, with a new application. The new software runs in HTML5 and works on mobile and desktop devices Maps. After almost twenty years of depression and war, 1945 saw Pennsylvania standing on the precipice of growth and change. Maps provide an interesting window through which to view the changes associated with the growth of postwar suburbanization. Aerial maps, county breakdowns of housing data, municipal planning commission maps, and historic. 1815 Map of the country belonging to the Cherokee and Creek Indians . Melish 1815 150kb. 1815 Plan of an attack made by the British forces on the American lines in advance of Orleans on the 8th January 1815 . n.a. 1815 93kb. 1816 Southern section of the United States

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  1. Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch England and Wales, 1842 - 1952 County List; View a Summary List of English and Welsh counties, with their changes of meridian, and dates of survey and publication.Changes of meridian caused the sheet lines to change too
  2. county maps. about us. Credits and Acknowledgments. contact. Ontario County Map (1860
  3. Image Map: This is a clickable image map of townships and boroughs in Bradford County Pennsylvania. A text list of the township maps is shown below. The township images are cropped from a 1/50,000 USGS Geological Survey Map of Bradford County dated 1987; based on 1/24,000 maps dated 1945 (69PR) through 1970
  4. Note: The map links and printing from the map services below will open in a new window. If you have problems with the map links working see the Online Map Help Information below. Some maps allow searching on current parcel number. If you only have a parcel # in the old format, use this link to convert your number to the current format

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NYWN53 1874 OLD MAP of Palmyra, New York (NY); inset map of village of East Palmyra. This historical old Palmyra map is reproduced from the Wayne County Atlas, New York (NY), published in 1874 by D. G. Beers. $12.00 - $18.00. NYWN57 1874 OLD MAP of Palmyra village, New York (NY) Old Maps of British Archaeological Sites and Metal Detecting Findspots and counties in the UK, England, Scotland and Wales linked to the National Library of Scotland's digital map service. Great for metal detecting sites and archaeological sites and archaeological digs. So, if you're looking for Bronze Age, Celtic Iron Age, Roman, Saxon or Medieval sites, then the archiUK database is for yo Search by County. -Select a County-. Highway & Transportation. -Select a Decade-. Search by City. -Select a City-. NOTE: All archived county maps are stored in Zip files that can be downloaded and opened directly on your computer. Download time will depend on your internet speed. Average Zip file size is approximately 25mb Kentucky County Formation Maps. History of County Formations in Kentucky 1776-1939 (See below for: Kentucky County Abbreviations.) (These maps are best viewed at 1024 x 768 dpi.) (Interactive Maps) Go to Year

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United States - Historical County Lines Maps (John Robertson) United States - Historical Maps (GenWeb) United States 1812, Abraham Bradley (David Rumsey Collection) United States 1822, John Melish (David Rumsey Collection) United States - Malaria Deaths 1870 (Library of Congress Geography and Map Division/American Memory Maps. The National Archives has one of the world's richest holdings of historical mapping. There are believed to be more than six million maps and plans, with more added every year. Ranging from the 14th century to the modern day, most date from the 17th to the 20th centuries. The British Isles and places all round the globe are represented Milwaukee County Map. This map of Milwaukee County highlights county-owned buildings, parks, roads, and other assets. Download the 36 x 48 high-resolution, print-ready PDF at the link below. Download Now Assessor Maps contain useful information for roads research including historic and contemporary road names, recording numbers, survey numbers, the original county road numerical reference and plat names. King County Archives A repository of historical county government records, which are open to the public to view, by appointment only

V-MApp. For advanced users; your do everything of Vilas County online map applications. Includes all tools and data found in other County maps, albeit in a make-your-own-map kind of structure. LAUNCH. Employee Access Extra Info Historical Highway Maps. Available Data: -Retired Stark County Highway Maps . Click anywhere within the county boundary to download a .zip file of the Retired Stark County Highway Maps in .tif format. The four digits after the first underscore signify the year represented in the map Clatsop County GIS Clatsop County began its GIS program in 1998 by converting all our assessor's tax maps from paper to digital format. When completed, the digital tax maps will provide the foundation for other layers of information, such as zoning and tax code districts. GIS Data & Maps for the Public We provide a few static maps in PDF format. Old Kansas Area Maps. Large, Scrollable, Color. Kansas Map (c1910) Showing railroad lines, counties, and all the principal cities and towns. Fort Leavenworth to Matamoras, Mexico (c1848) Northeast Section of Kansas (c1905) Big Blue River Valley (c1905) The Following County Maps of Kansas. taken from 1715 Chester County Map. Chester and Lancaster County Map with MMS. Lionsville 1873 Map. Map of the Manor of Stenning, later called New Garden Township. Marlborough. Maps. Newlin Township Map - 1730. 1883 East Fallowfield names of those North of the Strasburg Road. Present day Pennsylvania and her Counties

Maps of England, Maps, Borough, County, Britain. English: Counties. Bedfordshire. Berkshire. Buckinghamshire. Cambridgeshire. Cheshire [Eastern section] Cheshire [Western section] Cornwall [Eastern section] Cornwall [Western section] Cumberland [Northern section] Cumberland [Southern section] Derbyshire. Devon [Northern section] Devon [Southern. NCDO INDIANA Topo (Topographic) Maps, Aerial Photos, and Topo/Aerial Hybrids. MyTopo offers custom-printed, large format maps that we ship to your door. You precisely center your map anywhere in the US, choose your print scale for zoomed-in treetop views, or panoramic views of entire cities. Each print is a full GPS navigation-ready map complete. This story map will outline where the many Coworking, Accelerator, Incubator, and Entrepreneurial centers are located within Cobb County, while also providing information and links to each facility. This map details the economic impact of the developments that have occurred in and around the Cumberland CID since 2013 Old Forge is a hamlet on New York State Route 28 in the town of Webb in Herkimer County, New York. Old Forge was formerly a village that dissolved its incorporation, but remains the principal community in the region. Old Forge forms an extensive business district, primarily directed at tourism especially during the summer months

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Many of the undocumented maps are believed to be in libraries, historical societies and personal files of old mine employees. The Department asks that anyone who knows of one of these maps, please contact the Department at (618) 650-3197 or by emailing rgibson@siue.edu. A map specialist will come to your location, if you wish Guernsey County Map Department. Guernsey County Administration Bldg 627 Wheeling Avenue, Suite 303 Cambridge, Ohio 43725 Phone: (740) 432-927 Maps Disclaimer. The data accessed through this Web site provides a visual display of geographical information. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the maps and related data. Lake County makes no warranty, representation or guaranty of the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the data provided.

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