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These GLAM SHOTS are tailored for @jehilew and anyone —including @awesomeamberlady! and @lifeseverchanging!—who cited X-23 (2010) for some of the best images of the ragin' Cajun. All that matters is a.. jehilew. Jehilew. ESFP, the 'Entertainer'. 6 of Spades. A Capricorn, which basically means I'm a stubborn, horny mermaid according to my mathematics. Romy fan-fic writer. codealiaswave. I identify Rogue. I love Gambit. I ship Romy. roguegambitweek. Rogue/Gambit Week Happy Birthday Sev I always think he will open his gifts really carefully and keep all the wrappers. Inspired by a line he said in Hogwarts Mystery, I always enjoyed a quiet Christmas Eve with a nice snowfall (although he also said The only time I enjoy snow is on Christmas but duh nvm 1 To Katya by Heitor Fraga Following the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, the mutant Colossus - Piotr Rasputin - is imprisoned due to his actions as one of the Five Phoenix. With nothing but time and regrets, he pens a letter to his beloved Kitty Pryde - Shadowcat -; a letter meant to never reach her hands On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be.

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  1. Molly hadn't really known Severus that well. The first time she knew for sure that she had heard his name had been during Lily and James's wedding, because those were circumstances that made it hard to forget
  2. 90sxmen4ever said: @jehilew @ludi-ling It would be nice if they had Rogue say that in the comics at some point. But yes for now (and possibly for forever) we'll just have to settle for fanfic addressing this. It's remarkable how many fanfic writers have written Romy more in-character than many actual Marvel writers have in the past few years
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2017/07/28 - このピンは、Jehilewさんが見つけました。あなたも Pinterest で自分だけのピンを見つけて保存しましょう Warriors and Super Power Characters. This list includes characters who use all kinds of special weapons, or wears a power suit, there some type of machine, or an alien, or their undead, has. jehilew. So eloquently put, @ludi-ling. I think this is my problem with what happened at heart too. I have no issues with her being child free by choice, and I'm absolutely an advocate for 'my body, my choice', which is an awesome thing to touch on with her character in particular. It's just that it's SUDDEN Table of Contents:Part One: Speaking of Which Part Two: Key Formatting Points Part Three: Everyone on the Same Page Part Four: Enriching the World Through Dialogue Part Five: Culture, the World, and.. jehilew said: @narwhallove yeah I have no idea. I didn't even know this existed, lmao @ferosa19 Yeah this great, lmao . gemmarogue4ever liked this . ferosa19 reblogged this from jehilew and added.

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___she/her. just be kind it's not hard___ #relateable #funny #current event About Excalibur 6. I feel dissapointed in the way the baby or no baby issue was handled with Rogue

jehilew:. lemonsharks:. digitaldiscipline:. grumpyhellion:. grumpyhellion:. grumpyhellion:. grumpyhellion:. on another note, watched The Mummy (1999) the other day and I couldn't help feel like the O'Connells and the Addams (Addams Family Values (1993) would get on really well ya know jehilew. Anonymous asked: thank u for ur post about fanfic, sometimes I feel bad that it's all I write and that it's less legitimate than fiction writing in general so it's nice to hear the appreciation . gisellelx answered jehilew reblogged this from derpypig44 animallover10914 liked this homosatan-016 liked thi jehilew. itscolossal. Earth's Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy by Aryeh Nirenberg. akireyta. Originally posted by boldlygiffing. drst. This messed me up. vriska-stan-3000. We really do just be on a rock without a fucking clue huh. weaselle

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@the-civil-king @battyice @gasspecies44 @musclemealsdirectreactions-blog @blodgharm92fan @cleareyesfullheartscantlosee @buquessaofloresmortas-evy @boxofcrocs @laisunhine @jehilew @keyrune @fuzzytidalwavenerd @playing-with-fiyah @itshumbleabode @themabel @dimpled-lukey @kim6710-blog @legomania365 @susanna-tayller @marceloaguiar10 @silviey36 @uma. This is exactly what goes on in my own head when I kill a character in something I'm writing, too * REMY LEBEAU / GAMBIT based off of the comics & my own hcs . MUTUALS ONLY . selective . doing my own thing . * gdocs & pinterest & spotify playlist noxnoctes:. MMX Update. Marvel has released the July 2019 solicits and Mr & Mrs X is nowhere to be found, confirming what some fans were sadly expecting: MMX will end in June with issue #12 jehilew. itszonez. Sha'Carri Richardson makes a STATEMENT with dominant 100m heat at trials | 2021. mydearwatsonln. Incredible! And her girlfriend picked out her hair color 梁.

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1979semifinalist:. spasticatt:. bustedflipflop:. draconian62:. Rogue & Gambit #3 * ROGUE and GAMBIT are enjoying this mission in paradise more than anyone expected, but is the actual mission getting lost in the process Caught this criminal trying to get Joslin's babies while they were out free ranging yesterday. Given his general state of being, and the fact that I've never seen him before, I'm betting someone saw my barn and ditched him (which happens a LOT to people who have barns)

jehilew. R&G Mini + MMX = Full Circle. lifeseverchanging. Who's sad Romy books are over? Yeah, me too. But let's relish in how blessed we were in 2018 and 2019, shall we The dark handsome thief sneaking through the shadows of the night. The thief who tosses lightning from his hands and steals the heart of your girl. The thief searching for the love he can never have... jehilew reblogged this from 1979semifinalist. jehilew liked this . spasticatt said: Thoroughly enjoying this costume recap :3 . 1979semifinalist reblogged this from 1979semifinalist and added.

Jehilew. May 9, 2017. Gorgeous. Love how she's just snatched him up, and how he's just dropping everything with that kiss, very passionate and romantic. Reply. Mini-Wolfsbane. Nov 7, 2016. Ooh, flying over Paris. Romantic! Lovely job on the coloring!! Reply. X-Bra. Nov 8, 2016. Thank you very much for noticing it. I appreciate the feedback My X-Men Trash Blog Rina/28/friendly sh!tlord. Purveyor of pro-Cyclops propaganda. I make fun of X-Men comics and sometimes draw netflix flash (move to heaven) SPOILERS AHEAD. i don't even know where to begin my review because this show has exceeded all my expectations. in the midst of revenge dramas, move to heaven took a more wholesome and humane route of life and death. instead of focusing on afterlife, the drama decides to focus on the lives of the deceased, which makes it more poignant and offers a fresh. roguegambitweek:. As promised, here is the Romy Bingo Card with the unused prompts from Rogue/Gambit Week 2020.There were so many excellent prompts, it would be a shame not to share. Please feel free to use this as Bingo card or simply a prompt list to inspire creativity X-Men # 4 (1992) by John Byrne and Jim Lee . What If? vol.2 #100 (1997) by Ivan Velez Jr and Klaus Janson X-Men #171 (2004) by Peter Milligan and Salvador Larroca . Rogue & Gambit (2018) by Kelly Thompson and Pere Pere

jehilew. Follow. A Future That Isn't Here, a x-men fanfic | FanFiction. www.fanfiction.net. He hiccups, his heart feeling like it's about to crash out of his ribs, and pulls off the thin shirt sweat-plastered to his body, and stares, head rushing. A soulmark A few things I (a fanfiction writer) want you to know• I write fanfiction because I love the characters and ships I write. I'm not a published author, nor am I trying to become one. I'm here because.. Nov 23, 2020 - Silver Name Necklace, Personalized Name Necklace, Dainty Necklace, Name Necklace, Custom Name Necklace, Mom Gift, Christmas Gift 2020, Valentines Day Gift ♥Very exquisite necklace, is the best gift on Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, and love day ♥It's beautiful ----- ITEM DETAIL -

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Ah, fanart. Also known as the art that girls make. Sad, immature girls no one takes seriously. Girls who are taught that it's shameful to be excited or passionate about anything, that it's pathetic to gush about what attracts them, that it's wrong to be a geek, that they should feel embarrassed about having a crush, that they're not allowed to gaze or stare or wish or desire Pioneer Electronic Composers & Expert Knob Twiddlers . Suzanne Ciani - Wendy Carlos - Delia Derbyshire - Daphne Oram - Pauline Oliveros - Maryan Amacher - Ruth White - Laura Spiegel - Elaine Radigue

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 1 - Phantom Brave & Soul Nomad. #phantom brave; #soul nomad; #soul nomad and the world eaters; #jrpg; #rpg; #video game X-Men Monday - MMX #8This edition of #XMenMonday brought to you by searing back spasms. Woo. This is from #MrAndMrsX #8 out in February, art by @obazaldua #MMX #Rogue #Gambit Hope you feel better soon.. jehilew suspend. suspend: Too Busy on We Heart It. 236059 Jan 21, 2020 emotionalwords thepersonalquotes. thepersonalquotes: время должно быть потрачено с пользой. Magneto: Splitting up is a bad idea, it's much safer if we stay together. *Notices Gambit and Quicksilver standing VERY close* Magneto: Except for you two. You need to be separate via Jehilew Sep 10 25768 Random post; Browse the Archive; Get the RSS; About. The continuing adventures of a misplaced curmudgeon. Ask Me Anything; Connect. Following. Always by wickedpotterpictures. Ulla Thynell by ullathynell. Professor Xavier is a Jerk by professorxisajerk Shut up, Malfoy..

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Gambit and Rogue - X-Men Evolution by Cláudia . Source: iamanillusion89. 179 notes Mar 2nd, 202 idkicantthinkofanything reblogged this from jehilew. idkicantthinkofanything liked this . lettersfromn0where liked this . dawnred liked this . thedisneyprincess posted this . Show more notes. Thoughts on Orion Martin's X-Men of Color? regarding the article by Orion Martin: http://www.hoodedutilitarian.com/2013/12/what-if-the-x-men-were-black/ Here is my.

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October 21st, 2015 at 5:02PM. Mr Remy Lebeau aka GAMBIT. We spent a few years together. #gambit#comics #remylebeau #xmen #marvelcomics #marvel #cajun #90s #claymann old#commission. Come back to us Clay Mann!!! 1979semifinalist: This is page 3 from the first issue of season 2 of Jessica Jones. Jessica and Carol. Jessica Jones Season 2 begins 1/16/19! Emma Frost in a tee shirt and jeans is slightly less.. The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, discovered near the Gorges de l'Ardèche (Southern France) in 1994, is now considered by archaeologists to be one of the most significant prehistoric art sites in the world.The figures pictured here are estimated to have been made as many as 32,000 years ago

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Molly hadn't really known Severus that well

jehilew liked this . mustdin-42-mustdin-blog liked this . underanothername liked this . moonweaver30 reblogged this from braezenkitty. ladymoe6 liked this . proudfootfandomresearch liked this. Firebringer meme status @professionalbadexample. See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wann # A unbetaed snippet from a multi-chapter Dragon Age Inquisition story I have on the works at a veeeery early stage and I hope to finish within 2020. Tagging @ludi-ling @jehilew @applejacks1552 @cajuncajole @chellerbelles @xevg and @cpt-s-america to share part of their work :) Cassandra. A moment. Leliana's hesitation was very brief but enough for

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